The Jones Family (DITFT) – Generation 4 – Rachel Jones

Hi all!

Sooo, the last update for this DITFT challenge was in April last year! Whoops, sorry! I hope to get them out a bit more regularly from now on, since generation 11 has been born in my game, so I’ve got lots of updates that can be written.

Last time, the generation 3 heir, Nathaniel, traveled around the world, and earned all of his visa level thingies. He married an Egyptian woman named Layla, and together they had three children: two boys, Timothy and Daniel, and a girl, Rachel, who is the heir. She will be fulfilling the generation 4 objectives, which are all about creativity!


At the end of the last update, Rachel had just grown up to a young adult. To freshen up your (and my own) memory, here are her traits:

  • Artistic
  • Friendly
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Loner
  • Bookworm


Although she had been glad to grow up, Rachel was more than happy to remain living at home with her parents. She spent most of her time painting in her room anyway.


In the evenings, she often met up with Terrill, her high school sweetheart. He had grown up around the same time she had and they were still very happy together.


He stayed over at the house most nights, so it was only a matter of time before he moved in. Rachel had talked it over with her parents, and they were more than fine with it. Now, she just had to wait for the right moment to ask him.


One morning, as Terrill was getting ready to leave, Rachel decided to just go ahead and ask. Terrill’s face lit up after she said the words, and he kissed her in response.


Meet Terrill! His traits are:

  • Eccentric
  • Friendly
  • Hot-headed
  • Absent-minded
  • Genius

Unlike Rachel, who was all about the creative arts, Terrill was interested in the exact sciences, and he soon found a job in his dream career.

7d 8d

Soon after Terrill moved in, it was time for Nate to grow up. He had led a very adventurous and fulfilling life as an adult, and was now ready to enjoy his twilight years.

9d 10d

The same was true for Layla, who grew up a few days later.


They were still very happy together, and celebrated that fact every single day.


They could only wish for the same for Rachel, but when they looked at her and Terrill together, they figured that would not be a problem at all.


Rachel and Terrill settled into a nice routine and were indeed very happy together. When Terrill proposed to Rachel with the most beautiful ring, she was completely surprised, but of course she said “yes” straight away.


Terrill went to get a tattoo to commemorate the moment in the new tattoo parlour in town. Rachel said he was an idiot for doing it, but he insisted.


While she still enjoyed painting very much, Rachel had decided to also take up writing, and soon she had published her first novel, with great success.


In the meantime, Terrill was doing very well in his career in Science.


When they were watching TV together one night, Rachel said: “Mum has been asking me about the wedding. She wants to invite half the town and have a huge reception.”

“Hmm,” answered Terrill distractedly.

“I don’t really want a big affair, though,” said Rachel. “You know how I get around big crowds, even if they’re all people I know. I’d much rather do it with just the two of us.”

Terrill looked up from the TV and smiled. “That’s fine with me, sweetie.”

Rachel sighed, relieved, and then took another deep breath. “Want to do it right now?”


Terrill did, and they got married right then and there.


“Mum’s not going to be too happy about this, I expect…”


Not long after Rachel and Terrill became Mrs and Mr Jones, Rachel started to feel very queasy every morning.


She also took quite a lot of naps. They took a test, and it turned out she was pregnant. Terrill was over the moon, as was as Rachel, and he often waked over her when she was napping during the day, which she found adorable.


The baby kept growing and soon she started to show.


Rachel had many of cravings during her pregnancy, and Layla, who was an amazing cook, was more than happy to accomodate them.


She went into labour one morning during the weekend, when Terrill was home from work, and he rushed her to the hospital.


They had a beautiful, healthy baby boy, who they named Finn.


Terrill was very glad with his newborn son, and spent as much time with him as he could outside of work.


It wasn’t long before Rachel started to feel sick in the mornings again.


She wanted a little playmate for Finn, because she had loved playing with her older brothers when she was younger.


She did want them to be a little closer in age than she and her brothers were, though, so she was very happy to find out she was pregnant again.


Finn was an adorable little boy, and Rachel loved spending time him, and teaching him the necessary skills.


He was also very happy to play by himself, though.


Rachel and Terrill couldn’t wait to be able to hold the new baby in their arms.  They had decided that they would keep it at two children since they both wanted a small family.


When Rachel went into labour one evening, she was more than ready to be over and done with the whole pregnancy thing.


She gave birth to a baby girl, who they decided to name Lola.


Before they knew it was time for Lola to become a toddler, and a very cute one at that.


Finn had also grown up to a child and had started school. He loved learning new things, but he was a bit of an outsider and they didn’t make many friends.


Mostly, he just liked to ride around town on his bike, discovering new places and going on adventures. He had a great imagination.


He struggled a little school, however, and Terrill often had to help him with his homework. Of course, he didn’t mind doing that one bit.


Lola was a mischievous little girl. She wasn’t one to sit playing quietly in a corner, and Rachel often heard her sing songs she had thought of herself while playing in her toybox, which was a wonderful sight to behold.


Rachel herself had gone back to work and wrote a few more very succesful novels. She loved being able to work from home while taking care of the children. Nevertheless, she was very thankful for her parents, who helped out as much as they could.


Lola grew up to a child and went to join her brother at school. Unlike him, she made loads of friends, boys and girls alike, and loved playing with them after school.


It was bound to happen at some point, but everyone was still extremely shocked when Nathaniel passed away one night after coming home from work.


Layla was absolutely devastated. She had lost her soulmate, and didn’t know what to do with herself out of grief.


It was a relief to her when the Grim Reaper came for her too.


“Don’t be sad, sweets. I get to be with your father now.”


Nate and Layla’s graves got a nice spot at the edge of the lot, next to Nate’s parents and grandparents.


While everyone was very sad, life went on, and with that came homework. Now that they both went to school, Finn and Lola often did there homework together.


They got along very well, and played together most evenings.


Soon, however, it was time for Finn to become a teenager. He was very excited about it, although he would also miss being a kid.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of Finn after he grew up…


Finn had expressed his desire to learn how to ride a horse, and, as a surprise, his parents bought him a horse for his birthday.


Meanwhile, Rachel was very happy that Lola was a still a kid, and still liked being read to by her mother.


She was a little sad when Lola also grew up to a teenager. She and Terrill believed in letting their children be whoever they wanted to be, but when Lola came home with dyed tips of hair and a face full of make up, it did take Rachel a little getting used to.


Lola had found her passion in music, and her parents gave her a guitar for her birthday. She was quite talented, and after practicing for only a little while, she took the guitar out to the park to play for money.


In the meantime, Finn had become quite good at horse riding, and took his horse out to compete in competitions.


Soon he grew up and moved out, taking his horse with him. He was ready to live on his own, and wanted to follow his dream of becoming a succesful professional jockey.


He did pay come back home to see Lola grow up, however. He was very proud of his little sister, and thought she would make a great heir.


Lola was looking forward to starting a family of her own in the future, but first, she wanted to become a world famous musician and master all of the instruments she could get her hands on.

Her traits:

  • Virtuoso
  • Friendly
  • Party Animal
  • Star Quality
  • Rebellious


Rachel was very proud of both of her children, and of herself as well. She had achieved quite a lot in her life, and was happy to let her daughter take over for her now.

Generation 4 Objectives:

  • Master writing skill
  • Write at least 10 books
  • Master painting skill
  • Paint at least 20 painting
  • Marry, woohoo, have kid(s)


  • Learn and master sculpting skill
  • Make an ice sculpture of your love
  • Learn to use all types of material for sculpting
  • Make at least 5 sculptures

And that’s it for generation 4 of this DITFT! I hope you enjoyed it, until next time and Happy Simming!

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