Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Dawson 2

Hi everyone!

Back already with another update. This time, we visit Henry and Sarah Dawson. As you might remember, Henry moved to Blueberry Island with his daughter and grandchildren earlier this season, and fell in love with Sarah on his first day in town. They decided to move in together and move to a small apartment in the same building as Eric Robinson.

Also, this update will have a tiny bit of plot! Nothing major, just something to keep this family interesting.


“Look at all this peace and quiet. I almost forgot what that’s like.”


Henry was so elated to be in love again that he proposed to Sarah only moments after they moved in.

3x 4x

They got married straightaway. They didn’t need a big party – just the two of them was enough.


“Now all we need is to adopt a bunch of kids,” Sarah said.

“Haha, yeah sure.”

Sarah’s face brightened at that, but Henry didn’t see.


The newlyweds retreated to their new bedroom after that…


After the wedding “festivities,” Henry decided he could do with a nap, but Sarah was too full of energy and got out of bed.


She made a most interesting call…

“We’ll bring her over tomorrow.”

“Perfect, my husband will be so pleased!”


She hung up the phone and prepared lunch for the two of them while whistling an old show tune.


“Hey sleepyhead!” Sarah smiled as Henry walked into the main room.

“You made lunch! Anything interesting happen while I was napping?” Henry joked.



The two of them spent the afternoon relaxing and getting used to their new apartment.


That evening, while they were enjoying a dinner of leftover sandwiches, Sarah said: “She’s coming tomorrow.”

Henry looked up. “Who is?”

“Our little girl!” Sarah beamed. “I called the adoption agency while you were sleeping.”


Henry was flabbergasted. Had he been too quick in marrying Sarah? He loved her, but this was insane! Had she really not understood that he was joking earlier?


“You can’t do something huge like that without talking it over with me first! How one earth could you think this is a good idea? This is a one bedroom apartment! And the money? We can barely make rent as it is! Besides that, we are way too old to have children now, and I’ve already been through that. I don’t particularly want to do it again.”

“I – I’ve just wanted a little girl and I thought with us getting married…”


“I’m so sorry that I have disappointed you,” she sobbed while doing the dishes. “I just thought…”

“I know,” Henry sighed.


They talked things over for a long time that night. After Sarah went to bed, Henry sat in the living room until deep in the night, worrying. About his wife, who seemed rather unstable to him all of a sudden, and also about this new child they were going to have to take care of. How could this even be possible without his consent as well? Shouldn’t both parents have to at least be informed?

One of them would have to start looking for a job in the morning to be able to make ends meet for the three of them, that was for sure.


The next morning they both sat on the couch, waiting nervously.


At last they saw the blue van arriving in front of the building.


A little girl walked into the apartment with a curious but slightly apprehensive look on her face.

“Hi, you must be Caryl, I’m Sarah,” Sarah said with a gentle smile.


Henry watched from the couch as Sarah hugged Caryl.


When the girl approached him with a tentative smile, he hugged her too. Everything was going to be fine. He hoped.


Caryl immediately took to Henry as they started playing together and Sarah couldn’t help but be a little jealous. It was her idea, and Henry hadn’t even wanted it to happen!


But she also didn’t really know how to communicate with the child. She hadn’t been around children since she was one, which was ages ago, obviously.


That morning, Henry and Sarah had decided that Henry would be the one to look for a job so Sarah could stay home with Caryl. Later that day, Henry told Sarah: “I’ve found a job as a mailroom technician, which should be good enough for now.”


The three of them had a mac ‘n’ cheese dinner that evening, and Henry and Caryl chatted about all kind of things while Sarah watched and ate her food silently.


Before bed, Henry read Caryl a story. “You’re my favourite,” Sarah heard her whisper.


Sarah went to bed without saying goodnight to either Caryl or Henry. Caryl followed her a little later. They’d managed to add another bed to the room, which made it quite cramped, but it would have to do.


The next day, Henry had his first day at work, and Caryl went to school for the first time.


Sarah spent her day painting and sulking, wondering if it’d been such a good idea to adopt Caryl after all.


Henry and Caryl came home at the same time and played together. Henry whispered to Caryl: “Why don’t you ask Sarah to help you with your homework.”

“Would she do that?” Caryl asked uncertainly.

“Yes, of course!”


Sarah was delighted to help, of course.


In the evening Caryl played chess with Henry, but Sarah didn’t mind as much as she had before.


The following day, I bought Sarah a flower making station, since she turned out to have a gold badge. She can make some money selling bouquets until they’ve saved up enough to make some actual stock for a future store. I don’t know if she’ll actually get around to opening up a store before it’s her time, but she can at least do some preparations for Caryl, who will then be able to do it for her.


Henry came home early with a chance card promotion to Executive Assistant.


He also brought home Gretchen Chin and became friends with her after chatting for a while.


Sarah is a Fortune Sim, so I figured she’d make some extra cash by giving financial advice.


When Caryl got home, she immediately raced inside to find Sarah. “Look, look! It helped! I’ve got an A+!”

Although she doesn’t show it here, Sarah was very proud and delighted that the girl came to her about it.


Caryl also brought home Jacob, who is technically her nephew. Which is weird. (I’m pretending she’s not adopted but a foster kid, though). They became friends.


The little family ended the season by skilling together. It might’ve been a bit of a bumpy ride, but they were quite happy now.

And that’s the final update for Spring 3! I hope you enjoyed this season, and I’ll be back soon (I think) with Summer 3. Happy Simming!

Households: 9
Playable Sims: 33
CAS-Sims Available: 7 of 17
Community Lots: 13
* Owned: 12
* NPC: 2
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 297
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $146,600

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