Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Robinson 3

Hi everyone!

Earlier this season, Eric Robinson (son of Julia and Ben) moved out of his parents’ house and into his own apartment after one day of Spring. In that one day, however, he managed to get The Blueberry Bar (the business his father gave him) to level 10, getting him one step closer to his LTW of owning 5 top level businesses and also earning him a lot of money.

Let’s see what he gets up to in the rest of the season!


Here’s Eric! He’s a Romance/Popularity Sim, and I don’t see him starting a family, so he’ll probably live in this apartment for most of his life.


Speaking of the apartment, here it is. It’s not big, but big enough for him, with one bedroom and a spare room he will be using as his study for the time being.

This apartment building has four apartments, two like this one (with two bedrooms) and two with only one bedroom.


The first order of business for Eric was to buy his second community lot.


Welcome to Baby Steps! It’s a store that sells all kinds of supplies for Sims that are expecting a baby.

I first made it because a nursery unlocks a position in Natural Science, but then I did some research into what else a nursery can be apart from a baby’s room (since it didn’t make any sense). That’s when I found out about the other meaning of nursery (yay for English not being my native language) and I decided not to let it count for Natural Science.

Anyway! Enough about that.


Eric hired Oliver Dawson to work as a restocker in the store! He’s my first ever playable business employee. I’m planning on more teens having jobs like this, in a store in town, since it seems like a perfect part time job for teenagers.


Thus began the work! Oliver did all the restocking, so Eric could focus on the sales and the register.


Eric didn’t have any cashier badges yet, so the queues could be quite long… He did earn his gold sales badge though!


Eric hired another employee, since it soon became quite busy in the store and he couldn’t handle both the sales and the cash register on his own anymore. He had two bolts with her, so that might get interesting!


Melissa Fancey started flirting with him during work, as well. Quite the popular guy, our Eric!


After spending quite some time at the business, Eric went back home, where he painted for a while (apparently I didn’t take any notes about what level he got the store up to).


At the end of the afternoon he invited over Lilly Do, with whom he had a fun date earlier in the season when he still lived at home.


They went on a date, and Lilly fell in love. Eric immediately rolled the fear to get married to her though.


However, I do like Lilly a lot and plan on having her around. Perhaps an “unexpected” pregnancy?


The date soon moved to the bedroom, as Eric had hoped it would.


His first ever Woohoo! Definitely not his last, though, I predict.


“Hey, this was a lot of fun, but I have to get up early tomorrow morning. I’ll call you soon, okay?”

Eric wasn’t ready for the commitment of having Lilly stay over. Especially not since it was his first night in his new apartment.

Also, he rolled the following three fears: Get married to Lilly, get engaged to Lilly, and be rejected for engagement by Lilly. Okay, Eric, we get it – you don’t want to get married! But also, you do fear rejection? :’)


Eric wasn’t tired after the date, so he watched some late night cooking shows in his underwear. He also rolled the want to have 2 loves at once. I foresee a romance with Melissa Fancey in the near future…


Very early the next morning (as in, kind of just after midnight), Eric went to Baby Steps again, and planned on staying there for a while.

I messed around with some hacks, and now I’m allowing playables to come to stores again. They just won’t spend any of their actual money. Look, it’s his future sister-in-law Meadow, shopping for future baby supplies!


Not sure what Christy needs baby stuff for, though, but it’s a lot of fun seeing playables in the businesses again!


Both of his brothers visited the store at the same time.


His aspiration sank into the green, so he closed the store for a while and asked Melissa Fancey over for a date. She’s also a Romance Sim, which might be a better fit than Lilly when it comes to the casual flings Eric is looking for.


They had a very nice time and Eric fell in love with her! Plus, he got two loyalty stars out of her.


After the date, he opened up the store again, and it got so busy that he had to hire a cashier. He hired Ivy Copur, who has a gold cashier badge. (I can’t remember what happened to the other female employee…)


By the time Eric got home, Baby Steps was a level 8 store! He ate a simple TV dinner since he didn’t feel like cooking up something for him alone.


Melissa left a big ass telescope as a thank you for their date. Let’s keep it in his inventory for now.


Eric spent some time blogging the next morning. Of course, this was only the second day of his round, really, because of all the time he spent at Baby Steps, which is a bit confusing.


He invited Melissa over for another date.


ACR took care of the rest.


In the evening, he went to the store again and his mother, Julia, came to take a look. “You’re doing so well! I’m proud of you, son.”


Of course I missed the actual star, but Eric got the store up to level 10! Wow, this was an easy one! Stars just kept flying! Here you see Eric doing the very last restocking job for this business.


When he got home he really needed some time to recharge. First up: some good old mac and cheese.


And then a nice long night of sleep.


The next day he invited Jill Smith over on a date. He’d met her at the store and had liked her immediately. Plus, he had the want to Woohoo with 3 different sims.


ACR took care of things for me again…

Eric’s fear panel now consists of not wanting to marry Lilly, Melissa or Jill. :’)


I sent Eric to The Blueberry Bar to give it a complete makeover. It has unlocked music already, because of the instruments, but I decided to turn it into  of community theatre, where Sims from the neighbourhood can give performances (both theatre and music). Perhaps band could come to play, or schools or theatre clubs could put up plays for the neighbourhood to see.

Here’s what it looks like after the make over:

36v 37v

Upstairs, there’s the still a place to hang our and play some poker or shoot some pool, but downstairs has been turned into an actual theatre.


It also has a new name: The Blueberry Community Theatre (original, I know).


After the make over, Eric went back home and spent some time skilling.


In the evening he made some spaghetti for himself. He really enjoyed the freedom and peace and quiet of living on his own.


Jill left him a DJ booth as a date gift. Thanks! We’ll sell that.


Eric decided to spend the next day just taking it easy. He started off with a nice pancake breakfast.


Then, he spent some time outside with all of the neighbours. He liked all of them, especially the Dawsons, who lived across the hall from him and were very friendly (although Sarah seems to have ulterior motives).


One of his neighbours set him up on a blind date, and since he didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day, he decided to go for it.


Her name is Cara, and Eric really liked her. Although the moment they got crushes, their 1 bolt disappeared, which is weird. They had a great time, though.


And that was the end of the season for Eric! I loved playing him, it’s a nice change from the bigger families and a whole other lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed it too, Happy Simming!

Households: 9
Playable Sims: 32
CAS-Sims Available: 7 of 17
Community Lots: 13
* Owned: 12
* NPC: 2 (I forgot to count the Football Stadium I put in at the start of the season)
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 288
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $146,600

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