Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Dawson

Hey everyone!

It’s been a little while, but I’m back with another update for Blueberry Island! This update, we’ll meet a new family: the Dawson family. Let me introduce them to you!


The family consists of Henry (Family), his daughter Nicole (Family), and Nicole’s three children: teenager Oliver (Popularity) and twins Molly and Jacob. Henry’s wife died when Nicole was still a teenager, and after Nicole moved out to live with her boyfriend, he lived in their large family home all on his own. After he retired, it became tough to afford it on his own. Then, the children’s father took off without a word in the middle of the night, leaving Nicole in the lurch, and she and the children had to move back in with her father. Together they decided to move to Blueberry Island for a fresh start. They could only just afford their new house, but they were full of optimism for the future.

I used the random family generator to create this family, and then just thought of a back story to introduce them to the town, but I won’t really do anything with that after this, since I can’t really be bothered with plot. :’)

Let’s start the season!


Before even checking out their new house, the kids walked to school so they wouldn’t be extremely late.


Nicole wanted to be best friends with Stella Harris (whom she met earlier in the season, when I played the Harris family), so she called her to chat. Henry sat on the couch, getting used to his new surroundings.


Nicole took a job in Military. It was not really what she wanted, but it was good money, and that’s exactly what they needed. I want her to go into Business, though, so I’ll be checking the job openings every day.


Henry greeted Sarah McCarthy, who walked by. It would be fun to let him get married at his old age (and move out, preferably).


They hung out on the sidewalk. That can’t be good for their backs.


Owen, Julia and Jake came by in the welcome wagon.


I missed the exact moment, but Sarah gave the family a furniture discount as a networking thing. That’ll come in very handy, since they’re really poor!


Oliver brought Caroline Walker home from school. He’s already friends with her sister Hannah, too.


They hung out in his room. He was attracted to her, but she’s gay. She’ll make a nice best friend for his LTW though, which is to have 20 best friends.

By the way, both Henry and Nicole’s LTWs are to have 6 grand children. Who knows, maybe Henry will live to see that.


In the meantime it got quite busy on the lawn, where Nicole was hanging out with the welcome wagon while Henry was still entertaining Sarah.


They eventually took the party inside. Nicole very much enjoyed this afternoon with the neighbours, and getting to know some more people in town.


Meanwhile, Henry charmed the socks off of Sarah out on the lawn.


The twins (Molly and Jacob) were quite tired after coming home from school and went into their bedroom to play together.


The guests encouraged the teens’ game of kicky bag.


Henry sure knows how to make a fresh start in a new town: he and Sarah both ended up with crushes!


After all the guests had left, Phil Jitmakusol walked by. Nicole greeted him and found out she had two bolts with him.


They chatted and really got along with each other.


Before going out to greet Phil, Nicole and Oliver had helped the twins’ with their homework, and now it was Henry’s turn to help Oliver.


She didn’t know if it was the exhaustion of the moving in day talking, or something else, but Nicole all of a sudden went in for a kiss with Phil during their conversation (it was ACR, not me). He didn’t object in the slightest!


“I really feel a connection between us.”


In the meantime, Oliver called his friend Hannah Walker, and they became best friends over the phone.


Nicole and Phil kissed again when they said goodbye that evening.


She went to bed with butterflies in her stomach that night, wondering what on earth had possessed her to kiss a man she’d only just met, but also looking forward to seeing how this would develop.


The next morning was her first day at her new job. While stepping into her carpool while it was still dark outside, she was already looking forward to calling Phil after she came home from work.


Henry was home alone after all the kids went to school too. He enjoyed the peace and quiet while having some breakfast.


Then, he invited Sarah over for a date.


They had a lovely time together.


I bought the family a TV (even though they couldn’t really afford it) as a means to get fun up quickly, which they’ll probably need as they need to work and have no skills whatsoever yet.


Henry and Sarah went to his bedroom to have a little more privacy after people came home from school and work.


Jacob brought Amber Burke home from school, who promptly went to jump on Henry’s bed…

So much for privacy.


Nicole called Phil after she got home from work.


Apparently, he is rich (yay!).


Sarah fell in love with Henry and he fell in love with her too a little later on.


In the meantime ACR made sure things progressed rather quickly between Nicole and Phil.


Sarah is rich too!


Henry asked her to move in since he had no interest in taking things slow at his age whatsoever. Plus, some more money would be nice. But Sarah brought in only $5,000. That’s not rich, dammit!


The twins did their homework together while all this grown up stuff was going on in the other rooms.


Henry moved out together with Sarah right away. They decided it was only right to let Nicole and her family have more space. Especially if Phil was going to move in soon as well. Besides, they would like their own little place as well.


They moved into an apartment in the same building as Eric Robinson, and we’ll see them again later this season.


The twins played some chess that evening while their mother was otherwise occupied.


Nicole and Phil fell in love!


And then he moved in … with only $1,000. HOW IS THAT RICH.


Here’s Phil. He’s a Knowledge/Fortune Sim who wants to be a Mad Scientist (but that is not likely to happen) and is currently a Host in the Culinary career (which is the same career stuff as Gretchen Chin…) He’s got blond hair, but brown eyebrows and brown facial hair – and the interwebz says he’s actually a redhead. Let’s wait and see what happens when these two get kids.

Fun fact: he has a silver toy making badge! Guess what kind of store these two will be opening?

Also, I kind of dislike him for lying to us about his financial status. Not that that’s important when it comes to love, but it is important to me in this game, goshdarnit.


Oliver chatted with his new stepdad over a bowl of burnt mac and cheese he (Oli) made.


The next morning, Jacob played on his own with his teddy for a little while. I love it when kids play with their teddy bears in this game!


Phil went to work. I think I’m going to let him reroll his LTW once he gets back, since his Mad Scientist one isn’t doable because of the rules.


I decided to let Nicole dig for treasure for a bit. Her father could really do with some extra money to buy furniture (what with the no 20k handout I have installed), so she could send some to him. Or keep it herself for the store.


“Mum, mum! I got an A+ AND I became best friends with Caroline at school today!”


Oliver earned some money at school (don’t remember what with) and deposited it on his bank account. He’ll need to save up every penny for when he grows up, because he probably won’t be able to get a lot from his mother. That’s why he also got a job as Cement Mixer in the Architecture career, although I think I’m going to let another Sim hire him as a store clerk later on.


Molly brought home Thalia Harris, and they played chess together.


In the evening, Oliver did some studying so he could earn a promotion.


I wanted Phil to propose to Nicole that evening, but he had a severe case of the chess arm, so I decided not to let him go through with it just yet.


With everything still being so chaotic after first moving in, Oliver is a great help in the household. He made breakfast this morning after Nicole had already gone to work.


Phil still felt a bit distant from the kids, but he figured it just needed some time.


“Oli, I got a promotion! More money, woop!”


She could immediately spend some of it on bills.


Oliver had his first day of work that day.


While Nicole was taking a nap, the twins got home with A plusses.


Phil also brought home a promotion.


The twins played some Red Hands together.


Phil and Nicole had another kind of fun in the meantime.

63u 64u

And then Phil proposed!


Phil got a bad memory from getting engaged! Why? Now I like him even less!


When he got home from work, Oliver still had to do his homework. I’m guessing his teenage years are not going to be easy for him…


I bought Phil the toy making bench so he can start making toys for the future store.


The next morning before school the twins played chess while Oliver played some computer games.


Meanwhile, the lovebirds slept in.


Nicole did some more digging while Phil was at work, but didn’t have too much luck.


Oliver got fired due to a bad chance card… Poor kid.


He spent some time on the phone with his friend Hannah to vent and get cheered up a little.


The twins played on the lawn together after school. They didn’t need to do their homework yet because it was the weekend.


That evening, after finding a treasure chest, Phil bought a business and named it Treasure of Toys.

This means that Blueberry Island now has 10 businesses, which means +1 for the SM!


Nicole then transmitted $4,000 to her father’s bank account and she found a job in Business as a mailroom Technician! And just to spread my chances I let Phil go into Business as well.

That’s it for this family! It was quite an eventful first season, but I hope next season will be a bit less chaotic…

Happy Simming!

Households: 9
Playable Sims: 32
CAS-Sims Available: 6 of 16
Community Lots: 10
* Owned: 10
* NPC: 1
Total Lots: 19
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 9
Population: 288
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $146,600

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