Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Robinson 2

Hi everyone!

Last season, Adam Robinson moved out of his parents’ house and into his own little place. His mother, Julia, gave him Alegra, a stray dog, to keep him company, which turned out to be a wonderful idea. Adam wanted a job in Architecture, but couldn’t find one, so he took a job in Business for the time being instead. He met Gretchen Chin as she walked by his house, and they really hit it off. At the end of the season they had a wonderful first date, and Adam had high hopes for Spring…


This is Adam and his dog Alegra.


Adam was feeling good about his life: Nice house, awesome girlfriend, cool dog. All he needed now was the job he liked.


He didn’t hate his current job (Executive), but his dream job would be so much better.


After work Adam gave Alegra a bath, because she was absolutely filthy.


Afterwards, he went to look for a job in Architecture once again, and he found one as the Head of a Construction Company, which is level 4!

He also paid his first ever taxes, which were $1,500.


To celebrate his new job, he asked Gretchen out on a date.


They went out to dinner to the only restaurant in town: Walker’s (which is run by Jake Walker).


They had some champagne and Adam gave a nice little toast.


They also had some lovely salmon. It’s good to know the restaurant works for dates! I might be using it more often in the future, because it’s so much fun to let them go to another Sim’s restaurant. :-) Jake might need to hire another staff member, though.


“Let’s see if yours tastes as good as mine!” I love restaurant interactions.


“Want to come back to my place for a nightcap?”


Back home, during a romantic slow dance in the kitchen, Adam fell in love! (Gretchen was in love already.)


They took the party to the bedroom, for their very first Woohoo.


“That was amazing…”


“Gretchen, I want to ask you something. Do you want to move in me?”

“Yes, I’d love to!”


Gretchen brought in $6,000, which a nice sum of money!


And this is Gretchen post make over! She’s a Knowledge/Pleasure Sim with an LTW to become a Mad Scientist. Since that is impossible for townies (or newly made Sims) if they haven’t maxed Logic (as a teen), I think I’m going to make it a rule that these Sims can go into Science if they max Logic first. So that’s what she’ll be working on! Also, she has a job as a Hostess which she can keep for now.


She wasn’t tired, so she spent a good part of the night stargazing.


The next day was a day off for Adam, so he spent some time tidying the house.


Of course he painted as well – that’s still his favourite hobby.


Gretchen went to work in the afternoon.


Adam spent some time skilling for his next promotion.


Gretchen lost to Creativity points because of a bad chance card, and it almost made her go into aspiration failure, so I let her and Adam go on a date.


They had a ton of fun!


They both wanted to Woohoo in a car… so that’s what they did, even though there was a perfectly fine bed available as well.


I wanted Adam and Gretchen to have a business (it’s a BaCC after all), so Adam bought a bookstore, The Perennial Page-Turner!


This is when I found out that Gretchen has a gold cashier badge and a SILVER COSMETOLOGY BADGE. DAMMIT. I kept trying to figure out what kind of store I should give them and I should’ve just checked her badges to decide they were going to open up a hair salon. Gah!

(I later on decided that they’re going to sell the store to Adam’s brother Eric, and then open a hair salon. That’ll probably happen next season! For now, let’s see how the book store fares…)


The first customers were mostly interested in the decorations.


But soon people started browsing the books as well!


On their very first day (or night, actually), a reporter already came by.


She gave the store a good review and a Best of the Best Reward. Wow, that was quick!


Back home Gretchen went back to stargazing. I’m not sure yet if I actually do want her to go into Science (still not sure if it’s fair), or if I want her to go into Business. For the time being I’ll let her stargaze (and check the computer for jobs). She’s making money discovering stars as well so that’s good, at least.


The next day Gretchen had to go to work. The Hostess outfit looks good on her!


Adam played fetch with Alegra for a while.


His neighbour James Harris walked by, so Adam greeted him. They chatted and became friends after a while! I always get so excited when my Sims become friends with each other. :-)


When Gretchen got home from work they went back to the store to work some more. When they got there, the street lantern was on fire!


When that crisis was averted, they went back to selling books.


Evil witches read fluffy romance novels too!


I changed the panelling around the store. It’s still wood, just a different type.


Gretchen stopped being a cashier for a minute to autonomously make out with Adam.


Those stupid roaches everywhere! I’m debating whether or not I should install the fix that prevents NPC witches from coming to a community lot… I hardly use witches anyway.


Adam learned how to dazzle, but I’m not so sure about using it anymore, after it didn’t exactly work out great with Andrew Bigfoot.


Together they got the store up to level 3, and back home Gretchen did some painting and Adam started work on the bestseller he’d been dying to write (mystery). And I changed the wallpaper again.


They both got so caught up in what they were doing that they forgot to have dinner, so they had some late night mac ‘n’ cheese.


The next day was Adam’s first day in the Architecture career. He was very excited to finally get started!


Gretchen spent some time skilling in the spare room.


Then she (= I) thought of looking for a job in Business, so she did. She found one as an Executive Assistant! It’s only level 2, but it’s a start.


She would need a lot of Charisma points, so she used Adam’s old career reward.


Adam got a promotion on his very first day! He’s now an Architect’s Apprentice (level 5).


He excitedly told Gretchen about it.


Then he promptly got to one knee to propose, which came as a huge surprise to Gretchen.


She said yes!


They both thought an evening wedding would be lovely, so they set up for a party at the back of their property.


Gretchen chatted with her mother in law before the ceremony.


Then it was time to get married!


Julia and Ben came to watch, as did Owen at the end, but apparently Eric wasn’t interested. He sat on the couch inside with a bag of crisps for the entire ceremony.


Julia was delighted to see her son get married, and to such a lovely girl as well.


Adam is a cake stuffer! Hadn’t expected otherwise. And lookie there in the background, Eric has finally decided to make an appearance at the actual party.


They all ate cake together and chatted about all kinds of things. Gretchen felt right at home in the family.


She spent some time getting to know her father in law.


And then everyone had a blast smustling the night away, although they were rather bad at it.


Alegra didn’t understand what was going on at all.


Adam also spent some time catching up with his youngest brother.


The party was a roof raiser!


They both went to sleep straight after, however, because they were exhausted and had to work the next day.

“We’ll catch up on that wedding night tomorrow.”


The next day, they had some trouble getting up, but that wasn’t really that surprising. Quick shower, and then off to work!


Gretchen got promoted to Field Sales Representative!


She spent part of her pay check on paying the bills.


Adam washed Alegra once again after he got home from work. That dog gets filthy very quickly!


The newlyweds made up for their missed wedding night that evening.


Did I hear a lullaby? You’ll know next season! (although you can probably guess ;-) )

Thanks so much for reading, and Happy simming!

Households: 8
Playable Sims: 28
CAS-Sims Available: 4 of 14
Community Lots: 10
* Owned: 9
* NPC: 1
Total Lots: 18
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 224
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $146,600

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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