An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 27: We Did It

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the last chapter of this Apocalypse challenge! Can you believe it?! After three years, I’ve finally finished this challenge… Don’t forget to take a look at the epilogue after you’ve read this chapter!

Last time, the generation 7 twins, Mia and Matt, grew up to children, then to teens and then they immediately moved out to university. The family also got a cat, Flynn, and Ellie got into gardening and flower arranging, while Corbin took a job in his dream career: Athletic.

Now, let’s move on to college!


First things first, I decided to redo the house, because it’s fun. This is the new look! It’s actually smaller now, because there’s only two Sims living there this time around, instead of five.


Matt will be the one to lift Dance (because he has zero interest in Entertainment, and Mia has maxed interest in Entertainment), so he’s going to major in Drama, and Mia is going to major in Literature.


I gave Mia a new hair style and she was very happy with it. She’s gorgeous. Maybe even more so than her mother.


She started working on her term paper while Matt was at class. University had officially started.


Here’s little look at what Matt looks like as a young adult. Handsome dude!


After they filled up their grade bars (which was on the first day), they started working on the few skills they still needed for their top level jobs. After that, it was mostly speed 3 playing, and man did it go fast with only two sims to pay attention to.


It seemed like a good idea to let both kids find a ‘lover’ so they can keep their aspiration up by going on dates. So that’s why Mia greeted Martin Ruben the next day.


They had one bolt but weren’t a very good match, so Mia said goodbye to Martin.


In the meantime Matt met Uma Sell, with whom he had one bolt.


They got on much better than Mia and Martin did.


In fact, both of them developed crushes, and they decided to go on a date.


The date didn’t go very well, though. They didn’t roll many wants for each other and Uma was in a bad mood, so she took off. Hmm, better luck next time. It’s not as if they’re going to get married, she’s just aspiration fodder. (Ow, that sounds mean). It does mean that lower boltage is better, though, because it’ll make me feel less guilty about them not being together permanently.


A few days later Mia met Armando Benson, who is one of my favourite dormies! They have one bolt, so that’s good.


They got on quite alright… :-)

They went on a date, but I discovered a bit of a problem. The Entertainment restriction means Sims aren’t allowed to tell a joke, and Sims always roll entertain wants at the beginning of a date. And then there’s the Dance restriction, which means they can’t dance – another want that pops up a lot during dates…


Mia and Armando did get crushes though, so that helps.


The rest of the twins’ time was spent studying, skilling and taking care of needs and wants.


Before they knew it it was the day of their very last exam, and they were reflecting on their time at uni while playing chess.

“I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.”

Truly, though, playing their uni time took me so little time!


And that’s it! Generation 7 has graduated!


Time to transition to adults. Wow, Matt, that sweater is rather hideous.


Well, Mia, if this had been the start of the challenge, those clothes would’ve been perfectly acceptable, but now… We’ll change them as soon as we get back home.


“We’re back.”

“Yes, we are.”

“Let’s do this thing.”


Mia went to look for a job right away, and she FOUND ONE. ON THE FIRST TRY. She’s now a Headliner, which is Entertainment level 9, and she can start that same day. Wow, I can’t believe it!


No job for Matt yet, but that’s okay. I didn’t expect either of them to find a job this soon!


Next, the twins went to the new H&M in town. Those things are everywhere, so it seemed only right Apocalypse Valley would get one now it’s almost back on its feet.


Matt got the same outfit he had in college because I think it suits him a lot.


And Mia got a cute dress!


Mia then called Armando to ask him out on a date, because she needed a little aspiration boost before going into work that afternoon.


They had a fun date by the pond.


Mia had a want to get her first kiss, so that filled up her aspiration bar very nicely. After that they both wanted to get engaged, but that’s not going to happen.


To get the date up to a dream date, I bought Mia the lovetub so the love birds could have some fun.


When she realised her carpool would come in an hour, Mia said goodbye to Armando. It would probably be the last time they ever saw each other.


There she and her platinum plumbbob go! Yay!


While Mia was at work, her parents and brother anxiously hang out together.


Mia came home with the promotion, obviously. Entertainment is now lifted, which means we can finally tell jokes! Only one more lift to go!


That night, Matt found a job in Dance as a Flamenco Master (level 9)! HOLY PLUMBBOB. WHAT’S WITH ALL THIS LUCK?! He can start tomorrow, and I realised I can make him a juice with Ellie’s homegrown fruits which’ll give him a platinum mood! So that’s easy too!


Mia spent a big part of the night playing chess with Mandy. Because of the needs boost after her dream date with Armando she wasn’t tired at all. Also, she was much too excited to sleep. They were so close to completely fixing everything the Apocalypse had ruined, and then she and Matt could go off to chase their own dreams – something none of their ancestors had been able to do before.


The next afternoon, Matt made strawberry lemonade.


He drank a glass…


…and there’s the platinum plumbbob!


There he goes! Ahh, this is so exciting!


Mia played with Flynn for a while, since she felt rather restless.


As soon as Mandy woke up at nightfall, she called the gypsy to ask her to come over.


She waited outside excitedly. This was the moment she’d been waiting for for generations.


“Good evening. I’ve been told you sell potions…”

“I know exactly what you’re in need of, young lady.”

Mandy chuckled. “I don’t thing ‘young’ is the appropriate word here, but I’ll go with it.”


“Thank you very much, miss.”


She’d never flown before, but she decided this was the right moment to try it for the first (and last) time.


“You guys, I’ve got the potion. I’m going to do it.”

“Now?” Ellie said. “Shouldn’t we wait for Matt?”

“I can’t wait any longer, Ellie. He’ll be here to see me grow up.”

“Okay, I understand. We’ll be right here.”


Mandy took a deep breath and gulped down the potion.


“Wow, this feels weird.”


Here she is! I’m almost getting emotional here. It’s so good to see her as her mortal self again.


“You look so good without the blue skin!”

“Thanks, Ellie. I feel good, too! Excited, mostly.”


Mandy set down in the living room with Ellie, Corbin and Mia, where they waited for Matt to come home.


He did so a few hours later, with a promotion to World Class Ballet Dancer.

Which means the Apocalypse is officially over. I DID IT.


“Guys, guys, I’m back! I did it. We did it! It’s over!”


“I’m so proud of you, Matt. Of all of you guys.”


“Congrats, brother! We can go out into the world now and live our lives!”


There was only one way this perfect night could be celebrated, which was by celebrating Mandy’s final birthday.

“I can’t believe this is finally happening!”


One last look at this beautiful, wonderful Sim as an adult…


These guys portray my excitement rather nicely… :-)


“Wow, look at this! I finally got an ugly transition outfit too! Let’s change that immediately. And then there’s only one thing left to do…”

Click here for the epilogue

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  1. Jenn says:

    Congrats on finishing! You must be so happy.

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