An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 26: Adorableness All Around

Hi everyone!

Last time, the new family home was built, and Ellie got pregnant with twins. Mia and Matt were born and grew up to toddlers at the end of the chapter. Meanwhile, Evan lifted Law Enforcement and Ethan lifted Artist and they both moved out. We’re getting very close to the end here!


After the twins had grown up, Mandy immediately started the toddler training.


The next morning, Ellie became permaplat through the lifetime aspiration meter.


The twins spent a lot of time with their bunny heads.


Corbin and Ellie had a nice salmon dinner together while the twins were asleep.


The following morning, Ellie earned her bronze gardening badge.


Ellie and Corbin spent the morning teaching their twins how to talk.


Matt managed to learn it just in time for Corbin to catch his helicopter to work.


Now that Tucker has passed away, I kind of miss having a pet around the house, so I let Ellie adopt a cat! Those are bit more independent than dogs, which makes having them around much more fun.


This is Flynn! I wanted to name him after a Disney character, and Flynn Ryder was the first (and pretty much only) one that came to mind.


I love him already!


He sang along with Ellie’s playing which made me love him even more.


Matt and Mia are still completely adorable as well.


They get up to tons of mischief too, though.


Ellie and Mia became best friends the next day.


Matt has taken quite a liking to Flynn.


That evening, it was the twins’ birthday! That means the last toddlers of the challenge will now be growing up!


First up was Matt. He’s cute!


And then it was Mia’s turn. She’s even cuter!


They had some cake with Mandy and their dad.


They then played and chatted for a while before bed, because I wanted them to be friends right away.

21p 22p

And then they went to sleep in their separate (adorable) bedrooms. They do share a Jack and Jill bathroom.


The next morning, Matt started a painting. The very first painting after the Apocalypse started! Although they’re probably going to be studying their skills from the bookshelf of education, because that’s just way faster.


While I love a good outfit with a cupcake on it, I don’t want Mia to walk around with an apron 24/7, so to the wardrobe with her!


Much better! She’s SO adorable!


Ellie harvested her first batch of fruit that day. Unfortunately, the oranges were rather bland.


The twins left for their first day of school.


Corbin’s LTW is to become a Hall of Famer, so he’s been looking for a job in Athletic. Today, he finally found one! He’s now a Minor Leaguer, which is only level 2, but we’ll see how it goes. He could walk to work straightaway.


Ellie made a berry pie, because I love the look of those. They seem so delicious!


Corbin came home with a promotion to Rookie! I don’t think I’ll mention all of his promotions, since they’re not really relevant, but the first one is a bit of a mile stone, of course.


The kids came home from school as well, and when I paused they were standing like this. Isn’t is an adorable picture? I love these too.


They played Red Hands together for a while.


After they’d played for a while, they did their homework, with Ellie helping Mia and Corbin helping Matt.


The twins then had dinner together and became best friends in the process.


Mandy enjoyed having Flynn in the house. Now she had someone to keep her company during the night. She’d always been much more of a cat-Sim than a dog-Sim anyway.


The next day was a Saturday, so the twins played for a while in the early morning before it was time to get skilling. I’m having such a blast playing these two!


The rest of their day was spent skilling, though.


Ellie played with Flynn for a while.


After Corbin came home from work they all had a very late lunch, or early dinner, together.


Since Ellie has maxed all her skills and doesn’t need to spend that much time in the garden, I let her take up flower arranging.


The next morning she earned her silver gardening badge, although the plants aren’t looking too good…


Matt went to greet his father when he came home that afternoon. It’s a sweet interaction, but sometimes kind of annoying too because the kids stop what they’re doing.


Ellie had to tune the piano before Mia could play it. I didn’t even know that’s a thing that happens in the game! Which proves that I hardly ever buy pianos for my Sims.


The twins became BFFs while working on their Creativity skills.


In the evening, Mia chatted with her uncle Ethan on the phone for a while.


Mandy and Flynn are adorable together.


Ellie harvested some pretty good oranges!


After school, the twins played outside for a while with water balloons.


Corbin wanted to fish so I made them a pond.


The twins both got A+s!


Ellie brought Daniel Charvat home from work. He was supposed to be her spouse at first, but I didn’t want a black haired spouse again so I went for Corbin in the end. It’s weird seeing him here now!


Mandy went to clean the window (and spy on her husband working out) I love these types of autonomous actions!


Corbin had caught a bass the day before, so Ellie made bass with squash for dinner.


The next day she earned her gold gardening badge!


She also quit her job, basically because I felt like it.


That evening the twins were due to grow up, but before that was going to happend they both needed a few more Creativity points.


But then, it was time for them to grow up to teens! They won’t get to enjoy the teen stage though, because they’ll move out straightaway.


First up was Matt. I was right before – he grew into the nose!


And Mia! Still absolutely gorgeous.

Both got Knowledge, for the time being. Matt’s LTW is to become the Hand of Poseidon, and Mia wants to become a Mad Scientist.


They immediately called the university.


Bye kids! See you in a bit!


I got Ellie and Corbin all settled into bed, and then I left for university!

That’s it for this chapter! We’re getting very close (in fact, I finished the challenge in my game!) There will only be one more chapter and an epilogue. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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