An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 25: Thank You for the Music

Hey everyone!

Last time the generation 6 kids graduated from college and moved back to the main ‘hood. Ellie, our heir, lifted Athletic and married Corbin Gibson, who later lifted Business. Emma lifted Life of Crime and Eric lifted Natural Science. Ethan found a job in Artist, but it wasn’t a high level job, so he didn’t reach the top yet. Evan wasn’t able to find his desired job in Law Enforcement yet. The last thing we did last chapter was saying goodbye to the Tower, because it was finally time to build the new house!


This is it! It’s not huge or splendid or whatever, but I think it’s kind of pretty! Those two stupid tiles near the walkway refused to leave, but it could’ve been worse…


…because this is how it looked after I’d first torn down the Tower. Michelle over on Boolprop suggested I use Pescado’s Stuck Object Remover and that worked for all of them, except those two in the first picture. I can live with them though! Thanks Michelle!


This is what the inside of the house looks like! Over on the left side you have three bedrooms (the top one being the master bedroom). The room with the white carpet will be the nursery. On the right side you’ve got the living room (so spacious!) and the kitchen.


There’s only one room upstairs, which is where I put Mandy’s coffin.


That night, after the new house was built, Eric moved out. I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy the house a little bit longer!


Oh, and thanks for the grass and trees!


Mandy and Ellie played some early morning chess with the new fancy chess set.


Everyone was very much enjoying the new house and all that space in particular.


That day, Ethan got promoted to Acclaimed Muralist, which means he’s only go two more promotions to go!


I figured it was time for Ellie and Corbin to start working on the seventh and last generation, so that’s just what they did that evening. It took a few tries, but eventually I heard a lullaby.


That same night, Evan FINALLY found a job in Law Enforcement! He’s now a Police Chief, which is level 9.


The next morning he carpooled to work with Tucker. Oh, and he left with a platinum plumbbob!


Ethan also had a platinum plumbbob when he left for work.


Evan came home with a promotion to Captain Hero! This means Law Enforcement is now lifted, yippee! Teens and elders no longer have to have 10 Body points to go anywhere. We can also adopt pets, or give them up for adoption, which might be fun to think about. A friend for Tucker?


Ellie came home feeling particularly queasy.


I had her make a nice treat for herself…


Evan joined her for a piece as well and together they celebrated his lift.


Ethan got promoted to Conceptual Artist! One more promotion to gooo! He has the next three days off though, which is annoying…


Later that evening, Evan moved out. Bye Evan! Thanks for being awesome and lifting Law Enforcement!


The next morning, Ellie had her first bump!


I forgot that lifting Law Enforcement also means we’re now able to buy alarms, so I bought them a fire alarm and a burglar alarm that morning as well.


Ethan had developed a bit of a belly, so he spent the morning working out.


The rest of the day was pretty boring, since no one had to go into work and no babies were being born yet.


In the evening, David and Tiffany paid an unannounced visit to come and see the house, and their grandchildren


Ellie got her second pop the next morning while she played chess with Ethan.


Everyone had the day off again, so it was another boring day, mostly played on speed 3.


That evening, while blogging, Ellie rolled the Have a Baby want. That’s convenient!


Ethan made some lovely salmon for dinner.


Mandy spent part of the night repairing the brand new dishwasher.


The next morning at 9 am sharp Ellie went into labour!


Ethan came to watch, but Corbin, the father was too busy blogging…


A beautiful green-skinned, brown-eyed baby girl!


“Could you hold her please? There’s more where this came from…”


“I’m so sorry but I just had to put up that blogpost! What did I miss?”


Another green-skinned, brown-eyed baby! This time, it’s a boy.


Meet Mia and Matt! I decided to go for the letter M for this generation as a tribute to Mandy. These two will be lifting the last two restrictions of the Apocalypse (Dance and Entertainment)!


“You two are the cutest little things I ever did see.”


Mandy loved having babies in the house again, although she would never ever get used to the smell of dirty diapers.


The next morning, Ethan left for his first day as a Conceptual Artist, with a platinum plumbbob! Artist lift, here we come?


Oh my God! Tucker passed away (the minute he got home from work, I think). Why didn’t I get any sort of notification about this?! I would’ve at least given him a goodbye shot…


I put his grave under the willow tree.


Ellie rolled the wants to buy an orchard tree and a garden plot, so I set her up a little garden to get to work in.


That afternoon, Ethan came home with a promotion to Visionary! Artist is now lifted! We can now buy decoration for the house and items that build Creativity. Let’s sort out the house right away.



A sight for sore eyes!


That evening it was the twins’ birthday! Logan was there as well, but he looks very unhappy for some reason.


Mia! She looks cute, but we’re going to change that hair as soon as Matt’s grown up.


Matt! He’s a cutie as well.


Little Mia after her make over. I think she’s going to be very pretty! Her personality is 3/3/9/10/4.


And Matt after his makeover! His nose is still a bit small for his face, but I think he’ll grow into that. His personality is 7/9/10/2/7.


The twins got some Smart Milk straightaway and were put on the potty. Logan was being extremely annoying by getting in everyone’s way.


Matt got potty trained in one go!


After all that was done, it was time for Ethan to finally move out as well.


Bye Ethan! Thank you for the music and the art!


Ellie spent the rest of the evening getting acquainted with the piano. It was the first music played in this region for a long time.

And that’s it for this chapter! Only a few more to go… Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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