An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 24: We Need a Bigger Table

Hi everyone!

Back again with another update! I’m getting quite close to actually finishing this thing… Last time, the four remaining generation 6 children one by one grew up into teenagers and moved out to college, where their sister Emma was already waiting for them. Logan and Lauren both grew up to elders and moved out of the main house at the end of the update, leaving Mandy alone in the house for the first time in generations.


This is the new look of the house. Quite the expansion! They finally have plenty of space. And enough computers for them all to work on their papers simultaneously.


I gave Ellie a new hairstyle, since she’s now a bit too old for the two bunches. I love this style on her! She’s so pretty. :-)


Now, time to figure out the majors! Ellie will major in Drama (to lift Athletic), Eric in Biology (to lift Natural Science), Evan in Psychology (to lift Law Enforcement), Ethan in Art (to lift Artist) and Emma in Mathematics (to lift Criminal).

Glad that’s sorted!


The kids studied and had fun and were relatively comfortable. I wanted to get college over and done with so I took very little pictures. Also worth mentioning is the fact that I put all of the seasons on Fall, so they would study faster. Turns out, that made things a whole lot easier!


I think Ellie is one of my favourite Sims ever <3


Emma has cool PJs! I’m still not entirely used to having all the SPs as well after installing Ultimate Collection.


Family dinner! At this point they were all quite close (this was the start of Junior year).


Ellie lectured her older siblings about breaking the computers several times, which amused me.


Nooo, a burglar!


I just let her do her thing – we can buy all that stuff back. Apparently she was in need of chess tables, because she stole both of them and then left right away!


Although nobody saw or heard it happening and I replaced the chess tables before they woke up, they were all pretty upset.


And then they all graduated together, in the middle of the night! That was fast, wasn’t it? Didn’t feel like it when I was playing it though, haha!


The only outfit that’s actually nice out of all of these is Emma’s. :’)


The last to grow up, our heir Ellie, transitioned into a pretty cute outfit! It suits her!


It was pretty strange for the kids to be home again, especially now their parents had moved out. First things first though: the job hunt. Ellie went first, since she’s the heir, and the rest waited downstairs.


Ellie was the only one to find a job that night: one in Athletic! She’s a coach, which is level 9!


“I’m so glad you guys moved back here! I was getting pretty darn lonely…” Ellie spent some time with Mandy, happy to catch up and hang out.


Ethan decided to check the paper as well as the computer, just to be sure, and he found a job in Artist! Somehow it was only level 4, though? Oh crap, that’s because he found it in the paper, isn’t it? Hmm… He’ll keep it for now…


The kids weren’t tired when they came home late at night, so everyone stayed up the entire night chatting about the future. In the early morning, Emma decided to make some pancakes for everyone.

“We need a bigger table.”


Tucker was happy to have everyone back as well.


Ethan left for his first day as a Comic Book Penciller that morning.


Everyone else hang out around the house, waiting for 12 am to roll around so they could look for jobs again. Or, in Ellie’s case, waiting for a work day to roll around.


After dark, Mandy called up Corbin Gibson to chat him up a bit to be able to invite him over for Ellie later on. He’s going to be her husband and lift Business.


The next day, Ethan got promoted to Wedding Photographer. I do hope he’ll find a level 9 position on the computer soon, though. Level 5 to 10 is still quite a long way to go…


The rest still hadn’t found jobs, so they just hung out. Ellie will have her first day tomorrow, though!


That evening there were once again no job openings. The previous generation sure had a lot more luck.


Emma’s aspiration bar is getting pretty low – she only rolls wants I can’t fulfil for her!


That morning, Ellie left for her first day as a coach with a platinum plumbbob. We all know what that means!


And indeed! That afternoon she came home with a promotion to Hall of Famer, meaning Athletic is now lifted, yay! This means that we can now move objects larger than 1 square, and can have more than 3 objects in the inventories.


“Congrats, sis! At least one of us gets to do something useful…”


Ethan came home with the flu, so he had some of the magic soup.


Mandy became friends again with Corbin, and immediately invited him over so Ellie could meet him.


Ellie greeted him and they started chatting. There’s no rush here really, since the house is still very crowded. However, it would be nice to lift Business soon, so we can sell some of the old stuff.

They get on really well and they have two bolts!


Ellie started flirting with him and it was the cutest thing ever. They soon became friends.


They said goodbye after both of them had crushes.


That night, Emma found a level 9 job in Criminal as a Smuggler! Yes! Soon we’ll be able to build the new house.


She could go into work right away, at 2 am, so that’s what she did. No platinum plumbbob though, but that’s okay.


Oh my God! She got promoted anyway, on her first day, without a platinum plumbbob! She’s now a Criminal Mastermind which means Life of Crime is lifted. YES. No more annoying furniture selling!


She went to bed straightaway, since she hadn’t slept at all that night.


Ellie played with Tucker for a while.


Then she invited over Corbin again, and he was very happy to see her.


She went in for the first kiss and it went well!


They had a lovely afternoon together and both fell in love.


In the meantime, Ethan came home with a promotion to Art Forger.


Ellie asked Corbin to move in and he happily said yes.

46n 47n

They immediately got engaged and married as well! I love these two together. Corbin didn’t reject a single interaction, which says something, I think.


Anyway, meet Corbin McHero (nee Gibson). His personality is 2/3/9/7/4 and he is a Knowledge Sim (something we’re used to around here). His LTW is to become a Hall of Famer. He’s a level 8 in the Business career, so only two more promotions before he lifts that! Also, he’s cute! Though very face 1. But I like his eyes.


He immediately started studying for his promotion. It’s going to be easy to get him into the platinum before his work day, since he can go on a date with Ellie beforehand.


Emma came home from work at 11 pm that day, and then immediately looked for another place to live.


Bye Emma! You were awesome and almost heir!


Unfortunately, there were still no jobs for Eric and Evan. “I’m getting rather sick of waiting around…”


The next day was another boring one. No one had to go into work, so no chance for a promotion.


In the evening, Ellie and Corbin went on their date and they had a very good time ;-) No trying for baby yet, though. Let’s first empty up the house a bit more.


The following day, Corbin came home with a promotion to CEO! One more to go!


He has until the next day to get the skills he needs (4 points) so he got to work immediately, with the help of the thinking cap. Since Alien Technology is lifted, we can use all those things again!


Ethan came home with a promotion to Fashion Photographer, which is level 7.


Corbin went to bed at 12 am with a platinum plumbbob and all the skills he needed.


Meanwhile, Eric finally found a job in Natural Science, as a Dinosaur Cloner, which is (you guessed it) level 9.


The next morning, Eric went to look through the telescope while I wasn’t paying attention, and Craig Ray came to yell at him a little later when he was blogging…


There Corbin goes! One more promotion!


Eric also left for his first day in Natural Science later that day. He doesn’t have platinum plumbbob, but he does have all his needs filled up.


And there he is again! Corbin came home with a promotion to Business Tycoon, meaning Business is lifted! I CAN FINALLY SELL STUFF.


Goodbye, stuff that’s been on the roof since FOREVER.


“Congratulations, honey! Thanks to you we can now finally build our new house!”


Two hours later, Eric comes home with his promotion to Ecological Guru, lifting Natural Science! This comes with a nice bonus of 30,000 by the way. Oh, and we can now have trees and plants and change the ground colour and ponds… Good things!

I’m going to wait with moving him out until I’ve built the new house, because I’ve got the no 20k handout hack, which means he’ll take a share of the household funds with him. I realised that a little too late, so they’re not as insanely rich as they used to be due to all those spares moving out…


That night, I decided itwas time to build the new house. Say goodbye to the tower…  Am I going to miss it? No way!

I have already built the new house in the game, but I’m going to save it for the next update. I hope you like this one, thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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