An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 23: The Great Migration of Kids

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the McHero family, Logan gave birth to a cute little alien boy, who we called Evan. He’s only a day or so (maybe two?) younger than Eric and Ethan, who grew up to children, as did Evan a bit later. Logan got abducted again, and gave birth to Eleanor (or Ellie), who will be the heir of this generation. Emma, the oldest child, moved out to college at the end of the update. Oh, and Tucker lifted Pet Security!

One last thing worth mentioning is that I will leave this generation at five kids, and lift the last few restriction with generation 6! It will take a little longer, but it fits better with my playing style.

On with the chapter!


The twins started their weekend by doing homework.


The rest of the kids’ time was basically spent skilling and taking care of their needs. I still love the fact that Ethan has green eyes! (No, I will not shut up about this.)


Logan chatted with Emma over the phone, who was worrying about her specialisation already.


That evening it was Ellie’s birthday!


Yay! Okay that hair needs to change stat.


Much better! Her stats are quite extreme: 7/0/10/0/10. I think she’ll be a very interesting heir!


She immediately got some Smart Milk.


That night Mandy started Ellie’s toddler training.


Eric played with Tucker for a while the next morning. That dog does need some love, despite him being a pain in my ass.


Logan went to work for the first time in ages that day, and Eric greeted him when he came home.


Ethan and Mandy played some Red Hands together in the evening.


That night, when everyone else was in bed, Mandy taught Ellie how to talk.


Evan doesn’t have that good of a relationship with the twins. They keep rejecting a lot of his attempts at socialisation, which is quite sad to watch…


Lauren loves little Ellie. And I love this picture. <3


The twins both got A+s!


They also became best friends.


Logan helped Evan with his homework, and the twins did their own.


Ellie adores Tucker. Toddlers and pets is the most adorable thing ever.


That evening it was time for the last toddler of the generation to grow up, though!


“Whooop, sis you’re big now, like me! Also, cool PJs!”


She’s pretty darn adorable!


After all the boys had gone to bed she had a nice Mac ‘n’ Cheese dinner with her parents.


She got Emma’s old room to sleep in all by herself.


The next day all the kids went to school and Logan went to work. It was the first day in ages that Lauren had the house all to herself (with Mandy sleeping upstairs, obviously).


When the kids got home, she played Red Hands with Ellie while Ellie told her all about her first day at school.


Logan helped Ellie with her homework when he got home from work.


The twins did some last minute skilling before their birthdays.


Then, it was time for them to grow up. They didn’t have a large audience, but I wanted to do it rather quick so I could ship them off to college.


Ethan looks so good!


And Eric is very handsome too! They both got the knowledge aspiration, obviously.


And then they both applied for scholarships and moved off to college straight away. Can you tell I want to make a move on with this challenge? ;-) I’m still having fun, but I want to finish it too!


The next day after school, Evan and Ellie played together for the first time.


The day after that, Ellie got an A+.


That night it was time for Evan to grow up! He’ll not move out straight away, since he needs some more skill points.

35m 36m

I gave him some longer pants, and here he is! He’s SO CUTE. Oh, and also a Knowledge Sim, but I hardly need to mention that anymore, do I?


He spent the next day studying for his last skill points.


He also became best friends with Lauren over lunch.


That night, he moved to college. Four down, one to go! (it’s like the great migration of kids…)


Now that Ellie was the only child left at home, she spent most of her time skilling.


She also played with Tucker a lot.


That night Logan transitioned into an elder. He looks quite dapper!


Ellie enjoyed having her own little room, even though it didn’t have much furniture in it.


On her last day as a child Ellie still had a few skill points to earn before being ready for college, but first she played some Red Hands with her dad.


After Ellie had earned her last skill point for the scholarships it was time for two birthdays. First up: Lauren.


Hehe, cool dress. Doesn’t really fit her though.


Then it was our heir’s turn! She’s gorgeous!


She applied for scholarships right away, and called for a cab to pick her up.


Logan and Lauren shared a little moment after their fifth and last child left for college.


But then I had Logan and Lauren move out straight away as well, to minimise the chaos once the five kids move back home.


This menat that, for the first time in generations, Mandy was the only sim living in the Apocalypse headquarters…

Next time, we’ll see how the five generation 5 kids fare at college. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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