An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 21: Priorities

Hi everyone and welcome back to An Heroic Apocalypse!

Last time, the generation five kids went to college and graduated too, after which Lucy lifted Politics, Luke lifted Show Business and Logan lifted Architecture. Lena still hasn’t found a job in the career I want for her, but that’s okay, there’s still time! I also decided that Logan will be heir, and he met, fell in love with and married this generation’s spouse: Lauren Midlock, who lifted Slacker immediately upon moving in. At the end of the chapter, the newlyweds started working on the next generation, and I heard a lullaby…!



While I’m still holding off building an entirely new house, I can at least spruce up the tower with some new floors and wallpaper! It still doesn’t look very good, but at least it looks slightly better.


Lauren’s pregnancy was quite a straining one right from the start.


A little while after sprucing up the house I realised I could also change the windows, so they got some nicer ones! It immediately looks a lot more welcoming, I think.


That night, Lena found a job in the Music career as a Symphony Conductor (which is level 9)! It was the first job to show up on the computer and I actually physically fist pumped when it happened…


I missed the actual pop because the game was on speed 3, but yay, first bump!


There Lena goes, with a platinum plumbbob! We all know what that means!


That evening she came back home with a promotion to Rock God, which means Music is now lifted! YES! No more eternal winter. We can actually have seasons now!


She immediately moved out. Thanks for giving us seasons, Lena!

I moved her in with the other spares, and that immediately gave me the chance to FINALLY change those darn seasons! Because I’m so done with winter I went for spring/summer/spring/autumn.


Lifting Music was also imperative for my other plan for this generation: lifting Alien Technology. And obviously I want an adorable alien baby as well.


The next morning, Logan and Lauren had a nice late breakfast together.


Logan does the most hilarious thing when Lauren is in the bath or shower and he happens to have to do the dishes at the same time: he goes to do them in the bathroom where she’s in instead of in the actual kitchen (where the nearest sink is). It’s so amusing. :’)


He also figured he’d do something useful though, and studied Parenting in preparation for the arrival of the baby.


In the evening he made dinner, and he and Mandy ate it while Lauren was taking a nap. It was a pretty uneventful day altogether.


It became quite eventful quite quickly when Lauren went into labour, though!


She had a little baby girl!


Meet Emma, who so far looks exactly like her daddy. Unless a girl with more interesting colouring (Lauren’s eyes, skin or hair or an alien baby) comes along, Emma will be the heir!


I think Lauren will make an excellent Mum! I really do love her.


Logan informed the rest of the family of Emma’s birth.


Lauren found a job in Science for her LTW. It’s a level 1 job, though, so I don’t know if she’ll make it to the top before I move her and Logan out.


Logan spent another night stargazing.


Mandy was overjoyed to have a baby in the house again.


Mandy had greeted this little dog Tucker, and it had come into the house, so Lauren decided to try and befriend it. But of course, RIGHT AS THEY BECAME FRIENDS the stupid thing walked off again. I hate strays.


Lauren then went off to her first day as a test subject.


Of course, Tucker came right back as soon as Lauren left. GAH.


So I tried again with Logan. And it worked! Tucker is now a part of the family and I can finally start working on lifting the last pet restriction, which is Security.


…and then I found out that when Tucker was last in the house he DESTROYED the Adventure career reward that has been around for generations. I hate that stupid tiny dog already… Not that we really needed the reward anymore, but still – it’s something we can’t replace.


Logan immediately started to teach him some manners though, when he also tried to ruin the bed.


But Tucker’s here for a reason, so Logan quickly found him a job in Security. We’re going to have to keep an eye on him for the time being though.


That evening, it was time for Emma to grow up!


She’s ADORABLE. I like that hairstyle on her as well, at least for now, so she can keep it.


I mean, just look at her. She has a very extreme personality as well: 10/1/9/10/1. She’ll be fun to play!


Oh, and I failed at the keeping an eye on Tucker already…


He’s kind of adorable too, though, when he’s not destroying things…


That night, Mandy started with the toddler training.


She taught Emma how to walk. :-)


The next morning Lauren taught her how to go to the potty.


I also decided to have Lauren quit her job again, because I kind of need her at home what with Logan sleeping during the day to be able to stargaze at night. Plus, she’ll probably be pregnant again soon.


Yep, I heard a lullaby again!


Tucker left for his first day as a Snooper Deterrent, with the command he needed for a promotion already learnt.


Yep, definitely pregnant!


Emma seems to like Tucker! He’s not so sure if he likes her, though…


This time I caught the pop!


That evening Mandy taught Emma how to talk. I love still having Mandy around. She’s definitely one of my favourite Sims ever.


Later that night Tucker came home with a promotion to Guard Pet! At least he’s useful, then.


The next morning Logan made a cheesecake for breakfast.


He and Lauren both had a piece. I think twins will be a good way to speed things up a bit around here!


Lauren gave Tucker a much needed wash that morning.


The telescope caught on fire during the thunder storm! Luckily the rain extinguished it almost right away.


That evening it was time for this adorable little munchkin to grow up.


“Wow, a hand!”


I changed Emma’s hairstyle, because, well, I can now. And I also like this better. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I can tell she’s going to be a favourite.


She spent her evening studying the Body skill.


Second bump!


Emma also played some chess with Mandy that night and found out her OTH is Games, which is nice, because that’s definitely going to be the hobby she’s going to do most activities in, like the rest of her family.


That night, what I’d been waiting for for quite a few nights already finally happened: Logan got abducted!

With that, Alien Technology has been lifted!


The abduction woke up Lauren (for some reason) but she was too late to actually witness it.


Of course, after that she couldn’t sleep anymore, so she played chess with Mandy through the night.


At 4 am the UFO returned, dumping Logan on the lawn.


Mandy and Lauren were not happy with the noise, which was of course the main concern in this situation. Priorities.


“I’m so glad you’re back safe and sound!”


In the morning, Logan showed the first signs of pregnancy!

I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to let Logan have cheesecake as well… Five kids for this generation would be pretty cool, but it also means having four toddlers at one point. I can handle that, but it’s definitely stressful, and I’d definitely need to expand the house.


Logan called in sick that day. Tomorrow he’ll be on pregnancy leave, but he did have quite a scare and didn’t feel up to going to work today either.


In the meantime, Emma left for her first day of school.


Logan spent the morning trying to teach Tucker to speak. He’s quite a quick learner!


Aside from Mandy, they all had dinner together that evening.


Later that night Lauren went into labour! And we all remember that cheesecake she had earlier…


First, there’s Eric, who has the exact same colouring as Emma.


Next up is Ethan, who has Lauren’s dark skin and he also has green eyes! At first I had no idea where those came from, but after doing some research I’m pretty sure those eyes come all the way from Mandy, which is so cool!

I’ll end the update on that high note! Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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