An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 20: Biggest Achievement of the Challenge

Hey everybody and welcome back to An Heroic Apocalypse!

Well, it’s been quite a while… My resolution for this summer was to finish this challenge and get it all up on the blog. However, apart from that being quite the resolution to begin with, my hands have been hurting quite a bit all summer (RSI type of thing), so I just wasn’t able to do it… I did still play, though! I’m quite far along already, just haven’t updated in the meantime.

So, what happened last time? The generation five kids all grew up and moved out to college. First there was Luke, who grew up from child to teen. Then there was his younger brother Logan, who also grew up from child to teen, only a bit later. Lastly, there were the twins, Lucy and Lena, who were babies at the start of the chapter, and also moved out to college at the end. Oh, and David and Tiffany both grew up to elders. That was basically all that happened!


And now – onto university! Let’s try to do this as quickly as possible.


I strategically chose majors for them so they can all find a high level job in the careers I want them to lift. Luke is majoring in Economics, Logan in Mathematics, Lena in Literature and Lucy in History.


Here are the boys! Luke is the left one. He’s got a bit of an unfortunate outfit, but let’s be honest – we’ve seen worse.


There’s one great benefit over last generation’s time in college: the kids can now play computer games to get fill up their fun bar (and to gain aspiration points!).


Although good ol’ Red Hands is still a family favourite as well.


Luckily, the siblings enjoyed spending time together. If they weren’t best friends already, they quickly became so here in college.


Wow, that’s the perfect place to do your assignment, Luke! Right in front of the staircase so no one can go up or down! You’re a real winner.


The Gen 5 kids soon finished their first year, and did some in sync congratulating.


And that was pretty much it for their uni experience, really: studying and relaxing and studying and relaxing…


…and the occasional run-in with the cow mascot.


Of course, they also kept in touch with the home front.


It was all mostly just doing loads of assignments. Oh, and at this point I’m about 98% sure Logan is going to be the heir, even though he’s the second born. I just like him (and his face) more than I do Luke.


Before they knew it (although it took long enough to me) they’d had their final exams and were done with uni!


They all grew up and moved back to Apocalypse Valley that same night. Some had some more fortunate transition outfits than others.

“Nooo, not the shorts!” (that’s Logan, btw)


“Well, here we are again.”

Lucy was the only one to find a job that same day, but she found a good one! She’s now a Senator (which is level 9!) and will thus be lifting Politics. (I seem to have lost the picture, though…)


David and Tiffany were happy to have their children back, but also knew it was time for them to move out.

“It’s too crowded like this. The house is too small for seven adults, even it one of them is asleep all day.”


So they moved out. I missed the picture of them actually getting in the car because I freaked out by Mandy getting up out of her coffin…


And then it was just the four them (during the day at least).

“This is weird, living here without Mum and Dad…”


That first day they all did a lot of studying.


That night, Mandy called up Lauren Midlock, the future spouse for this generation. She and Mandy first need to slightly build up their relationship again before we can invite her over. I maybe should’ve done before the kids left for college, to save time. Oh well, this’ll do too.


Nice face, Mandy. <3


Just after 12 am, Luke found a job in Show Business as a Blockbuster Director! That’s also level 9!


The following morning he left for his first day with a platinum plumbbob. I quickly let him do some talking about hobby, blogging, playing computer games and playing chess. Those hobby wants can be useful after all!


That morning Logan took a job as a Dinosaur Cloner (level 9!) in Natural Scientist. I’d rather have him go into Architecture, but this was the second option, so we’re taking this for now. With all those level 9 jobs things are going really fast now, though!


Remember the family’s first dog Balin? He keeps coming by the house and barking at the door… I’m pretty sure he’s a stray again, even though we gave him to another Sim after he lifted Service. It’s really getting on my nerves, his barking.


Although he doesn’t look too happy about it, Luke topped Show Business on his first day at work! Which means, FINALLY, no more crappy or boring hairstyles, and I have a bit of a say in their outfits too (they can’t buy new outfits, but I can choose from what’s already there)! Oh, and Sims can now go on dates! Which is useful for the whole wooing the potential spouse thing.


Logan hugged his older brother. “I’m so proud of you!”


He then quickly went to change out of his shorts. Turns out, there’s not much there for men, but this will do!


He also got a new hairdo because he’s the heir and I’ll have to look at him for quite a while. Nothing too different, though, because that would be too big of a change and just confuse me.


Lena got a sweater and some pants instead of that ugly skirt she transitioned in.


Lucy got some makeup and a new hair style. THE CURSE OF THE HAIRSTYLE IS FINALLY LIFTED. Biggest achievement of the challenge, to be honest.


That night, Mandy finally became friends with Lauren Midlock again and invited her over straightaway.


Logan went out to greet her.


In the meantime, Luke moved out of the house. Bye Luke! You were a great first born, but kind of boring… Sorry for not making you the heir!


Logan and Lauren (their names match – cute!) got along pretty well. Also, she’s super pretty.


It was 12 am already when he asked her out on a date.


She refused… This match is going to go a little less smooth than the previous ones, I think. Eh, we’ll try again tomorrow.


They did say goodbye with a hug, so that’s something.


The following morning Lucy left for her first day as a Senator with a platinum plumbbob.


Before he had to leave for work, Logan called Lauren to chat a little.


He then left for his first day as a Dinosaur Cloner. I still don’t know if I want him to lift this career, so he needs one more skill point before he gets to the top. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a chance card *crosses fingers*


Lena was now the only one without a job (or a need to sleep during the day), which she found quite boring. She took a lot of long, hot baths.


Lucy got promoted to Mayor! Which means Politics is now lifted, yay! We can now build and place outside the 8×8 square! You might be able to tell from all the exclamation points that that makes me really excited!


In the evening, Logan invited over Lauren again. Look at that, he’s into her! Wow, they actually have two bolts! Maybe this’ll be easier than I thought then after all…


They went on a date under the watchful eye of a wolf.


And they had their first kiss, as well! I guess Lauren was having a bad day the day before.


The wolf got aggressive, so they went inside, where they continued their date in front of Lena and Mandy. Only slightly awkward.


The two became best friends, and Lauren moved in!


A few moments later they both fell in love, although I missed Logan’s heart thingy.


Logan immediately proposed…


…and they got married right there on the spot.


Meet the gorgeous Lauren McHero (nee Midlock), who has now lifted the Slacker career! (she was already level 10!). She’s a Knowledge Sim with a 5/3/7/3/7 personality. Her LTW is to become a Mad Scientist which should be doable. Also, I love her.


To top of the great day, Logan found a job in Architecture as a Master Architect which is, you guessed it, level 9!


Lauren went to play chess with Mandy to catch up with her old friend – and to skill.


The next morning, Lucy moved out. I need to stop moving Sims out during the day! I keep forgetting it wakes up Mandy…


Bye Lucy! Thanks for lifting Politics, a very important one!


Logan left for his first day as a Master Architect. This is when I knew my decision to go for Architecture was a good one, because it was here that I remembered his LTW is also to top that career!


After getting some sleep, Lauren spent her day studying the Body skill.


Logan maxed the Architecture career, thus lifting the restriction, which means we can finally build a proper house! He also reached his LTW which is a nice bonus.

Now I’m going to have to think of a good plan for a house. I think I want to kind of leave the tower in, as a memory of how things were. But that’s for later! I might still wait a bit, because having a big house with a lot of furniture is going to be a pain in the ass with the Criminal restriction still in place. Not to mention the fact that I won’t be able to move any objects larger than 1 square before I’ve lifted Athletic.


Now that Logan and Lauren have both lifted their restrictions it’s time to start working on the next generation! Things are moving fast!


I heard a lullaby!

And that’s it for this chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I also really hope I’ll be updating again soon. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

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