An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 19: The Return of the Curse

Hey everyone!

When we last visited the McHero family, the oldest generation 5 son, Luke, became a child, and his little brother Logan became a toddler and then later also a child. Tiffany became pregnant again and (with a little help of a slice of cheesecake) gave birth to twin girls Lucy and Lena. Meanwhile, David, Deborah and Derek all lifted their restrictions (Paranormal, Law and Intelligence), after which Deborah and Derek moved out of the main house.

And that was it!


As always, Mandy lovingly took care of the nightly baby duties.


Luke got an A+ at school, which was to be his last one as a kid…


…because that night it was time for him to grow up to a teenager! In fact, it was to be a busy night, because the twins also had their birthday.


Luke’s pretty impressed with his new looks. He is a Knowledge Sim, just like all of his family members ever (more or less).


Next up were Lucy and Lena.


This is Lucy! Unforunately, she has been struck by the curse of the McHero women… I am SO sick of that hairstyle! Oh well. Her personality is 4/6/9/5/1.


And this is Lena! She does have a different hairstyle, which pleases me immensely! Her personality is 4/3/9/4/5. They’re both adorable!


There’s always a bit of chaos after a birthday involving multiple babies, but the girls both got their Smart Milk.


The toddler training started right away!


Tiffany enjoyed having two toddlers in the house. It gave her something to do, and she hated sitting around! I ignored her wish for more children, though. The house isn’t big enough for that. Instead, she spent time teaching her daughters the necessary skills.


There was also lots of time for playing, though.


That day, Logan got an A+.


Mandy was very happy with the fact that the family finally had a dinner table. She was the only one who knew the joys of having a family dinner around a table, instead of sitting in an armchair with a plate in your hand.


I was perhaps a bit too rough on Lena, teaching her to walk while she was quite tired already. Oops!


Luke thought it was hilarious, though, so at least someone’s happy.


He got all his skills up to level 8, so I think I’m going to send him to uni soon, and let him wait in the house until the other kids are ready as well. That way, the main house will be a bit less crowded and I have on less Sim to worry about. Plus, I don’t have any use for him now.


That evening it was already time for the twins to have another birthday!


This is Lena! She looks a lot like her afther.


As does Lucy! I think they’re identical, or at least pretty darn close to it.


The girls both immediately started to work on their body skill (always the first thing to get out of the way), and that’s when they found out their OTH is Sports. Not that that’s going to be relevant in any way later on.


For the first time in a long time (if ever) all the beds upstairs were filled.


The next morning, the twins became friends with each other.


They made an ashy snowman together after they were done earning their body skill points.


In the evening, they had yet another birthday planned. This time, it was Logan!


He looks so good! Perhaps he’ll be heir instead of Luke… I like his looks a lot more. He’s another Knowledge Sim, of course. Best way to keep them happy.


My Apocalypse Sims don’t get a lot of romance, so it’s always nice to see some autonomous affection!


Cake and Red Hands – that pretty much sums up this family.


Luke applied for scholarships and got all the skill ones as well as the good grades one.


And then he moved to college! He’ll be waiting there until his siblings are also going. They’ll all have the same age then, but I just want minimal uni playing time.


This is Look as a young adult, with a horrible outfit. :’) See you later, Luke!


Now Tiffany and David both have wishes for another baby, but like I said before; that’s not going to happen!


Logan studies a lot so I can send him to university as soon as possible.


The kids had dinenr together and talked about what it would be like at university, and how Luke was doing.


David chatted with Luke over the phone the next day. He found it pretty strange to have such a grown up son already.


The kids had a snow day, so everyone spent the morning together on the first floor, skilling and hanging out.


Before the morning was over, Logan earned the last skill point he needed to get all of the skill scholarships. He immediately called for a taxi to take him to the university.


Unfortunately, Mandy woke up to wave goodbye to Logan, so I quickly had to usher her back upstairs…


Bye bye, Logan, see you soon!


The twins both got A+s that day.


The next day they had another snow day! Which is nice, because I wanted the twins to get all their required skills (for the scholarships) before growing up so I can send them off to uni straightaway.

(Also, nice photobomb, David…)


I still always stopped my Sims from spraying the bugs, but all of a sudden I realised that Science is lifted (duh) and that that means the can spray the bugs. So David FINALLY did so.


David did get sick with the flu doing that, but we’ve got an easy way to fix that too: the Family perks soup.


The next day, it was time for David to grow up to an elder!


He is now older than his mothers…


Tiffany thought the grey hair was rather attractive.


He even has a pretty decent outfit!


Tiffany had breakfast with the girls the next morning, and they discussed the fact that they’d finally gotten rid of the generations old roaches.


The girls did some last minute skilling before their birthdays, although they found it difficult not to get distracted and they chatted about all kinds of things they would encounter at university.

“Do you think there’ll be teddies?”

“What’s a teddy?”


David quit his job because he didn’t want to miss his daughters’ birthday and moving out.


Lena was the first to grow up.


She’s pretty!


And Lucy’s cutie too (well duh, they’re (almost) identical). Too bad she’ll only wear that dress for a few minutes – it’s gorgeous!

Oh, and they’re both Knowledge Sims, obviously.


They both immediately moved out to college.

“See you in a bit, Luce! It’s ridiculous we can’t take the same cab…”


“Bye house, hellooo university!”


The last thing I did before leaving this house for a while is letting Tiffany grow up to an elder as well.

“Juuust great. Now I have to walk around with this heavy camera around my neck for all eternity.”

And that’s it for this update! Next time we’ll see a quick overview of the generation 5 kids at college and them starting their life as adults! Until then, Happy Simming!

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  1. Yaaay! Lots of good stuff in this chapter.

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