An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 18: Double Trouble

Hi everyone!

It’s been a looong time since my last Apocalypse update, but I have been playing it and my plan is to have this challenge finished by the end of the summer! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Anyway, let’s quickly recap before starting this chapter for realzies: Last time, Tiffany (the Gen 4 spouse), got pregnant and gave birth to a son named Luke, who was a toddler by the end of the chapter. She later got pregnant again and had a second boy named Logan. The heir, David, and his siblings Derek and Deborah were steadily working towards their final promotions in, respectively, Paranormal, Intelligence and Law.

So, let’s get on with it!


The two brothers are sharing the tiny nursery together (seriously, it’s three by three, and nothing else but those cribs (and a thinking cap, apparently) fits in there).


Luke was about to move on up to the top floor bedroom, though, because it was his birthday that evening!


“Wow, look at me!”

He’s a cutie!


“Hey, Mum, our pyjamas match! And we’re best friends, too!”


*chuckle* David is off to work as an Exorcist. Nice outfit, man. Let’s hope for that final promotion!


Luke went to play chess with Mandy that night, which seems to be a bit of tradition after an age transition in this family.


In the meantime, Deb became best friends with her sister in law.


Yesss! David got his final promotion! He is now a Cult Leader, and with that Paranormal is lifted!


First order of business: putting Cris’s grave in Mandy’s inventory. There’s no way I would sell the grave, but I do want Cris to stop haunting. He wasn’t that terrible anymore, but he did sometimes still haunt the double bed in the basement. I’m glad everyone can sleep in peace now!


The next day, Luke had a snow day, so he spent his day skilling. He’s skilling insanely fast though. I’m wondering if that’s really the effect the Education bookcase has (in combination with the smart milk), or if there’s even more to his speed. He maxed his first skill (Body) in one (!) sitting.


Deb came home with a promotion to Entertainment Lawyer that day. Only one more to go!


That evening it was time for Logan to grow up!


He’s got the freckles and his father’s nose! Score! His personality is 6/1/9/4/6.


The toddler training started immediately.


Derek also got promoted that evening! He’s now an Elite Operative and, once again like his twin sister, also has only one more promotion to go.


Yay for Smart Milk! And for Mandy being around so there’s 24/7 child care. I’m still very happy with how I organised all that.


Since David lifted Paranormal, we can now “buy” and use the bone phone. I put it on the top of the house, so Mandy can resurrect Cris at the end of the Apocalypse and they can actually grow old together. She deserves that much, I think!


Deborah went to work with a platinum plumbbob! That’s a very good sign!


David spent the day with Logan to teach him all of this toddler skills. He’d learnt them all by the end of the day!


Derek finished writing the novel he was working on, which became a bestseller.


That got him into the platinum as well, so he also went to work with a platinum plumbbob!


Deborah lifted Law! Yay! This doesn’t have any immediate consequences, but it means that Slacker, Politics and Law Enforcement can now be lifted instead of merely suppressed. Progress!


Aaand Derek got home with his final promotion as well! They really are twins, aren’t they. He lifted Intelligence, which has all kind of benefits. Although, most things that would be allowed are still restricted by other restictions. Oh well. Sims can at least now blog and buy more expensive stuff (among other things).


I decided to let Deborah and Derek move out straight away so there would be more room in the house. Bye guys! Thanks for being awesome!


Luke and Mandy became best friends the next morning, which makes me happy, because I feel sorry for Mandy at times (she must be quite lonely if you think about it).


I didn’t take a picture of it, but Tiffany is pregnant again, so I let her make a cheesecake in order for her to get twins. I want four children this generation so things go a bit faster!




First bump!


The boys spent their afternoon skilling downstairs.


That evening it was time for Logan to grow up again!


“Yay, I’m adorable!”


He really is adorable. I actually like his looks more than I do Luke’s, so perhaps I’ll make him heir… No need to decide about that now, though, we’ll see when they’re at college.


Logan immediately started studying for his Body skill points.


The next morning, the boys played some chess together to get their fun up and also to improve their relationship.


Second bump, yay!


I changed things up a bit — the house now has a tiny dining area on the ground floor, so it’s a bit more like a real kitchen. It looks pretty cosy I think, for an Apocalypse at least! Apart from that gaping hole, that looks pretty dangerous.


I moved the chairs and the bookcase upstairs, where there was still plenty of room. Now this is more of an actual living area.


That afternoon, the boys did their homework together with their parents. Luke didn’t seem to have a memory for being helped with homework yet (I guess I forgot). Although strangely enough he did have two new ones about Derek and Deborah having graduated, which doesn’t make sense…


The next morning the boys played together in their pyjamas after waking up.


Not much later, Tiffany went into labour!


It’s a baby girl!


And another girl!


This is Lucy, and I’m pretty sure she’s so far identical to her brothers.


And this is Lena, who is also identical to the rest of her siblings.

That’s it for this chapter! I hope you liked it, and I hope I’ll be back soon with another update (I’m pretty sure I will, I played quite far ahead). Happy Simming!

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  1. Yaaay! I’ve been pretty much offline for the last six weeks, or so, and I’m glad to come back to this. Your challenge really did inspire me to do my own, after all.

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