The Jones Family (DITFT) – Generation 3 – Nathaniel Jones

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my DITFT! Last time, we saw the second generation heir, Rosanna Jones, work her way to the top of the Business career, earning her family quite a lot of money. She married her co-worker Eugene, who later went into the Military career. Together they had one son, Nathaniel, who wants to travel around the world and be an explorer, as per the generation 3 objectives.


2c 3c

During his first trip to China, Nathaniel had first encountered martial arts, and he was immediately intrigued. He spent a lot of time practicing, both at home and during his second trip to China, determined to master this beautiful art.

(The official rules say he should master Photography, but my game went glitchy with that skill, so I switched to Martial Arts pretty soon instead.)


It wasn’t long before it was time for Nate to graduate from high school and grow up to a young adult. His parents were excited to see their only child all grown up, although it made them feel rather old as well…


Nate is the spitting image of his father, and has the following traits:

  • Lucky
  • Disciplined
  • Brave
  • Adventurous
  • Photographer’s Eye

Now that he was done with high school, he had all the time in the world for his travels and explorations.


He went on some pretty cool adventures, and even got paid for them. Granted, some of them were quite dangerous.


There was also time for some relaxation, however, and Nate still really liked girls.


For a while, Nate only got home to do some laundry and was off again to some faraway country straight away. He enjoyed being home, but for now, he just wanted to see what the rest of the world had to offer.


During one of his first trips to Egypt, he met Layla, and he knew right away that this wasn’t just another fling.


He wanted to spend all of his time with her, and even forgot about his explorations and assignments for a while. They had so much fun together, and Nate knew he couldn’t bear to say goodbye to her.

When he asked her to move back to Sunset Valley with him, Layla didn’t have to think twice before saying yes. She loved him, even though they hadn’t known each other for very long yet.


Layla was quite nervous to meet Rosanna and Eugene, afraid they were going to think she was some sort of gold digger because of their whirlwind romance, but Nate’s parents accepted her with open arms.


Layla’s traits:

  • Vegetarian
  • Never Nude
  • Excitable
  • Flirty
  • Great Kisser


Nate didn’t go back on his travels again this time, and it wasn’t long until he asked Layla to marry him.


They had a lovely outdoor wedding with some family and friends, and sat in the kitchen eating cake, drinking champagne and chatting until deep in the night.


Although Nate was planning on travelling some more before starting a family, fate would have it otherwise. Layla found out she was pregnant only a short while after the wedding, and although this changed his plans rather abruptly, Nate was overjoyed.


Little Timothy was born and Layla and Nate couldn’t be happier with the new arrival.

However, they had talked things over and decided it’d be best for Nate to go back to his travels again to earn money for the family and earn all his visas, so he could then come home and be a full time dad.

19c 20c

Nate earned the maximum visa levels for both Egypt and China pretty soon.


He’d also collected quite some unique artifacts, which they decided to display in the house. They could always sell them if they’d every really need the money. For now, they were okay.


Timothy was growing up fast, and Nate was happy to be home for a while again to spend some time with his family.


This was also partly due to the fact that Layla was pregnant again! Nate was glad they could give Timothy a little brother or sister, since he knew from experience being an only child could be quite lonely.


Soon, another little boy was born, whom they named Daniel.


Nate went back to France one last time to earn his final visa level, and then he was ready to go back to Sunset Valley once and for all to be with his family.

26c 27c

Rosanna and Eugene were a great help with the boys, and absolutely adored their grandsons.


The boys were growing up fast too, and soon Timothy was already old enough to go to school.


(Isn’t this picture the most adorable thing ever?)


Eugene loved helping Timothy with his homework, and Tim loved his grandpa for it.


Then, much too sudden, Eugene passed away one evening…


Nobody had seen it coming, and everybody was left shocked. Especially Rosanna and Timothy were completely heartbroken.


In the midst of all the mourning, Layla found out she was pregnant again.


She loved her two boys, but she really hoped this time it would be a little girl.


Timothy was doing well at school. He was a bit different than most of the other children, but he’d made one good friend, with whom he played several times a week after school.


Layla went into labour, and was ecstatic when she had a baby girl. They decided to call her Rachel.

38c 39c

Soon, Daniel grew up to a child, very much ready to go to school like his big brother.


Nate and Layla were very happy with their family, and still very much in love with each other as well.


Rachel grew up to a very adorable toddler, and looked a lot like her brother Daniel.


Daniel loved school, but was a bit more of a loner than his brother and developed a love of painting.


He also loved stories, and often got his fater to read him to sleep, which Nate did very gladly.


Time flies, and Timothy grew up to a teen. He looked a lot like his father, while his younger siblings look more like Layla.


Layla enjoyed cooking very much, and loved trying new recipes. Her key lime pie was an instant hit with the family.

(She had the Renaissance Sim LTW: maximising three skills.)

46c 47c 48c

Life went on as usual for a while. The boys spent a lot of time together, but also liked playing with their baby sister.


Soon it was time for their baby sister to grow up and be not-so-much a baby anymore. Rosanna and Layla were excited for this, although they would also miss having a toddler in the family.


Rachel was still absolutely adorable as a child.


Just like her brother Daniel, she loved painting, but it soon turned out that she had true passion and talent for it, while Daniel simply saw it as one of many hobbies.


Not long after Rachel’s birthday, Rosanna passed away. This time it was less of a shock for the family, since she was quite old already, and everybody knew she wanted to be with Eugene again.


That didn’t mean everybody wasn’t very sad, however…


To his complete surprise, Timothy became prom king at his high school’s prom. He didn’t really care for the title, but was much more excited about the fact that he had met a girl that night.


They went on a date to the beach and had a most romantic evening.

(I think her name was Jenny. Also, I love these pictures.)


Daniel and Rachel spent a lot of time playing together after Rachel’s birthday, but that wouldn’t last very long anymore as it was time for Daniel to grow up to a teenager.


(He has quite a gigantic nose.)


Rachel had enjoyed playing with Daniel, but she didn’t mind being on her own either — in fact, she loved it; it was when she felt most at ease.


The kids took after their father quite a lot, and could be rather naughty. Up to this day, no one knows who put the paint in the shower head, but all three kids had burst into fits of laughter when they’d heard their father yell.

61c 62c

Rachel was very happy when she grew up to a teenager. She’d been looking forward to going to high school for quite a while, with both her big brothers always talking about it.


It turned out Rachel really thrived at high school, and it wasn’t long before she fell in love with a boy from one of her classes, called Terrill.


She’d heard her older brother talking about the great spot at the beach, and took Terrill there for their first official date. Needless to say, it was a great success.


In the meantime, Timothy had grown up into a young adult, and had decided that he wanted to start his own life with his girlfriend Jenny. Nate was sad to see his oldest child go, but he understood how Timothy felt.


Daniel had taken up playing guitar as another hobby, and was even making a little money with it down in the park.


Soon, however, he also grew up into a young adult, and moved out, just like his older brother.


The family already owned the local supermarket (Jason Jones Memorial Supermarket) and the biggest corporate building in town (Rosanna Jones Corporate Towers), and Nate decided to invest some more money, and bought a part of the beach in town (Nathaniel Jones Beach).

69c 70c

Rachel was now the only child living at home, and while she missed her brothers, she also enjoyed having the house a bit more to herself.

(And I enjoyed her facial expressions immensely.)


Just like with her previous birthday, she was now more than ready to grow up to a young adult. She looked forward to life outside of high school.


Rachel looked a lot like her mother (and she’s the heir, as you probably guessed by now). Her traits:

  • Artistic
  • Friendly
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Loner
  • Bookworm


Nathaniel felt rather old with three grown children, but he was very content with his life, and all that he’d achieved.

Generation 3 Objectives:

  • Visit all locations
  • Gain all visa levels
  • Master Martial Arts (officially Photography, but glitches prevented this)
  • Marry a local, have a kid

And that is it for generation 3 of my DITFT. I hope you enjoyed the update, and Happy Simming! :-)

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  1. The Storysimmer says:

    What an eventful generation!

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