Blueberry Island – Spring 3 – Walker

Hi everyone!

Last time we visited the Walker family, both Rachel and Hannah grew up to teens (a few days apart), Rachel started seeing George McCarthy and Christy was advancing on the Law Enforcement career ladder. That’s about all the important things, so let’s start this update!


From left to right, standing: Caroline, Andrew, Jake, Christy, Elijah. And sitting: Rachel and Hannah.


Andrew paid the taxes for this season, which amounted to $9,500.


I made a pond so Hannah could start working on her Fishing badges (for her LTW of topping Oceanography), but it was still frozen, so she had to wait a little longer.


As it was a Wednesday, the teens all went to school.


Jake and Andrew worked towards maximising their hobby enthusiasm, since they both had the wish.


Rachel brought Zoe Harris home from school, but she immediately went to play chess with Andrew.


Hannah brought home Oliver Dawson, who’s one of the kids from the new family in town.


Rachel got Zoe to stop playing chess, and they all socialised.


Oliver thought Hannah looked pretty damn good, but she was kind of indifferent about him, so they only had one bolt, which means I’m not going to try to make them a thing.


Caroline walked in on Elijah checking himself out in the mirror in her room.


Christy is well on her way towards reaching her LTW. She’s a Police Chief, but needs some skill points to get another promotion.


Hannah and Oliver became friends! I quite like them together as friends. :-)


Caroline has been wanting to go on a date for ages, so I bought her the crystal ball so she can finally get started on her LTW (50 dream dates). It didn’t show any options for her, though… Gah!


So instead she went to eat some leftover crepes with her younger sister.


And she also played some catch with Andrew. In the dark, for a bit of an extra challenge.


In the meantime, Elijah and Hannah played some SSX3.


Elijah and Rachel became best friends over some late night pork chops.


That night a burglar showed up! Which is only the fifth burglar on the island. It means we’re a bit closer to another position in Law Enforcement, though.


The police man waited for Andrew to scar the burglar, but then the burglar wouldn’t leave and neither would the police man. And of course the alarm just kept wailing.


And then after a while they finally started fighting. No one’s going to get enough sleep this night, that’s for sure.


After the burglar and police officer left, the most adorable thing happened: Caroline read Rachel to sleep. <3


Jake gained a little weight, but I figure that’s only to be expected from a celebrity chef.


Andrew and Jake went to work for a while at Bigfoot Fashion.


It got quite busy soon enough.


Craig Ray and Marylena Hamilton got some action in front of the store…


A burglar ogling the jewellery. I don’t trust it…!


And then, finally, we got Bigfoot Fashion up to level 10!


Back home, Jake started to write a cookbook, because he had the want to write a bestseller.


I changed the wallpaper in the living room, and thinks it looks much better now!


Before going to work, Jake took another swig of the elixir of life. Otherwise, he’d have grown up to an elder the minute he came home.


He was a bit sad he had to miss Elijah’s most important birthday, though.


This is him all grown up! He looks so much like his father.


The four Walker children had some cake together and talked about Elijah’s plans for the future. Apparently, Rachel’s wondering if he thinks about going travelling.


When Jake got home, he proudly congratulated his son.


Then, Elijah had a little cry about not being able to go to university.

“It’ll be okay, ‘Lijah! You’re going to be fine!”


After his baby sister cheered him up a little, Elijah moved out to his own place.


He moved into the Harris family’s old house. We’ll see him again at the end of the season!


Elijah moving out also means Blueberry Island now has eight households, which means I can add another NPC community lot! I added a sports lot, a football stadium (soccer for all of you Americans) to be more precise.  I downloaded it from MTS here.

The Athletics career is now unlocked!


Christy did yoga throughout the night, because she needed those last body skill points.


The following morning Elijah already came back for a visit.


He played chess with Andrew for a while. Homesick already, are we?


After the girls came home from school, Jake and Andrew took them to Walker’s. Just like last time, the teens kept wearing their outerwear, which was annoying…


Caroline and Hannah worked as waitresses, while Rachel was the hostess and Andrew helped out where he could. Jake was the chef, of course.


They got the restaurant up to level 8 and then went home, where the girls still had to do their homework.


Elijah was also still at the house, and seemed to have acquired a chess injury.


Caroline and Hannah had a pillow fight in Hannah’s room to blow off some steam.


Hannah went on a date with George, for the same reason.


They both fell in love!


Rachel and George had yet another dream date, and then she rolled the want to go steady with him (at the same time as rolling the want to have two loves at once — she’s still a Romance sim after all).

Anyway, they’re now going steady!


She got a bad memory about it. But she did roll the want, and now has a fear of breaking up with him.


All her motived were up after the dream date, so I let her work on the inventory for the bakery she will one day open.


Christy finally maxed Body that night, so she can get that final promotion for her LTW now!


Look how cute, Rachel has a little George shelf.


The next day, Christy went to work quite hopeful!


It was a Saturday, so the rest of the family did more or less whatever they wanted.


Jake finished his cookbook (called Jake’s Family Food) and it was a bestseller!


Christy came home with her final promotion, so she’s now a Captain Hero and has fulfilled her LTW!


The pond finally thawed, so Hannah could start working towards earning her gold fishing badge.


Christy had been having the want to get a pet for a while now, so I let her go to Angie’s Animal Emporium. She bought a small (male) dog named Bruno!


He will need some training, though…


Oh my God, I missed Andrew’s birthday! He was relaxing on Jake and Christy’s bed for some reason, and then all of a sudden I heard the growing up sounds…


Sorry, Andrew… I really have to start keeping track of how much elixir I give to everyone. *adds column to spreadsheet*


That evening, Rachel played SSX3 with Bruno as company.


Even though he had two pet beds, Bruno decided to sleep on Elijah’s old bed.


The Walker girls were all really happy with Bruno and pretty much doted on him.


Perhaps that made him feel a bit too sure of himself, being aggressive to a much bigger dog.


“Bruno, don’t!”


Christy had to work that day, but the rest of the family enjoyed a nice Sunday lunch of grilled cheese.


I was a second too late, but Hannah earned her bronze fishing badge!


Rachel and Jake spent the evening playing TS3 very competitively.


Caroline doesn’t have all that many days left as a teen anymore, and I want her to max Charisma before she grows up, so she can work in the Entertainment career. So, she started skilling with a little help of the thinking cap.


She managed to max the skill late Sunday night, when Summer had already come.

And that’s it for the Walker family for now! I hope you enjoyed the update, Happy Simming!

Households: 8
Playable Sims: 27
CAS-Sims Available: 4 of 14
Community Lots: 9
* Owned: 8
* NPC: 1
Total Lots: 17
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 216
Fires 1
Burglars: 5
Uni funds: $135,300

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