The Jones Family (DITFT) – Generation 1 – Jason Jones

Hi everyone and welcome to my Differences in the Family Tree Challenge!

I started this DITFT ages ago, when I first got the Sims 3 (in 2010 or 2011, idk), and while I did take pictures along the way (out of habit), I never really intended to publish it. Honestly, I never thought I’d get even close to finishing it, but now I am on generation 9, it’s actually starting to look like a possibility (*knocksonwood*), although TS3 and its glitches are always unpredictable, of course. Since I didn’t make all that many pictures, every generation will just have one update.

You can find the rules for the DITFT here, on Boolprop. I printed a ruleset a couple of years ago, so it might be a bit outdated, but it is the one I’m sticking with nonetheless.

Anyway, let’s get started!


Meet Jason Jones, the founder of this challenge! He moved to Sunset Valley to start a new life as a farmer. In order to do so he bought a plot of land at the outskirts of town and built a small home for himself with the little money he had.

His traits:

  • Green Thumb
  • Friendly
  • Family-Oriented
  • Good
  • Loves the Outdoors

I’m pretty sure his LTW was to have a Perfect Garden. I’ve got no records of all of the heirs’ LTWs, though, so it’s going to be guesswork.


Jason was very pleased with his move and felt right at home in the small town.


Of course, it really was beautiful. I still think the views in TS3 are extraordinary!


Jason’s house was very small, but cosy nonetheless. Oh, and very green — literally.


It was his dream to one day have a large farm, but for now he just maintained a small garden. He happily worked there every day and planned to sell his produce to the local grocery store.


Jason also wanted to find a nice girl to marry and settle down with (he was Family-Oriented, after all), and after spending quite a few evenings out on the town, he met Blair. They hit it off straight away, and went on a couple of dates before Jason decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Blair.


Luckily for him, she felt the same way. They got married in a private ceremony at home, and Blair moved in.

Blair’s traits:

  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Childish
  • Genius
  • Loner
  • Good

According to the Sim Wiki, her LTW was to be an International Super Spy, and she was already working in Law Enforcement.


Jason’s garden did well, and even though money was quite tight, he couldn’t be happier.


He was absolutely elated when Blair found out she was pregnant with their first child.


When little David was born, Jason felt his life was complete.


David grew up into a handsome toddler, with bright red hair. Jason wondered where he got that from, but Blair said it red hair ran in her family.


In the meantime, Jason was still working very hard in his garden. It was a tough job, and he often felt knackered at the end of the day. The fact that it didn’t bring in as much money as he’d hoped also started to worry him more and more.


Especially now they were going to have another mouth to feed.


He forgot about all of his worries when he looked into Lisa’s angelic little face, though.


Time was going by fast, and soon David started school. He was an inquisitive boy and loved to read.


Not long after Lisa became a toddler, Blair had another baby girl, and they named her Rosanna.


Jason had trouble keeping up with his garden, now that they had three children to take care off.


Soon, Rosanna also grew up to a toddler and there were no more babies in the house. Jason would have liked to have more children, but he and Blair both agreed that that would not be a wise decision for their family at this point.


Lisa and Rosanna were close in age, and loved to play together in their shared bedroom.


David was also very fond of his youngest sister, however.


Lisa grew up to a child, and was excited about going to school now, just like her big brother.

(Although she doesn’t look it — does anyone else think TS3 children always look so sad?)


David and Lisa had to share a bedroom, at least for the time being. When Rosanna would grow up, they’d have to think of another solution.


Soon enough, David became a handsome teenage boy. He was happy to be able to do more to help his parents now.


That soon proved to be very helpful, when one day a kitchen fire broke out, and David was level headed enough to attempt to extinguish the fire.


His heroic deed almost cost him his life, but luckily a firefighter came to help him and put out the fire.

Jason felt guilty for having put his son in a situation like that, but after a showever, David seemed to be fine.


He immediately went to calm down his little sister and read her a story.


Lisa spent a lot of time in the park because she had taken up fishing as a hobby. As long as she was home before dark, Jason and Blair were fine with her being out and about.


Blair had resumed her job as a police officer, and was happy to bring in some extra money.


Rosanna grew up to a child, which left Jason and Blair with more time to work, since all of their children were now going to school.


Jason still sold his produce to the grocery store, and although they gave him a fair price, he still worried sometimes.


That was why he had taken up doing chores for the wealthier sims in town in exchange for money.


Lisa grew up into a good-looking teenager.


When Rosanna asked for a bedtime story, I don’t think she had this in mind…


David was happy his sister was now a teenager as well, since it meant they could have much more fun together than before.


With Rosanna grown up into a teen as well, it won’t be long before she’ll be taking over the reins. That’s right, Rosanna is going to be the heir.


David graduated from high school a little while after that. Jason and Blair couldn’t believe time had passed so quickly. Their little boy, all grown up!


He moved out to his own little place in Sunset Valley that same evening. It was time for him to start his own life.


Now, Lisa and Rosanna were the only Jones children left at home. They got along very well, though, and loved eating ice cream together late at night and chatting about all kinds of things.


They spent so much time together that they cheered their father on in sync when he was about to grow up.

42a 43a

Jason felt very accomplished with his life. He had three wonderful children, and had been able to look after them despite worrying sometimes.


Blair was not yet due to grow up, and made the most of her time as an adult. She worked out at the gym a lot so as to stay in shape for her job.

45a 46a

Lisa grew up into a beautiful young woman, and decided to move out straight away as well. Rosanna was sad to see her go, but she understood her sister’s choice nonetheless.


Not long after that, Blair also became an elder.


Jason had never managed to create a large farm, but all in all he had done very well.

Let’s look at the objectives for this generation, and how many he has accomplished.


  • Grow a garden with every type of plant (excluding egg, steak and omni)
  • Get married, but no Woohoo before marriage
  • Have a boy and a girl
  • Master the Gardener skill


  • Obtain and plant every type of plant
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Marry a girl/guy with “Loves the Outdoors” and/or “Green Thumb”
  • Master the Fisherman skill

Jason didn’t manage to do any of the optional ones, since it was pretty hard to keep everyone happy during this first generation. But hey, that’s why they’re optional!


In the next update, we’re going to see how Rosanna will do as a business woman. Her traits:

  • Charismatic
  • Ambitious
  • Virtuoso
  • Loner
  • Workaholic

I hope you enjoyed this first update of my DITFT! Until next time, and Happy Simming!

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