Blueberry Island – Winter 2 – Harris


Last time we visited the Harris family, James and Stella had just moved to Blueberry Island to start a new life with their toddler daughter Zoe. James wants to earn a lot of money, so he (eventually) found a job in Military, and started digging in his free time in order to save up enough money to start an electronics store. He bought the store at the end of the season. Stella is a Family Sim and stays at home to care for the children and write novels. She’s currently pregnant with their second child. Zoe is Madison Burke’s best friend, as you might remember.


This is the Harris family! Pretty straight forward, for the time being at least.


James had to leave for work early on Saturday morning. In the meantime, I wondered why the carpool was standing all the way over there, instead of at the mailbox.


Stella paid the taxes. They don’t have a lot of money, so the $1,100 was sorely missed.


Since it was the weekend, Stella and Zoe were able to have breakfast together, which they both enjoyed.


Stella’s pregnancy was wearing her out quite a lot, so she took a nice and relaxing bubble bath after breakfast.


Zoe spent her day skilling.


James got promoted to Drill Instructor, which brought in some much needed extra cash!


He also brought home Christy Stratton, with whom he chatted for a while until they became friends.


Stella was having a nap when she went into labour!


It’s another girl! Wow, while it was all boys at first, we’re now having girl after girl! Her name is Thalia, and she has her mother’s brown hair and fair skin and her father’s grey eyes.


James is very excited about Thalia as well. Trouble is, we haven’t really got any room for her.


She’ll have to sleep in her parents’ room for now.


I had Stella study Parenting because Thalia will definitely not be their last baby… Although they’ll need to earn some money for a bigger house first!


James spent some time giving financial advice on the internet.


Zoe was glad she didn’t have to share her room with her little sister. She was excited about Thalia, but she loved her room too! Although she knew she probably had to share at some point.


Stella did some midnight cleaning, since she wasn’t tired at all because of her daytime nap.


The next morning Stella and Zoe talked passionately about films, even though neither of them has ever seen a TV.


Stella loved having a baby around.


James got another promotion! He is now a Junior Officer.


Now that they had almost $10,000 in the bank, I decided to send James to his electronics store (aptly named James’ Electronics) to set it up and start making some more money.

21n 22n

He got the store to level 4 and earned his bronze cashier badge and silver sales badge! Oh, and he made a crap load of money because of the money perks (which apparently do not count towards the $100,000 LTW).


Back home, James went to finish the robot he was building. I also already built them a house at this point, but I decided they won’t move in until the end of  the season, even though they’ve got the money.


Stella finished studying Parenting.


That evening it was already time for Thalia’s first birthday!


She’s adorable! Her personality is 4/8/9/4/1. Of course, Stella immediately rolled the want for another baby.


James needed body points for a promotion so he did some rope jumping outside.


Zoe maxed her Creativity skill! She spends a lot of time painting.


She now had to share her room with her little sister, but she didn’t mind all that much. As long as Thalia was quiet.


The next morning, Stella started on the toddler training while James and Zoe went to work and school.


While Thalia was taking her nap, Stella played some Sims 3.


In between the nap and the gaming, Stella managed to teach Thalia to walk and talk before 3 o’clock rolled around.


Zoe had an A+ and also brought her best friend Madison Burke home from school.


The girls played together for a while until Zoe had to do her homework.


James did some late night yoga in order to get the last skill point for his next promotion.


When making breakfast the following morning, Stella though about how much she loved her little family. (Or, I thought about how much I love this family.)


She didn’t mind not having a job at all; she’d much rather stay home to take care of the house and the children.


Stupid Jason Menon kicked over the trash can right in front of Stella! She didn’t say anything about it, which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other Sims do (I think).


Both Stella and James wanted a car, so I bought the cheapest one for them. They have quite a bit of money now, but I want to save it for the new house.


That afternoon, Stella started writing another children’s novel.


James got promoted to Counter Intelligence! He’s doing really well in this career track, although I’m thinking about letting him switch to Business at some point.


He hadn’t worked on his robot skill for a while now, so I made him make some toy robots again to sell.


Zoe brought Madison home again, so they played and chatted for a little while until her fun bar was full.


James earned his bronze robot making badge!


Stella really wanted to have another a baby, and with enough money and the prospet of a bigger house, they felt it was the right time.


Zoe played some chess after doing her homework while Thalia played with the bunny head. (I really love this picture for some reason)


Stella and James both seemed to feel quite frisky when they woke up the next morning, rolling wants for kisses and flirting. Must be the Woohoo of the previous day.


They’re really sweet together.


James had the day off and spent it skilling for his next promotion.


Stella spent her morning cleaning the house.


It’s clear there’s another baby on the way!


Time for lots of bubble baths again.


It’s the neighbourhood paper burglar, Rachel Walker! She stole the Burke’s newspaper as well, as you might (/probably won’t) remember.


That evening, it was time for a double birthday! I can’t believe Zoe’s already going to be a teenager…


She’s pretty! I think she inherited a lot of her mother’s features.


Thalia’s cute, too! I think she’s more of a mix of her parents. The nose is definitely her father’s, but the mouth is her mother’s.


Here’s Zoe post make over! I love her look. She’s a Knowledge/Popularity Sim who wants to become a Prestidigitator (top Entertainment) when she grows up. That’s definitely doable!


Just before the end of the season, Stella had her first pop!


And that’s when they moved to their new house, which you’ll get to see more closely next season!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!

Households: 5
Playable Sims: 21
CAS-Sims Available: 8 of 13
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 12
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 168
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $117,300

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