Blueberry Island – Winter 2 – Burke

Hey everyone!

I’m back with a new update for Blueberry Island! This time we visit the Burke family, where last time baby Madison grew up to a toddler and then a child, and Angie got pregnant again. She also managed to get her pet store up to level 6. Amin steadily climbed the Music career ladder, while working on his LTW to have 20 best friends.

That’s about it!


Obligatory family picture :-)


We start this season with little neat freak Madison being psyched to make her bed. Or to be played again, who knows.


Amin paid the taxes ($6,300) and also set up a bank account for Maddie.


Maddie couldn’t wait for her little brother or sister to be born.


I still love the friendship between Angie and Mittens. <3


Amin invited over his friend Juan to make another best friend, and Juan also brought Ethan Barrett (the guy in the background playing with Mittens).


Angie played chess with Ethan while Amin talked to Juan.


He became best friends with Juan right before his carpool arrived. Great timing!


Angie spent a large portion of the afternoon in bed — this pregnancy was wearing her out!


When Maddie got home she didn’t even take off her coat but went to play with her womrat Dobby straight away.


Amin got home early because of a chance card promotion! He’s now a Roadie. He also brought home Sanjay, with whom he wasn’t friends yet.


That changed soon enough!


After he sent Sanjay home, Amin also become best friends with his friend Danielle over the phone. I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished this LTW (never felt like it), so I’m kind of having fun with this one now I’m actually trying for it.


Maddie played some Red Hands with her father before bed.


Amin and Angie spent the rest of the night studying before going to bed as well.


Maddie and Mittens are the best of friends. :-)


Amin had the day off so it was time for him to make a few more friends. Vamsi Tomyoy walked by, so he greeted her. She later gave him the expensive TV as a networking gift, which we sold, of course.


Maddie got an A+!


Amin took a break from befriending another walkby to cheer her on.


Not much else happened that day, although a very exciting event was scheduled to happen later that evening…


Angie went into labour!


I felt a bit bad for Maddie for having to witness it.


It’s girl! She has Angie’s skintone and either grey or light blue eyes. I wrote down “light blue”, but they seem grey to me. Oh well.


“Here, hold her, will you.”

*Hey, who’s the redhead?*


Twins! Another girl, with her father’s skintone and, again, either grey or light blue eyes. I can’t see properly!


Anyway! These are Amber and Robin. They’re the first twins on Blueberry Island!


Angie had kind of forgotten what it was like to have a baby in the house, and now she had two! It was pretty stressful, especially when they both started crying in the middle of the night.


And then things started breaking around the house as well. Angie wondered when she’d have time to go to her store again.


For now she was going with the “mummy sleeps when the babies sleep” motto.


Amin got another promotion at work and brought Sanjay over again, which made them best friends.


Children running to greet their parents after work is really cute, although often very annoying as well when they’re supposed to do stuff I told them to do.


Amin spent his evening making friends with another walkby, while Madison did her homework and Angie studied for skill points.


Mittens was feeling kind of left out now so much attention was going to the new babies, so Angie spent some time with her as well.


That night Amin was on baby duty for the first time.


The family mainly eats grilled cheese since it’s Amin’s secondary aspiration.


Maddie almost always has the want to play a computer game, so she played some Sims 3 before school.


I figured it was time for Angie to spent some time at her store again.


She invited over Amin to help her, and they went on a quick date before opening up the store.


Things started off pretty bad with customers losing stars instead of gaining them. After a while business started picking up, though.


They added a collar display to the store, so other playables can buy collars for their new pets. Before heading home they got the store up to level 7.


Angie played with Mittens for a bit when she got home.


She also cared for Dobby, who I’m still managing to keep alive.


I caught Rachel Walker stealing their (invisible) paper!


Madison played with Mittens for a bit when she got home. Mittens was getting quite some attention today!


It was the twins’ birthday that evening, and Amin figured it would be a good moment to catch up with some friends, so he threw a party.


But no one showed up! Party score: disaster… So they had to celebrate the birthday by themselves. I was pretty bummed, though. Oh well, onto the birthdays.


This is Amber!

(sorry for the walls being down)


And this is Robin!


They’re both quite cute! They look mostly like their dad. I didn’t get a very good shot because it was kind of a chaos. Robin has a 4/10/4/4/3 personality and Amber a 4/10/9/4/1 one.


I’m not sure yet if I want the girls to have one big room for the two of them or two separate rooms.


Yep, the party was a pretty big disaster. Why did nobody show up?!


Amin woke up in the middle of the night because he was so sad about his disastrous party.


It was actually pretty convenient, though, because Amber needed to pee.


After that he made some smart milk for the girls.


Angie spent the morning trying to teach Robin to talk, but Robin was more interested in Mittens.


Maddie invited over her friend Zoe Harris. She’d been having the want to become best friends with her all season, and it finally happened pretty soon after this greeting.


They spent the morning outside playing in the snow. I love these two as friends together. They’re like those besties who are never seen without each other.


Amin spent some time on the phone catching up with his friends. And asking them why the hell they weren’t at his party.


Angie’s secondary wish is is Knowledge, so she keeps rolling wants for skill points.


After Zoe left, Madison had to do her homework.


I decided this is how I want to do the twins’ room. One room to sleep in, and the other one to play in/do homework in later.


Madison and Angie had a nice lunch together while Amin took care of the twins.


Amin is a cute dad. :-)


Amin had to go into work that night.


And we end this update with a super cute picture of Mittens being strangled cuddled.

And that’s it! Hope you liked the update, and Happy Simming!

Households: 5
Playable Sims: 20
CAS-Sims Available: 8 of 13
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 12
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 160
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $116,200

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