Blueberry Island – Winter 2 – Walker

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, but I’m back with an update for Blueberry Island! This time we’ll be visiting the Walker family. Last time, Christy worked her way up the Law Enforcement career ladder, and Jake finally achieved his LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef. Caroline grew up to a teenager, and Hannah to a child. Andrew spent time at his business, but also achieved permaplat status through the genie lamp. And that’s pretty much it!


So here we have the Walker family. From left to right: Caroline, Andrew, Jake and Christy with Rachel standing in front of them, Hannah (sitting) and Elijah.


Caroline’s PJ’s match her room! I still can’t believe how gorgeous she is, by the way. She’s one of my favourite Sims on Blueberry Island.


Andrew paid the taxes right after waking up. The family had to pay $9500.


Am I the only one who finds it hilarious when married Sims are scared by their spouses’ nakedness? You’ve had four children together, for crying out loud.


Christy became best friends with Stella Harris over the phone, which gave her a nice aspiration bonus before going to work! Plus, I like my playables to become friends, it gives a sense of community.


Rachel and Hannah played some catch before school, and Hannah found out her OTH is Sports.


Then everyone left for work and school, and Jake and Andrew headed for Bigfoot Fashion to do some work as well.


While working, Andrew and Ivy Copur became best friends! I really like Ivy Copur, but I don’t think I’ve ever married her in… Maybe Elijah will like her when he grows up?


The store reached level 9 before the two headed home again. Obviously they were very happy about it. :-P


Back home, Jake started writing a cookbook. You know, Celebrity Chef and all that.


Elijah and Caroline played their usual game of Red Hands after school. It was a Friday, though, so no need to do their homework right away afterwards.


Insteads, they spent some time with their hobbies, thereby fulfilling some wishes.


Christy came home with a promotion to Lieutenant! Another step closer to her LTW!


Hannah also had a good day, as she had gotten an A+.


I added a tiny extra bathroom upstairs at this point, since two bathrooms for a household of 7 is hardly enough.


The younger girls played together after school as well. They weren’t friends yet, and I wanted to be before a certain even that evening…


Rachel’s birthday! Hannah cheered her on, but was sad too, since she’d lose the only playmate she had left.


“Cool, check me out!”


Rachel is a Romance/Family Sim, which is an interesting combination. She wants to become a Celebrity Chef, just like her father, which is now possible in this town, also thanks to him. I also think I’d like her to start a bakery at some point, which seems suitable for an LTW like that.

Her turn ons are facial hair and charisma, her turn off is Plantsim, and she’s straight. Also, look how gorgeous she is! Elijah’s face certainly looks good on girls (she’s his clone).


Jake rolled the want to have another baby immediately after Rachel grew up, but that’s not going to happen. Nuh-uh.


Apparently the dishwasher couldn’t handle all the cake plates, so it broke and Andrew had to fix it.


“Good morning! Nice bathrobe, sis!” Caroline was excited about having another teenage girl in the house.


The girls became best friends while talking about their interest in Games, but then Rachel really had to make her back. That’s what you get with 10 neat points.


Hannah wanted to do her homework right away when she woke up, so that’s exactly what she did.


Christy needed some Cleaning points for her next promotion, so she spent the morning skilling.


I bought the family a TV because I want Rachel to earn Cooking points quickly (and they have more than enough money anyway).


Hannah and Jake played together outside in the snow, having an awesome snowball fight. Jake figured he should spent some more time with his daughter since she was now the only child in the house.


Brunch was an eventful occasion this day: Andrew (and his 10 Cooking points) ruined the pancakes, Elijah received an Arts and Crafts hobby plaque, and Hannah and Andrew became best friends.


Caroline played chess with her little sister. She had already maxed her Logic skill, but wanted to max her Games enthusiasm as well.


I was once more astonished by Rachel’s beauty!


She wanted a date, and since there aren’t yet many datable teenage boys on the island, I let her call the match maker.

It was only later, when I was lying in bed one evening, when I realised I wasn’t allowed to call the match maker, since calling Services isn’t allowed yet on the island. Whoops! Won’t happen again. I’m gonna let Rachel keep her conquest though. You’ll see why.


She got George McCarthy! I love him!


They’ve got two bolts together! I’m not saying this is the guy she’ll marry, since she’s a Romance Sim and all (although Family secondary), but who knows! Let’s see how this date progresses…


They went up to her room, but unfortunately they didn’t seem to get along very well. At first.


He responded well to her flirting, although they both stopped rolling wants for each other after a little while. Except for the always present “Take Out for Dinner”, which will never stop annoying me.


After that first chat that went wrong, everything else seemed to go right, however, so these two both ended up with crushes, and a friendship.


They got an end-of-date peck as their first kiss. Rachel immediately rolled the want to be best friends with George, so we’ll see how this goes! I’m excited about it!


In the meantime, Caroline got the maximum Games enthusiasm she wanted.


Jake got to drink some elixir because I didn’t want him to grow old yet. I still have to figure out some kind of system, but I think I’ll let every adult have 2 or 3 sips of the elixir. That’s what I did with Julia as well, I think.


I let Rachel work with the candy making machine (the Culinary career reward) after everyone else had gone to bed. I don’t really liike it though. It’d be much cooler if the boxes of chocolate would end up in Sims’ inventories, so they could sell it at their stores or something. Does anybody know if there’s something like that I could download?


The next morning Jake and Andrew took the teens to Walker’s, to work in the restaurant and earn some badges, levels and perhaps money.


For some reason the teens kept wearing their outerwear inside, and it bugged me.


It got quite busy pretty quickly!


Caroline had some trouble with keeping the plates balanced.


Jake kept stopping working as a chef, which was very annoying. Customers started leaving and losing stars.

“Dad, come on! Stay focussed!”


Elijah earned his gold sales badge!


How sweet, Peter Ottomas is taking his mother out to dinner.


The family got the restaurant up to level 7, and then Elijah and Rachel needed some sleep because they couldn’t use the energiser. The rest sat inside and chatted for a while as they waited.


Back home, everyone enjoyed the rest of their Sunday.


Rachel wanted to go on another date, so she invited George over again.


really like them together. And this time they do keep rolling wants for each other.


Yep, they’re really into each other. However, after making out, Rachel rolled the want to make out with 3 different Sims. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go. But I do want her to have his babies, so we’ll keep him around, lol.


The rest of the family just had a nice and relaxing afternoon.


Andrew really likes to make lobster — when left to his own devices he often goes and prepares one.


He still doesn’t seem to have perfected the process, though…


That evening, Caroline went out with her friend Randy London. She even asked permission! She had the want for it, and I rarely let my teens do those things, so I figured why not?


Christy maxed Logic, which made her platinum for work the next day.


Caroline came home past midnight after having a wonderful evening. She had some left over spaghetti as a snack before heading off to bed.


George left a telescope as a date gift for Rachel! I’ve decided to put those things in the inventory of the Sim for whom the present was meant.


The next morning, everyone talked about their hobbies with each other, as is customary in most of my families.


Then it turned out the kids had a snow day, so Hannah happily went outside to build a snowman.


Jake went over to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies to buy some food, since the fridge was empty when he wanted to prepare breakfast. Julia was busy heartbarfing over some townie. Multiple times.


When Jake came home, Stella Harris called, so they chatted for a while.


…And then he could finally prepare breakfast.


Caroline worked on her Charisma skill. Like I said in a previous update, she seems like and Entertainment kind of Sim, so she’ll need those points!

Her LTW is to have 50 Dream Dates, but she hasn’t rolled any wants for dates yet, so I’ll start on that later. Perhaps even when she’s an adult.


Christy came home early from work with a promotion because of a good chance card! She’s now a SWAT Team Leader.


She could go right back into work, so I let her.


Rachel maxed Cooking!


I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with Andrew. I don’t really want to work on his LTW anymore, especially since Eric Robinson has the same one (5 top level businesses). Plus, he’s already permaplat because of the genie. I’m also not sure if I want to let him grow old already, though. But he’s become a bit boring…


When Christy got home from work she did some yoga, because she needs two Body points for her next promotion.


Ben visisted in the evening, so Jake chatted with him for a while.


Elijah made himself some Grilled Cheese for dinner. He hardly eats anything else, because of his secondary aspiration.


In the meantime, Jake, Caroline and Rachel had some healthy salad instead.


The following morning Caroline finally rolled the want for a date!


But first, it’s time for school.


After Christy left for work, Jake and Andrew went to Bigfoot Fashion again.


This session seemed to be the “be lost in annoying places” session, though, which was really frustrating.


They went home again quite quickly, because, frankly, I got bored and frustrated with the store. All in all they didn’t even gain any stars.


Caroline’s first date might have to wait until next season, as she still had to do her homework and it was her youngest sister’s birthday that evening.


The girls played some Red Hands instead. Which wasn’t as much fun as a date, but still quite enjoyable.


This family was the first one to get a TV on Blueberry Island, and now they also have a game console. Hannah made good use of that after school.


Rachel had the want to serve some food, so I let her make crepes suzette. :-)


After setting food on fire she played some catch with her brother (who doesn’t seem to feature much this season).


Christy got promoted to Police Chief! Yay, that means she has only one more promotion to go until she’s achieved her LTW! She also brought home Mary Gavigan, with whom she’s now best friends.


That night, as promised, it was Hannah’s birthday!


She’s cute! She’s going to need a make over, though.


Here she is! She’s a Fortune/Romance Sim, who wants to become the Hand of Poseidon (top Oceanography). Her turn ons are Plantsim and athleticism, and her turn off is witchiness. I’m pretty sure she’s straight, but I could be wrong.

And she’s so gorgeous! Jake and Christy make really pretty girls! Although Elijah isn’t bad looking either. But those girls!


After her make over Hannah played some video games with her mother.


Jake got home from work with a $25,000 bonus from a chance card, which he (I) decided to donate to the university fund, as this family is already very rich.

And that’s the end of the season for the Walker family! I hope you enjoyed it, and Happy Simming!

Households: 5
Playable Sims: 18
CAS-Sims Available: 8 of 13
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 12
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 144
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $109,900

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