Blueberry Island – Winter 2 – Robinson

Hi everyone!

Holy Plumbbob, it’s been a long time! I meant to write and upload this update weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to it and then the exam madness of the end of the semester started… Anywhoozle, here I am, back with another update of Blueberry Island! In fact, it is the first update of Winter 2, which means we’re visiting the Robinson family!


From left to right: Owen, Adam, Benjamin, Julia, Eric, and the dog Lemon.

Last time, Adam had some girl trouble with Sophie, who we gave up on because she was being a brat. The family got a dog named Lemon and both Julia and Ben reached their LTWs. More stuff happened, but that’s the gist of it. Let’s get on with it!


The season started on Monday, and Adam woke up with butterflies in his stomach. It was his last day as a teen! Tomorrow he’d move out into his own little house on the island.


Lemon had been playing in puddles all night, so Owen had to give him a bath in the morning.


Adam and Eric played kicky bag in the kitchen before going to school.


In the mean time, Julia was burdened with the less pleasant task of fixing one of the sprinklers.


The boys went to school en Ben went off to work in that stupid helicopter. He thought it was ridiculous same as I did.


Julia rolled the want to write a bestseller, so after she’d taken Lemon out for a walk, she started writing a detective novel while Lemon rested on her dog bed.


The boys did their homework straightaway when they got home.


The banister sliding will never fail to amuse me.


That evening it was Adam’s birthday! He’d been looking forward to it all day.


“Well, this is awkward…”


Despite growing up into the same clothes as his younger brother, Adam was pretty pleased with himself. He’s a handsome dude! I thought about letting Sophie grow up with him, but decided against it. We’re done with her!


Adam looked for a job in Architecture (his LTW career) but it wasn’t available yet. Even though he didn’t have the fear of not going to college, he was pretty heartbroken about it…


To get some distraction and, mostly, to get out of his transition outfit, he went to Bigfoot Fashion and bought some new clothes. He also had the want to buy some jewellery, so he got a watch.


This is his look now. I think it suits him! He’s going to move out in the morning. I contemplated waiting until later in the season, but he rolled the want immediately after growing up, so that made it quite clear.


The next morning, Adam spent some time with his youngest brother before moving out. He also rolled the want to buy a community lot, so I locked that one in!


After the boys left for school Adam said goodbye to his parents, and called a cab to take him to his new home (which is really at a walking distance, but hey, who cares).


Julia and Ben started making out immediately after he left. Appropriate? I’m not sure.


This is the cute little house Adam has moved into! We’ll see more of it at the end of the rotation.


Julia felt weird about having her eldest child move out. Time flies and all that jazz.


Owen brought Elijah Walker home from school. He proceeded to clean the filthy dog bed, which both Owen and Lemon seemed to appreciate!


The heavily pregnant Stella Harris walked by, and since Julia hadn’t met her yet I let her greet her. My founder needs to know everyone!


Now Adam has moved out, Owen got his old room and Eric stayed in the bigger bedroom.


Eric became friends with Elijah as well, and then best friends too.


Stella and Julia did the “stupid helicopter” dance in sync and bumped their heads.


I’ve decided Owen will stay and live in this house with his parents, since he’s the family guy of the three brothers. However, Eric won’t move out immediately after he grows up, but will first set up his first business with the help of his parents, and earn some money.


That same evening Adam was already back for a visit, because something crept up on me…


Julia’s birthday! I’m pretty sad to see her get old, but it’s also sort of nice, since it marks some progress in the challenge.


Julia pretty much shared my feelings. She was happy to be surrounded by her four men while growing up.


She grew up gracefully, although I’m not so sure about the clothes…


Right after his wife grew up, Ben thought it was necessary to tell his son a dirty joke. Appropriate!


I let Julia go over to Bigfoot Fashion to buy some new clothes, but apparently I forgot to take a make over picture. She’s still really beautiful though.


Owen wanted to tell an inside joke to someone, and at this point I realised that everyone is BFFs with everyone in this household, except for Owen and Ben. They’re not even best friends. That’ll have to change!


Eric sold a masterpiece, which he was very happy about.


The next morning I had another realisation: Owen was still quite far from having Logic and Charisma maxed, so he played some chess. He also rolled the wants for a date and a first kiss, so he’s going to use the crystal ball after school.


Julia continued writing her novel. She also has to visit her grocery store at some point this season, but that’ll probably be tomorrow, so she can take the boys with her (when they’re not crystal balling).


Ben finally earned his gold gardening badge before work!


Julia finished her novel later that day, and, as expected, it was a bestseller!


The only option the crystal ball gave for Owen that was not a vacation townie was Meadow Thayer. She has two bolts with Owen! I’ve not used her a spouse before (I think) but she always seems so sweet in other people’s stories, so I liked these two together immediately.


And they seem to like each other!


They played some kicky bag, which is always a good short term relationship builder.


Ben walked upstairs to where Owen and Meadow were chatting and then just stood there. Checking up on his son?


Just after I sent Ben downstairs again Owen began to flirt with Meadow. I really like this couple!


In the mean time, Julia burned the pork chops. She looks so devastated…


Upstairs, Owen asked Meadow out on a date, which really seems to shock her for some reason.


They’re so cute together!


Owen got his first kiss out of this date, but it was the “end of a good date peck” first kiss, which is a bit of a bummer. Still counts though.


Their date had to end early because it was Ben’s birthday this evening. This time I forgot to invite Adam… Oops!


Hahaha, the shorts keep coming back! He went to the store to buy a decent outfit after that though. I won’t allow those shorts anymore!


This is new look. He looks dashing, I think!


While everyone else went to bed, Owen still had to do his homework.


The next morning he had to raise his fun before school because of those late night homework endeavours. He also rolled the wants to become best friends with Meadow and to go on a date. Those two can be combined!


Eric bonded with Lemon a bit before school.


With growing old Julia also lost the ability to control her bladder… Just kidding! The tub broke.


Alegra the dog walked by, and I’ve had a weak spot for her since her awesome role in the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy, so Julia greeted her because it would be cool to adopt her. Then I realised Lemon was a girl dog as well, so making babies with these two wouldn’t work. Still though, they can always give Alegra to Adam, so Julia gave it a shot.


She’d just become friends with Alegra when the boys got home.

Owen: “Cool! Are we getting another dog?”

Well, apparently not, because Alegra walked off right after that. RATS.


Julia then took the boys to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies to get them (especially Eric) to earn some badges. Ivy Copur walked in, and I figured she would be a nice girl for Eric to date, so I let him greet her.


Unfortunately for him, the primary reason he was there was to work on his sales badge, while Julia and Owen handled the cash register and the restocking.


Ivy seemed interested in him though, because she hung around without wanting to buy anything and kept trying to talk to him. There’s no boltage between them, though.


And she made him cry by throwing a water ballon at him while he was at work.


She did that to customers as well, so Eric sent her home. Weird girl.


Eric gained his silver sales badge and his bronze restocking badge before heading home.


Guess who walked by the minute they got back? Alegra!


Julia adopted her right away, and, man, was I pleased at this point. I always think trying to adopt a dog in this game is a pain in the plumbbob.


I thought the idea of giving Alegra to Adam was nice, so Julia invited him over right away.


“Nice doing business with you, Mum!” …Although there wasn’t any money involved.


Yikes, the giving away seems to have been a good thing, because Lemon doesn’t seem to like Alegra much. And vice versa.


In the evening Owen invited over Meadow again.


He greeted her romantically while Ben found a love letter in the mail.


“I don’t know how I feel about this…”


The two love birds went up to Owen’s room after that. They held some hands, shared some romantic and tender kisses, but apart from that they just chatted and had fun together.


They managed to get a dream date by becoming best friends! And I figure the making out didn’t hurt either.


But right when they started making out, Lemon walked in to keep watch. Do you think Ben sent her? Funny dog.


With Lemon keeping watch, Owen asked Meadow to be his girlfriend and she said yes! Then she had to go because it was already quite late.


After the dream date Owen wasn’t tired at all, so he played chess all through the night.


The next morning Julia and Eric discussed art for a while. They’re both really into arts and crafts.


Owen had some coffee before school after having stayed up so late.


Ben had the day off and spent the morning gardening. After the plants were well taken care off, he took Lemon for a walk.


Unfortunately, he got chased home by bees…


After he’d calmed down from the bee scare he made a sparkly berry pie!


“This is delicious, Ben! You should definitely do this more often…”


That afternoon, Owen and Ben finally became best friends, while playing Red Hands.


In the evening, there was another birthday! This time it was Eric growing up, and I forgot to invite Adam again… I suck at throwing parties/inviting family…


“Oh man, I inherited your hideous shorts curse, Dad!”


He was quite satisfied otherwise, though. And pretty much the spitting image of his dad! Like I said earlier in the update, he’ll keep living at home for a little while, until he’s got his first business up to level 10. Then, he’ll move out into an apartment (he seems like the apartment kind of guy, and I want some of those in the ‘hood) and work on his LTW!


“Son, I’d like to help you along towards your LTW.”

“That’s nice of you, Dad.”

“I want to give you The Blueberry Bar.”

“Wow, really? Are you sure? That’s huge. Thanks so much!”


With this new (level 5) business, Eric had to look the part of a business man, so the he went to Bigfoot Fashion. This is his new look! Doesn’t he look smart?



Eric went to bed hopeful. This would be a great new stage in his life! He couldn’t wait to move out to his own place and start the Romance Sim life, but first he needed to establish his name in the Blueberry Island business world…

We’ll have to leave that for next season though, because this is the end of the update! I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Simming!

Households: 5
Playable Sims: 18
CAS-Sims Available: 5 of 7
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 12
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 144
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $75,400

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6 Responses to Blueberry Island – Winter 2 – Robinson

  1. Hahahaah! The hideous shorts curse!

    This is good. Thanks for the update! Your family is really growing up well, and the neighborhood is expanding. It’s going to be hard to keep it all straight, soon.

    • annek2 says:

      Haha, I know right! Those shorts really made me giggle.

      I really love this family. I remember being bummed at first when Julia had all boys, but now I really like it. They’re just such a fun family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really, really love reading these! I can’t wait for the next update :)

  3. Alex says:

    I really enjoy reading your stories especially the BACC challenge :) they’re really good! Can’t wait for the next one.

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