Blueberry Island – Fall 2 – Harris

Hey all!

I’m back with the last update for Fall 2 in which we will visit a new family! Exciting, no? Let’s get right to it!


This is the Harris family, consisting of James, Stella and their little girl Zoe. James is a Fortune/Family Sim who wants to earn $100,000 and has a 4/8/4/4/5 personality. His wife Stella is a Family/Pleasure Sim who wants to reach her Golden Anniversary. Her personality is 2/8/2/6/7. Little Zoe’s personality is 4/8/3/1/9.


James and Stella met each other while they were college freshmans and it was love at first sight. When Stella fell pregnant in their Junior year, they were both quite taken aback; this wasn’t part of their plan! Both of their parents didn’t react well to the news, and huge rows ensued, especially when the couple announced that they would both drop out of college to start their family life together. They haven’t spoken to their families since that day, and are ready for a new start on Blueberry Island, which seemed like the perfect, peaceful place to start a family.

(I love thinking of back stories!)


This is their modest little house. Stella will most likely want a big family, so this will probably not last very long. I’m not sure yet if I’ll just expand this house, or if I’ll build them a new, bigger one. This house is the perfect starter house, so I think I’ll leave it as it is.


The first thing Stella did was taking Zoe to her potty and start with the potty training. They can’t make use of Smart Milk (yet) so it might take while until she has learned all of her toddler skills.


James headed to the computer to look for a job. I want him to open up an electronics store in town (you know, earning the big bucks for his LTW), but they’ll need a bit of cash for that.

He took a job as a Golf Caddie in the Slacker career, which won’t start until the next day. I did want him to make some money already, though, so he gave financial advice via the internet.


In the meantime Stella started teaching Zoe how to talk in the little nursery.


The adult members of the Walker household came by as the welcome wagon.


Stella got along really well with Christy and they soon became friends.


Jake and Andrew decided to just play chess together inside. Perhaps the chess table at home was occupied by some of the children?


Stella made some lunch for everyone, which they all enjoyed together.


The first day on Blueberry Island was pretty tiring for Stella and James (seriously, their needs were in the yellow constantly), but they were very glad they moved here. The towns people they’d met were very friendly and welcoming and they already felt at home.


James went to bed early because he had to start his first day of work at 5 am the next morning.


Stella followed rather exhausted a couple of hours later.


James left very early the next morning, hoping to make some money for his family and the for the business he wanted to open.


Stella’s fun was almost completely in the red when she woke up, so after taking care of Zoe she played the Sims for a bit. I know that always cheers me up. ;-)


James came home with a promotion to Gas Station Attendant not much later!


Unfortunately, part of the money he’d just earned had to be spent on bills right away.


He hoped he’d find a job in a more lucrative line of work soon, but for now he tried to get every promotion he could, so he immediately started skilling when he went inside the house.


Stella continued with teaching Zoe how to talk.


Later that afternoon James also spent some time with his baby girl.


Stella really wanted another child, so after discussing it with James they gave it a go, but no dice just yet.


Andrew Bigfoot is phone stalking Stella! He calls every day…


James had to go into work again in the evening, grumpy about his inconvenient work hours.


Stella didn’t much like going to bed on her own either. Hopefully he would find something else soon.


He did earn a promotion to Convenience Store Clerk, though. And he rolled a want to get a robot station! That works out great for my plans for the electronics store!


James searched for another job right away in the middle of the night and found one in Military! He decided that that would be much more fulfilling and, more importantly (to him), the money was way better!

Luckily he had the next day off right away, otherwise he’d only have gotten two hours of sleep.


The next day Stella got up before the crack of dawn, but tiptoed quietly throught the bedroom so James could get his well-deserved rest.


Zoe was being a bit grumpy that morning.


But eventually Stella managed to get her potty trained!


I wanted to get Stella’s aspiration up (it was in the low green), and she wanted a date, so when James woke up they went on one.


When they started to slow dance I found out James’ OTH is Music & Dance! Wouldn’t have thought that.


They had a great time together on their date.


really great time, in fact…! And… I heard a lullaby!


James spent the afternoon teaching Zoe how to walk.


In the meantime Stella started writing a children’s book to earn the family some extra money.


I bought the robot crafting table for James so he could start earning badges and also some money. I think I’ll be selling the robots straight out of his inventory for now and start thinking about some stock for the store later.


That evening it was Zoe’s birthday already!


“Wow, look at me!”


I think she looks mostly like her Mum. She’s cute!


Since no one was using the easle yet, Zoe started making a painting that evening.


That left Stella with some time for a nice and relaxing bubble bath before bed.


Zoe went to bed in what had earlier that day still been the nursery. They’re going to need a bigger house next season, but they’ll need to earn some more money first.


The next day, a Thursday, was Zoe’s first day of school.


Since James had his first day as a recruit in the military as well, Stella was left home alone. She used the peace and quiet to make progress on her novel.


But then the computer broke down… She’s a pregnant lady without any mechanical point so there was no way I was going to let her try and fix it.


James got promoted to Elite Forces, which brought in a nice bonus!


He and his two mechanical points then tried to fix the computer.


First bump for Stella!


She immediately took a nap after that, since she was quite knackered.


James actually managed to fix the computer and went ahead and bought the lot on which he will hopefully soon start his electronics store.


Zoe had a fun first day at school but was bummed about the fact she didn’t get an A+ straight away.


She asked James to help her with her homework which resulted in them being best friend.


For some reason I only thought about digging for treasure to make money at this point, so that’s how James spent the rest of his afternoon and evening.


He only found a couple of rocks and bones and one map before being smelly, hungry and tired, but decided he’d continue the digging tomorrow.


The next morning Zoe got up early and played some chess before school.


James went straight back to digging once he woke up.


And Stella continued working on her novel.


James doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck, he keeps hitting water pipes, more so than any of my other Sims.


I missed Stella’s second bump, but she got it!


Madison Burke came home from school with Zoe! I already hoped she would, since they’re about the same age and I thought it would be nice if they became best friends, as they live right next to each other as well.


They seem to get along well! And Zoe rolled wants for Maddie, which I thought was cute.


Before Maddie had to go home the two girls became friends!


Stella finished her children’s book, Jimmy & the Animals, which brought in another $1,667.


Zoe had the want to do her homework, so she did, even thought it was a Friday afternoon.


Afterwards, she played chess with her mother.


Just before midnight, after a full day of digging for treasure, James went over to his owned lot and build a little electronics shop there.

67j 68j

There’s no stock yet (apart from the small electronics machine thingy) and it’s quite minimalistic but it’s a start! They don’t have to pay taxes over it yet next season, since it’s still rank 0 (and thus has no business value).


When James came home everybody was fast asleep. He went to bed as well, hoping for succes for his business in the next season, and for the safe arrival of his second child.

And that’s the end of this season, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed this update, Happy Simming!

Households: 4
Playable Sims: 18
CAS-Sims Available: 5 of 7
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 11
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 144
Fires 1
Burglars: 4
Uni funds: $65,400

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Fall 2 – Harris

  1. xdarkauthorx says:

    I just read the entire thing up to this point! Its really good! I hope you keep it going!

    • annek2 says:

      Thank you very much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I’m still enjoying playing it very much as well, so I’ll definitely keep it going, don’t worry! :-)

  2. ZOMG!!! A Bigfoot stalker! That can only lead to no good. I know, Andrew is all upset that he’s so INTO romance, but can’t actually DO any romance, so he’s flipped out, and is stalking his pretty new neighbor, hoping that maybe she’ll leave her husband for him, and the two of them can study mad science, to discover a way to do human/bigfoot breeding.


    This was very nice. That really is a good starter house, and I’m glad he was able to start his store. Coming along well.

    • annek2 says:

      Poor, poor Andrew, lol!

      Thanks! I think I’ll be using this floor plan more often, because I’m really happy with it. Can’t wait to play this family in Winter! :-)

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