An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 14: You So Classy

Hello all!

It’s been quite a while since my last Apocalypse update, sorry about that! Last time, Fiona topped the Oceanography career, the twins (Derek and Deborah) grew up to children, David became a teenager, and Flora continued struggling to move up in the Gamer career. Let’s see what they’ve been up to this time!


Look at that beautiful platinum plumbbob above Flora’s head! I’m a genius for giving her Grilled Cheese as a secondary aspiration to make her more happy. I just wish I’d been a genius a bit sooner.


Hey, look, Cris is out and about again! He hasn’t visited in a long time! I’m almost glad to see him. Almost. I don’t think he’s able to get into the house, though, which is a good thing.


Flora did gain some weight because of all the grilled cheese, but I don’t care. It suits her, and I figure that’s kind of part of being a GC Sim.


The next morning David managed to get the very last skill point he needed for all of his scholarships!


That same morning it was also finally the first day of school for the twins, even though they’re already about half way through their childhood. There’ve been a lot of snow days.


Darnit, Flora’s aspiration dropped into gold right before she had to go to work…


While everyone was at work or school, Demi maxed all of her skills. She doesn’t have much to do anymore now that there are no more toddlers in the house to take care of.


All of those snow days made David (*cough* me) forget about doing homework. Yeah, that’s still a thing.


Derek got an A+ on his first day of school!


Fiona and Demi helped the twins to learn to do their homework.


That evening Flora played chess with Mandy until she maxed her Games hobby enthusiasm, which she had a want for. Platinum once more!


The next morning Flora became best friend with her niece!


“Deb, come one, I’m playing with mum right now!”


“Fine, I’ll just become best friends with Derek then… Pfft.”


Flora got promoted to Guild Leader, which is level 9!


And she could go right back into work, with her platinum aspiration! Things are going well!


David and Derek also became best friends. It’s a good day for best friends, so it seems.


YESSS!!! Flora reached the top of her career! It took a while, but Gamer is now lifted, which means the phone can be used regularly again!


It wasn’t until the next morning that I realised that Flora could now move out and still have a chance at finding a partner. I wasn’t sure at first if I was ready to let her move out because however infuriating she might have been, I really have come to love her! But I do think she deserves a little life of her own. :-)


So I let her say goodbye to everyone, and move out.


Of course, Mandy woke up to wave goodbye to Flora, and ran outside. Dumbass. I quickly got her back inside and in her coffin.


I figured I’d play Flora for a while to let her settle into her new place. So, welcome to Flora’s brand new, very lilac, house!


The first thing she did was making some grilled cheese, of course.


I planned on trying to find her a spouse that first day, but she had to go to work… I’ll probably have her quit her job when she gets back.


The first man to walk by when she returned home from work was Brandon Lillard. Hmm. Not sure if I want him to be her spouse, but we’ll just see if they hit it off.


…I guess not.


Flora waved Brandon off and then I had her quit her job. She’s got 12 days left as an adult and at this point I still thought I wanted her to have a child. I’m not so sure anymore now because I don’t think I’ll play the spares’ houses a lot.


Flora met Bruce Rausher, but she had negative chemistry with him.


But that afternoon Craig Ray walked by, and Flora had 2 bolts with him!


They really hit it off and had a great time together, and before long they became friends and Flora invited him inside.


They shared their first kiss!


It all went quite fast, and they became best friends that same evening.


What’s more, they also fell in love, which meant Craig could move in! Which, of course, he did.


The new couple had some grilled cheese together and relaxed for a bit.


But then I had Craig propose to her!

36d 37d

They immediately got married because I want Craig to be on the family tree, so Flora doesn’t seem so lonely up there.

Now, let’s go back to the main family for a bit!


I had hoped for another snow day so Derek and Deborah could study (I want them off to college asap when they grow up), and I got what I wanted!


While Derek was reading up on some skill or other, David helps his little sister by playing chess with her for Logic points.


I let Demi write a novel, since she’s permaplat and has got her skills all maxed out. Basically, she needs something to do.


Fiona came home from work with the flu again… Luckily this time I knew I was allowed to fix it with the soup, and I quickly let her make some.


She gained some weight after eating the soup, though, so I let her do yoga. I wasn’t sure if that would make her thin again (for some reason I thought it wouldn’t).


But it did!


The next day was another snow day! Which basically means David and the twins will probably be able to move to college this evening (or the next morning), after the twins have grown up!

David is quite ready to go to college. He’s bored of playing chess all day. Although he’ll probably be doing a lot of that at college, too.


Before 3 pm Derek and Deborah both managed to reach level 8 in every skill (and max Body, of course)!


That afternoon David called to apply for scholarships.


They waited until after dark for the twins to grow up, so Mandy could witness it, too.


They’re growing up in sync, how cool is that? :-)


I gave them both the Knowledge aspiraation (I know, boring, but it’s the safest option). I did choose secondary aspirations that I thought suited them. Deborah’s secondary aspiration is Romance, and Derek’s is Fortune.



Then it was time for the twins to apply for scholarships!



Deborah ruined the memorable moment by farting. Wow, you so classy…

And that was it for this chapter! Next time you’ll get to see the three McHero kids at university! I used the neighbourhood button to move them there so they all got to go in one go, that’s why there’s not sentimental taxi picture. Anyway, until next time and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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2 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 14: You So Classy

  1. Wow, it was a long time between updates, and I had forgotten to check, but I’m glad I did. Things are looking good for the family. Yaay! Gamer makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? And all three kids at college. Huzzah!

    Since they have to start from scratch on a blank lot, having them together will really help. Can’t wait to see what they get up to there.

    • annek2 says:

      Yep, it was! What with updating my other blog twice a week and university work I don’t get to play Sims all that much, and I try to not put pressure on it. It should stay a hobby ^_^

      Yeees, Gamer does make a huge difference! :-) I’m so glad it’s lifted! In game the kids are all graduated, but I haven’t played much futher than that yet. I hope to update soon!

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