Blueberry Island – Fall 2 – Walker

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with an update for the Walker family! Last time, baby Rachel first grew up to a toddler, and later to a child. Christy got pregnant again and gave birth to their fourth child, a girl named Hannah, who later grew up to be a toddler. Elijah, the eldest child, became a teen. Andrew worked hard at his business (Bigfoot Fashion), but it didn’t do so well, so he decided to open up a club, and got that to level 10 with help of the Meditation Method. And that’s it!


So, here we’ve got the Walker family as it was at the start of Fall! Back row (from left to right): Elijah holding Hannah, Jake, Christy, Andrew. Front row: Caroline and Rachel.


The season started of well with Jake managing to teach Hannah how to use the potty! That’s always a nice one to get out of the way.


Andrew payed the taxes, an amount of $11,000, which brings the total up to $62,600. Still a long way to go to that first university, but we’ll get their eventually!


It was a Sunday, so the children were (relatively) free to do what they want. Caroline and Rachel both had wants to improve their Logic, so they played chess together.


Elijah’s secondary aspiration is Grilled Cheese, so he loves to talk about it. Unfortunately for him, Andrew doesn’t enjoy listening to it…


Christy made some breakfast for the family, as she had the day of from work. Last season she found a job in Law Enforcement (her LTW career) as a Desk Sergeant.


Jake was one promotion away from reaching his LTW (top of Culinary), but he still needed three more skill points, so he spent a lot of the day painting.


Rachel maxed Logic before her older sister Caroline!


Christy spent part of the afternoon teaching Hannah how to talk, and succeeded!


Jake had to go into work that afternoon, but he didn’t have all the required skill points yet. Unfortunately, he has 3 days off after this…


Andrew wanted to write another novel, so he started to write a romance novel. Which I thought was kind of sad, since he’ll never be able to experience romance… :-(


They had skilled pretty much all day, so the girls got to play together for a while.


After learning the nursery rhyme, Christy and Hannah were best friends!


Jake and Elijah spent some time together after everyone lese had gone to bed, and Elijah found out that his dad loved to talk about Grilled Cheese, too! So at least he had one family member to talk about it with.


Hannah’s sleeping rhythm is a bit messed up, and she played the xylophone all through the night.


The next day everyone socialised and hung out for a bit before it was time for school (and work, in Christy’s case).


Rachel is kind of addicted to playing computer games (aren’t we all…) and complains like nobody’s business when the computer is already taken (even though this is Andrew’s private computer).


I also bought the family a car because someone had the want for it (I think it was Elijah).


And then this happened! They got a genie lamp, yay! I’d been hoping for one.


Nobody noticed the strange lamp sitting on their lawn when they left for school and work.


Jake spent the morning playing with Hannah, and they became best friends.


He spent the afternoon skilling for his last promotion, while Hannah played by herself.


Elijah brought home Adam Robinson.


They bonded over their mutual love for Grilled Cheese and became friends (Adam’s secondary aspiration is also GC).


Andrew finished writing his romance novel, Bigfoot in Love, and it was a bestseller. Poor guy.


Christy got promoted to Vice Squad!


The girls played Red Hands before doing their homework — Rachel’s fun bar was especially drained.


That afternoon, Andrew summoned the genie for the first time. He wished for Peace of Mind (meaning he’ll be permaplat). He’s still going to work on his LTW, but this way it’ll be much easier to run the businesses. He was kind of hard to keep happy before.


It was Rachel’s first day of school that day, so Christy helped her with her homework.


That night it was time for Caroline to grow up to a teenager! I was very excited for this, since Caroline’s still kind of my favourite, what with her being the first girl born on Blueberry island and all (and she’s just pretty cool).


She’s a Pleasure/Romance Sim with the LTW to have 50 dream dates. Oh my… That’ll be fun (not sure yet if I mean that in a sarcastic way or not). Her turn ons are facial hair and black hair, and her turn off is zombie.


And she’s absolutely gorgeous! <3


After having some cake together, Christy and Andrew took out the car for the first time, to go and do some work at Bigfoot Fashion. Bit strange at 10 pm, but Christy was platinum now, so I thought, why not?


Andrew did the Sales, and Christy was cashier and restocker.


The store got a good review and a Best of the Best award!


The store still isn’t the smoothest running business around, and I steered clear from the dazzling this time.

It reached rank 7, and then they went home again.


Elijah and Caroline became best friends over some late night cake.


Andrew was all energised when he came back from the store, so he did some midnight cleaning.


The next morning, Christy and Caroline played some chess before the school bus came. Christy had the day off, so she could do what she wanted, mostly.


Rachel did some autonomous talking to Hannah, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.


Jake spent the day skilling, once again.


Hannah is usually pretty good at playing by herself, but today she followed everyone around.


Apparently Elijah became best friends with Adam at school.


The teens did their homework right away.


“Guys, guys, I got an A+!”


Rachel got a mini-chance card, which turned out positive and resulted in her bringing a friend home. A teenage friend, that is. Which is weird.


This is when I checked Caroline’s gender preference, and she’s gay! My first gay Sim on Blueberry Island! Yay, diversity!

I let Caroline talk to Amy here to see if they hit it off.


But they didn’t get along too well and had negative chemistry, so it was bye bye Amy.


Instead, Caroline played with her little sister for a while.


Jake finally maxed Creativity! And Elijah is working towards a masterpiece, which he had a want for. This particular didn’t turn out to be one.


In the evening it was time for Hannah’s birthday! No more toddler, huzzah!


She’s still a cutie! In other news, Christy and Jake both rolled wants for another baby. Hahaha — no.


Now that there were no longer any toddlers in the house (and the nursery thus became obsolete) a renovation was in order. Hannah got (a made over version of) Christy and Jake’s old room.


And Christy and Jake moved downstairs to the former nursery.


Hannah also got a brand new outfit. I love those pants, they’re so cute.


Because there were three Sims in the household who wanted/needed Logic points, I bought the family a telescope.


The next morning the kids went off to school again, and all three adults staid home because they had days off.


Before 10 am Jake had earned the last skill point he needed for his final promotion.


He and Andrew then headed off to Bigfoot Fashion again.


Andrew was in charge of sales and restocking, and Jake was the cashier.


Look at those queues! Things are going well.


Ivy helped us out a great deal by spraying bugs for us! Seriously, she killed them all! I like her.


Andrew and Jake got the store to level 8 (and Jake earned his bronze restocking badge) and then they went home again after some last restocking.


Back home things were pretty relaxed. Christy and Andrew played some chess together and Jake did some things to keep him busy until his work day the next day.


It was Hannah’s first day at school and she was disappointed she didn’t get an A+ straight away, the cutiepie.


Christy gladly helped her with her homework, although her skirt did get impaled into Hannah’s chair.


That evening Elijah finally sold his masterpiece!


And Caroline managed to max Logic!


The next morning Hannah played Red Hands with her mother before school. I realised she isn’t friends with any of her siblings yet…


Caroline did some autonomous cleaning! Love her!


I think Christy looks so cool and bad ass in her police uniform!


Jake hung out with Andrew for a bit. He was nervous for his day at work! Moment of truth and all that jazz!


As the teens came home from school, Jake left for work.


Christy got promoted to Detective!


I think Entertainment would be a good career for Caroline, so I let her work on her Charisma.


Christy was in charge of dinner today, as Jake was at work.


Hannah played some chess with Andrew in the evening.


Yesss! He did it! Jake is finally permaplat and a Celebrity Chef. I’m so proud!


Everyone had already gone to bed, except for Christy, who’d waited up. The two celebrated Jake’s success in their own way while the leaves started to fall and Fall turned into Winter.

And that’s it for the Walker family for this season! I hope you enjoyed the update, Happy Simming!

Households: 4
Playable Sims: 18
CAS-Sims Available: 4 of 6
Community Lots: 6
* Owned: 6
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 10
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 144
Fires 1
Burglars: 3
Uni funds: $62,600

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  1. Oh, isn’t it nice when things just come together like that? And congrats on the genie lamp. Man, I LOVE those things! I wish we didn’t have to wait a minimum of 2 weeks between deliveries.

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