Blueberry Island – Fall 2 – Robinson

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while but I’m back with an update for Blueberry Island! It’s the start of a new season as well, so let’s take a look at the neighbourhood before going on to the Robinson family…


This is Blueberry Island at the beginning of Fall 2! We’ve got 6 businesses at the moment, and 4 households. That’s right, I placed a new family at the start of this season, and we’ll get to meet them at the end of it. Perhaps we’ll see them as walkbys before then, though.


Now, let’s move on the Robinson family! From left to right we’ve got Owen (the youngest son), Adam (the oldest), Benjamin, Julia and Eric (the middle son). Last time, Ben opened up a bar (and got it up to level 5), Eric grew up to a teen — and later so did Owen. Adam was oblivious to the true feelings of his friend Sophie, and they had a visit from a burglar, unlocking the first spot in Law Enforcement, and enabling the families to get burglar alarms and fire alarms.

On to the update!


First off, there was the business of paying taxes. The family attributed $10,300 to the university funds. We’ve now got about $50,000, which means there’s still a looong way to go. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll get tired of this slow progress soon and let one family dazzle their butts off at a club type business and getting the funds to 1 million quickly.

But all in due time.


Benjamin tended the plants before he had to go off to work — he still loved to work in the garden. Even though Julia started it, Ben mostly took care of it now, and he did so with pleasure.


Eric and Owen played some Red Hands, the favourite game of all children and teens on Blueberry Island, while Adam watched them play.


Then it was off to school with them. And hour later Ben left for work as well.


Which meant Julia was left home alone. She didn’t mind though, as this gave her the opportunity to work towards her LTW without being disturbed. It’s Fall, and it won’t be long until she’s an elder, so she’s got to make good use of the skilling bonus.


She also made herself some eggplant juice for a random extra skill point, which I’d never done before.


Adam brought home Elijah Walker, but seeing as he’s Owen’s best friend, I let those two hang out with each other.


Once she’d maxed Charisma, Julia started working on her Body skill by doing yoga.


I checked the ACR adjuster, and found out Owen is bisexual! :-)


The boys all did their homework to keep up their good grades.


I was pretty done with Adam’s unawareness of his friend Sophie’s crush on him (and their great compatibility) so I let him invite her over. He got the answering machine…


She was home a bit later, though, so she came over!


They went up to his room and became best friends with each other.

He’s still pretty oblivious though; they played kicky bag and all he initiated towardsher was playing catch or tossing a football. He’s hopeless…


He even gave her a noogie…


So I decided to help things along a little bit, as I think they’re perfect for each other. They held hands and fell in love (I missed the thingymabob above their heads though).


Adam then initiated a backrub! But then she left because it was 12 am… They seperated with a hug, but I really hope Adam will roll wants for her tomorrow.


He had a light snack before going to bed.


The next morning I was hopeful, but no dice. He hadn’t rolled any wants for Sophie. He had, however, rolled the fear to be rejected for going steady with her. I think he’s just scared. Aww!


Julia started of the day by doing some yoga in the bedroom.

I want the boys to earn some of the business badges before becoming adults, but I think my priority for this season is Julia and Ben’s LTWs.


Everyone went off to work and school, which left Julia home alone once again.


That afternoon, after school, Owen and Eric played some chess together, and Eric maxed Logic.


I often forget about career rewards, but now I put the Execuputter in the former nursery, and Adam went to use it. He later maxed Charisma.


Since I’m still obsessed with the idea of Adam and Sophie, he invited her over again. He greeted her with a hug, even though they both have red hearts…


But then ACR happened! Sophie initiated it.


I was sick of all the waiting, so I just let Adam ask Sophie on a date. He rolled entertain wants, then play wants, then wants their were entirely unrelated to Sophie. *facepalm*

I then fulfilled the wants she had (talk and slow dance) and she continued to roll unrelated wants as well. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE TWO.

Because I was just too pissed off with these two I spawned the Insimenator and refreshed their wants. Succes! They had make out wishes.


So they had their first kiss together! :-)


And then made out, like they wanted. After a Dream Date they said goodbye. Let’s see about those wants tomorrow morning.


Late at night Julia maxed Body in this interesting position.


I let her use the energiser that night because she hasn’t got a lot of time left for her LTW, and I want her to get it before she’s an elder. Same goes for Ben.


So they studied through the night, keeping each other company.


…Still no romantic wants for Adam, just the BFF one.


I just wanted to capture this picture of all the beautiful apples and lemons and oranges on the trees! It’s pretty! :-)


After harvesting some more vegetables Julia was able to make the Vegetable Cocktail, which made her skill building go faster (apparently).


Eric has had a wish to go on a date for quite some time now, so I let him use the crystal ball to find someone since no girls ever walked by. He ended up with Amber Dawn here.


While that was going on upstairs, Owen spent his afternoon being a tub pirate.


Eric asked Amber on a date, and she happily said yes.


They had fun together…


…but they weren’t a perfect match.


They still flirted for a while, though.


And they gave each other their first kiss (because of the date ending)! They had a great time together, but decided to just stay friends. Eric didn’t feel sad about it, he was a Romance Sim, he didn’t like to be tied down anyway.


Adam and Owen played some late night catch. I was glad to see them doing that because they had no real relationship up until recently. They’re friends now, though.


After his date, Eric worked on his charisma until he went to bed.


Julia and Ben were still busy with their marathon skill session and will work through the night once again!


On Saturday morning Owen went down to Angie’s Animal Emporium. He’d been wanting a pet for ages now, and this is the first season it was possible!


He immediately fell in love with a collie named Lemon. It was an easy choice, and he was back home in no time!


Here’s a good look at Lemon. I love her already!


As does Owen! :-)


With Julia and Ben having their marathon study session, the plants were left uncared for, so Eric decided to help his parents out by tending them.


Julia liked the idea of having a dog, but was less pleased with Lemon chewing on the furniture.


Eric joined in with the skilling for a while and maxed Mechanical.


Owen found out his predestined hobby is Nature! Which is nice, since I think he’ll be the one to stay with his parents. Although I’m not completely sure yet…


Aww <3 I love Lemon.


This interesting picture is proof that Ben maxed all his skills and has therefore fulfilled his LTW! That makes him the first resident of Blueberry Island to do so.


Later that same evening Julia also maxed her LTW. Yay! Mission accomplished!


On the last day of the season Julia took all three of her boys to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies to let them earn some badges.


Eric was in charge of Sales and earned his bronze badge.


Adam worked as a cashier and earned his bronze badge as well. Owen was put on restocking, but didn’t earn a badge  yet. That’s okay, though, as he’s the youngest.


Back home Eric worked on his Charisma some more.


After much contemplating I decided let Julia have one more glass of Elixir. Otherwise she would’ve grown up that day and that didn’t feel right.


Adam and Owen became best friends!


That afternoon Sophie stopped by unexpectedly!


Adam was quite enthusiastic in his greeting of her.


And then they kissed! No ACR, and it wasn’t me either!


In the meantime Owen became friends with Lemon :-)


I let Adam ask Sophie out on another date. They rolled some wants for each other at first, but then — nothing.


At the same time Julia and Ben were ACR-ing upstairs. Still going strong!


Adam and  Sophie’s relationship was 100/100, they are in love and BFFs, but Sophie rejected Adam when he asked her to go steady with him.

Well. That’s over then. Apparently they don’t belong together after all, in spite of the “statistics”.


Goodbye Sophie. You suck.


Poor Adam. He’s hiding in the bathroom to cry…


Eric maxed Charisma!


Lemon’s getting lots of attention from the family! And for good reason, she’s awesome.


Now that Julia and Ben have fulfilled their LTWs, they’re all over each other! I’m happy they still love each other so much, though :-)

And that’s the end of Fall for the Robinson family! I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Simming!

Households: 4
Playable Sims: 18
CAS-Sims Available: 4 of 6
Community Lots: 6
* Owned: 6
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 10
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 144
Fires 1
Burglars: 3
Uni funds: $51,600

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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2 Responses to Blueberry Island – Fall 2 – Robinson

  1. Awwww, that’s too bad about Adam and Sophie. Sometimes those statistics just lie.

    I have found that on a date, if I do a back rub and then flirt (check out) or ask (do you like what you see?), the wants will often be reset to romantic ones. Often, but not always. I hate it when my sims don’t realize they’re on a date with a three-bolted. Gah.

    Well, he’s going to age up soon, anyway, right? And then he’ll need an adult. Owen and Eric are so cute, too, and Lemon is adorable.

    Yaaaay, Ben and Julia! Huzzah! I’m so happy for them both. This family is doing so well.

    Hey, have you ever placed those career rewards at a business? I’ll tell you what, I love putting the Adventure and Journalism careers in a club. People will stay for a looooonnnnnngggg time, if you have several of them. Of course, sometimes you have to close and re-open the business just to cycle through more customers, if their stars are all maxed out. If your sims are high enough, and can use the computer to get their jobs, they can take a job, place the reward, take another job, take the reward, take the first job and place a second version of the same reward… I’ll keep them at it for hours, until I have the house filled with Jumboks and quills. LOL. It’s not cheating. It’s working the system.

    Also, witch thrones for the win! I LOVE those things! I can keep a business running forever, if my owner is a witch with a proper throne. When I have a BACC, you know the University founder is going to be a witch, for the easy money.

    Hey, I’m glad to see you back. I haven’t been able to post any of my sims stuff on my website, because my site has been down for over a month. I think we’re going to switch to a new hosting thing, so maybe then it will work. I have some sims stuff to post. Currently, I am working on a dual Apocalypse challenge – with two founders running parallel houses in the same town. They’ll each have to lift all the restrictions, so it’s not shared, or anything. But one founder is the Prophetess of PlumBob, and completely aware of what she’s doing, so she’s making her plans and preparations. The other is a Pleasure sim who has no clue of what’s coming. Heheeee. That will be fun. Pleasure sim apocalypse founder… oh boy.

    So, how is Heroic going? I’ve missed updates for it.

    • annek2 says:

      Oooh, I was so frustrated with those two! And when Sophie rejected him, I’d just had it, so I don’t think you’ll be seeing her again! Thanks for the date tip, I did not know that. I’m definitely going to see if that works. ^_^

      Yes, Adam will grow up and move out next season. I’m looking forward to building him a life of his own!

      No, I’ve never done that. Thanks for that tip as well! I won’t be able to use that for my BaCC for at least a while, since Adventurer and Journalism aren’t unlocked yet. But I’ll keep it in mind!

      I never actually really play with witches and warlocks. Perhaps I should start doing that more often…

      I’ve been quite busy with university stuff, and I try to not put pressure on me updating. It’s a hobby after all! :-) I never really left, I’m always around on the boolprop forums, and I play regularly still! Just not always visibly, haha.

      Aw, that’s really frustrating, having problems with your site. I hope you can fix it soon. Your dual Apocalypse sounds really interesting and promising! I’m still working on the McHeroes as well, I’ve just been focussing on the BaCC more lately. But hopefully I’ll be able to update the Apocalypse somewhere next week — still got a lot of photos lying around!

      Thanks for the elaborate comment, I really appreciate it! :D

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