An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 13: Why Didn’t I Think of This Earlier?

Hi there!

I’m back again with an update for the McHeroes! Last time Demi gave birth to twins, Derek and Deborah, and David grew up to a child. Fiona and Flora were both getting lots of promotions (Oceanography and Gamer), and everyone was very glad to have Mandy around to help take care of the twins and the household. At the end of the update Derek and Deborah grew up to toddlers…


And now the hard part starts! Getting those two through their toddler phase happily, without Smart Milk. David got the last bottle when he was a toddler, and now we have to wait until Fiona has maxed Oceanography to get hold of it again.

That’s why Fiona decided to start right away with the toddler training.


…Either Derek is a little genius, or he got a little glitched somehow, because he learned to talk so fast it was like he did get some Smart Milk.

Not that I’m complaining, of course.


Still loving Mandy! The twins have someone at their beck and call 24/7 what with Mandy being up all night.


And did I mention I love the fact that Medical is lifted? ;-)


On the top floor of the house there’s some daily Talking About Hobby going on for some aspiration points. Even Flora had the wish!


It’s David’s first day of school!


Fiona got promoted to Protector of Whales, which means she has only one more promotion to go!


Well, this is weird. David got an A+ on his first school day.


His auntie Flora helped him with his homework once he was done cheering and had played some Red Hands for fun.


Aww, the twins have matching pyjamas! I only noticed it right before taking this picture.


That evening David maxed Body! Whoooo! This means he’s allowed to go to college. When he is a teen, that is, of course.


The next day was a snow day (we’re having a lot of those in Apocalypse Valley) and David spent the day skilling.


Fiona go promoted again, and has now topped Oceanography! Yesss, another restriction lifted! Wants and fears can now be locked, I’m unlocking Smart Milk and there’s some other stuff they can do now which I don’t really care about.


Fiona immediately bought some Smart Milk with her aspiration points and made some for Derek (and later for Deborah, as well).


And Derek learned how to go to the potty by himself! Yay for Smart Milk. I’m glad the twins got to use it after all.


Demi taught little Deborah how to walk.


I was wondering about the Charisma bunny. Has anyone else noticed how it drains a toddler’s energy, or is that just me? I’m not completely sure, but I have my suspicions…


David is the master of skilling :-) He earns skill points so freakishly fast! (Education bookshelf + Smart Milk Effect, I presume).


Flora also got promoted that evening! She’s now a Power Leveler, which is level 7. Only a few more promotions to go for her!

Also, I love this picture. :-)


To celebrate the unlocking of Oceanography, Fiona made salmon for dinner (which wasn’t allowed before).

And then she got sick with the flu, for no apparent reason…


Demi got it too, of course, after stepping into the same bed as Fiona… Oh dear, this isn’t going well.


Some cuteness to relieve the flu stress! <3


Flora rolled the want to max all her skills! Since I can now lock wants I was really excited about that, and locked it. She can use an aspiration boost. And she managed to max Cooking before work.


Yet another snow day, so David spent it skilling once again.


After taking care of the twins (toddlers can’t get sick, I believe) Demi and Fiona moved upstairs and played chess to stay out of David’s way. I didn’t want him to get sick, too.


Oops… I forgo to pay attention to Derek for a while and he passed out… Poor guy.


That night it was time for the twins’ birthday! Woo, no more toddlers!


It was quite busy in the tiny kitchen, and then literally everyone got the flu, dammit. Now they’re never going to get rid of it…


Because of the chaos in the kitchen I forgot to get a picture of (or even look at) the twins. Here, have a picture of them sleeping.


That evening Flora maxed all her skills! +30,000!


As most Sim children do, Derek and Deborah both had the wish to be friends with someone after their birthday, so they spent the next morning befriendin each other. Loving Deborah’s facial expression here, by the way.


Wow, it was yet another snow day, so Derek and Deborah spent the morning learning their Body skill, and they did so super fast, like their brother.


I’m a bit worried about this sudden flu epidemic… I don’t want anyone to die!


I let the children get some rest after a morning and afternoon of skilling, to try to get rid of their flu.


Flora got promoted to Real Time Strategizer! Only two more promotions to go, but she’s got the next two days off, and by that time her platinum aspiration will have worn off as well.


That evening I realised I could choose a secondary aspiration and that I could redeem Family aspiration perks, so Fiona made Comfort Soup! Yay! I’ve never been so happy with Comfort Soup before. I always thought it was rather useless — how wrong I was! Now everyone is cured again. :-)


Oh right, I was still going to show you close up pictures of Derek and Deborah as children. Here they are! Deborah is a cutie, and she has Demi’s nose, just like David!


Derek looks a little different from his siblings, since he doesn’t have the nose. Which is a little sad, but he still looks cute, too.


Since the children had slept during the day, they were wide awake during part of the night. The twins studied Body, and David hung out with Mandy, who was delighted to have some company at the chess table.

I also think David is Knowledge/Family Sim (or Family/Knowledge). They’ve practically all been that up until now, but that was for convenience’s sake. David actually gives me that vibe.


Things are actually slightly boring now. I’m almost tempted to let Fiona and Demi have another child, but that would just mess up my plans, and the house is already cramped as it is.

41c 42c

Derek and Deborah maxed Body within seconds of each other.


David maxed Logic while playing chess with Mandy late at night once again.


I decide to choose Grilled Cheese as Flora’s secondary aspiration. It’s a bit late, but I figured it might make her roll some fulfillable wants. Which it did. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?


Nothing much happened for the rest of the day, but I thought this was just cute family life picture. :-)


That night it was time for David to grow up to a teenager!


Wow, he’s got a nice outfit! Plus points for you, my friend.


He’s cute! Although his lack of any kind of upper lip bugs me a tiny bit.

David’s a Family/Knowledge Sim, and his turn ons are black hair and make-up. His turn off is a plant Sim. I’m almost completely sure he will be the heir.


Since it was still light out when he grew up, Mandy missed his birthday, which made her a bit sad. But all was right again after a big birthday hug.

And that was it for this chapter! I hope you enjoyed it, Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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2 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 13: Why Didn’t I Think of This Earlier?

  1. Awwww, Deborah is just the cutest little one, EVAR!

    And I, too, love the Grilled Cheese secondary. It may be boring, having nothing but grilled cheese sammiches, but the happiness points really rack up fast! They are the ones who spend their points on thinking caps for everyone else.

    Gee, I haven’t simmed since November, either. I need to get back to it, now. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to my own challenge!

    • annek2 says:

      Isn’t she?! :D Grilled Cheese is a godsend, but I really do wish I’d thought of it sooner…! I’m glad I inspired you! That’s usually how I get back into playing as well — reading other people’s stories!

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