Blueberry Island – Summer 2 – Walker

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with an update for the Walker family! Last time, Andrew (Bigfoot) bought his first community lot, a clothing store, but business didn’t go very well. Elijah grew up to a child, Caroline to a toddler and later to a child, and Rachel was born. Jake climbed up the Culinary career ladder and became a Sous Chef.

Now, let’s see what happens this time! It’s quite a long update, so make yourself comfortable, and enjoy :-)


First things first: the taxes need to be paid. As is always the first order of business. This season they amount to $5300.

And then I realised this family has three children, $20,000 in the bank and no trust funds set up for said kids whatsoever, yet…


I felt like playing a business, so I had Andrew go up to Bigfoot Fashion while the kids went off to school and Jake and Christy stayed at home, since their aspirations weren’t in the gold, so they couldn’t make use of the Energiser.


Andrew couldn’t do everything on his own, though, so he hired a restocker called Angie Kalson.


I was a bit afraid the dazzling would go horribly wrong again, like last season, but it went well…


…at first. Then it went downhill again. So I decided to stop dazzling for a while, until Andrew has the better sales perk.


Sanjay Ramaswami gave Andrew the networking perk of getting cheaper furniture! That one is always cool.

Due to the fact the dazzling kind of failed the store was still at level 5 when he left, and had 9 stars to go until level 6. Plus, he made no money whatsoever…


Jake cheered him up when he got home, and Andrew was so grateful to him that he gave him a huge Bigfoot hug.


Christy gained a little weight (because of the sparkly food) but I can hardly see it on her, and I think she still looks good! So I’m not going to let her train it off, or something. I like her like this.


Jake became best friends with Julia Robinson over the phone.


Christy spent some time with Rachel, the youngest of the three Walker children.


And then she also became best friends over the phone, but with Angie Burke.


The older two kids, Elijah and Caroline, played together after school before doing their homework. They get along really well.


Since it had been Caroline’s first day at school, Jake helped her with her homework.


That night, Jake started a fire while making dinner! Luckily, literally minutes before that, I remembered to put in a fire alarm (and a burglar alarm). But everyone still freaked out, of course — including Julia, who’d wandered in that afternoon.


They ate the charred food anyway because everyone was hungry, but tired as well, so there was no time to make something new.


Because everyone was exhausted and had gone to bed, Jake and Andrew were the only ones present at Rachel’s birthday late that evening.


She’s a cutie! However, she is a clone of Elijah, which annoyed me, since I rolled the dice in CAS twice. Anyway, her (and Elijah’s) personality is 10/10/9/3/1.


All in all, it had been quite a hectic night, and Jake ended up in bed at four o’clock… Luckily he won’t have to go into work until two.

Christy hadn’t noticed anything of what happened that evening, including the fire. She was fast asleep. Why?




Because she’s pregnant again!


While potty training Christy and Rachel became best friends.


After that they started to work on the talking, and Rachel managed to learn that as well.


When he woke up just before eleven, Jake made some Grilled Cheese. He was still pretty shaken up from the fire last night and it was the topic of conversation at the table. Christy was quite shocked this happened while she was asleep, but was mainly glad nobody had gotten hurt.


Jake felt a little better when he went off to work that afternoon.


Christy was pretty tired again, so Andrew took care of finishing Rachel’s potty training.


After that, he started writing another novel, this time a science fiction one.


Just like the day before, Elijah and Caroline played together after school. There weren’t many children on the island (in fact, they were the only two children) so they mostly had to make do with each other.


That night, Jake got promoted to Executive Chef and he got a chance card bonus of $10,000! He was very grateful for that because of all the trust funds that still needed to be established. I think these kids have to work for theirs a bit more than the Robinson boys.


I always wonder how the Sims 2 makers figured a toilet could get that filthy…


Jake did some late night painting for the Creativity point he needed, and again it was past four o’clock when he went to bed.


Doorway snuggle :-)


Once she had seen Elijah and Caroline off to school, Christy started to teach Rachel how to walk.


She also got her second pop!


Andrew continuously rolled wants for Jake (playing, talking, etc.), so that got his aspiration meter completely full! Time to go to Bigfoot Fashion!


Things went a little better this time. Andrew managed to get the store up to level 6, and he got the expensive computer from Jessica Picaso as a networking gift!


The last star for that 6th level came from Brandi LeTourneau, and after that Andrew closed up the store and headed home because I came up with a new strategy…

It takes too long to wait until Andrew’s earned the better sales perk, so I’ll let him open up a club, get it to level 10 quickly, and let him return to Bigfoot Fashion. If you don’t remember; Andrew wants to have 5 top level businesses, and I think it’s going too slow.


So, he went home, put the computer Jessica Picaso gave him in his room (so he can write his novels there) and immediately bought a new community lot. He called it “Club Bigfoot”.

I’m sensing a theme here.


Club Bigfoot isn’t very pretty, but that doesn’t matter. It’s an easy level 10 business, and that’s what counts right now!


I put Andrew on meditating mode, and watched the football (soccer for you Americans ;-)) match between FC Barcelona and Ajax on the telly myself.


Of course, I paid a little attention, to make sure no one caught on fire or anything like that, but it was pretty easy to keep the customers happy, with all the fun things to do and the cheap ticket.


Andrew even got the Best of the Best award! No idea how he managed to do that, but hey, I’m not complaining.


Not much later Dora Ottomas gave Club Bigfoot it’s last star to get to level 10! Yay! At this point, the household fund was about $120,000, without me having had to do anything.


To make good use of Andrew’s platinum mood (which he got by getting the business to level 10) we headed over to Bigfoot Fashion. The place got a little make over to make it bit more appealing.


*facepalm* The first dazzle Andrew perfomed went wrong… As did the second. WHY, I ask you?! He got the better sales perk… I guess he’s just unlucky.


I was pretty done with that business by then, so Andrew went home again. After the make over of Bigfoot Fashion, the household fund was still around $117,000!


So, we expanded the house a bit! They’ve now got a seperate kitchen and a larger living room. And upstairs there’s now more room to expand as well.


Caroline got an A+ and thought it was a good idea to cheer loudly to her mother while she was asleep…


The children consequently deposited their homework on each other’s desks instead of their own… :-P


Jake and Christy were very grateful for everything Andrew did for them, especially since they were now able to establish bank accounts for all three of their children. Elijah, Caroline and Rachel all got $10,000 on a bank account, and the little one in Christy’s belly would get the same amount on a bank account as soon as it was born as well.


That evening it was time for Elijah to grow up to a teenager!


Ha, nice clothes. Elijah’s a Popularity/Grilled Cheese Sim, with an LTW of becoming a Media Magnate. His turn ons are blond hair and a fit body, and his turn off is smelliness.


Ah, that’s better! He’s such a cutie! I think he’s more handsome than the Robinson boys. And he looks so much like his father, which I think is cool.


Oops… This pregnancy is rather tough on Christy, she’s tired all the time.


Luckily for her, she went into labour that morning, after Jake and the children had left for work and school.


It’s another baby girl! Little Hannah has her father’s skin colour like Elijah and Rachel, but she’s first Walker child to get her mother’s hair colour!


Andrew was really excited about the new arrival :-)


Rachel still had to get used to her new room mate, she stared at her with curious eyes while sitting on her potty.


Elijah brought Eric Robinson home from school! They played Red Hands, like everyone does on Blueberry Island.


I got a little annoyed at this point because Caroline’s homework had just disappeared. But it was Friday, so I decided to deal with that later.

Also, Jake seems very happy.


He became even happier when Christy introduced him to his new baby daughter.


Now that Hannah was born Christy decided it was time to start working on her own LTW, which is to top Law Enforcement. And she found a job right away! She’s now a Desk Sergeant, which is already level 4.


Elijah and Caroline are still very good friends, and they played chess together that afternoon.


In the evening it was time for Rachel to grow up!


Unlike her previous birthday, everyone was there to cheer her on, including Christy, who didn’t fit in the picture.


Aw, she’s cute!


And she ate three pieces of cake. :-)


This is Rachel after she got new clothes. She might be a clone of Elijah, but I don’t really mind. I would’ve minded more if they were both boys, or both girls. Now you don’t really see it.


Rachel loved her new bedroom, which is nice and cosy.

Once Hannah grows up we’ll to to expand the house again, or she’ll have to share a room with Rachel, which is a possibility of course, but the bedrooms aren’t very large in this house.


The next day, Jake, Christy, Andrew and Elijah went over to Walker’s, Jake’s restaurant. This was the first time they were back after it reached level 5, which is quite a while ago.


Elijah was appointed to be the host, so he can build up his sales badge. I love how Sims can earn their sales badges so quickly while hosting. Elijah got his bronze, and then his silver on!


Before long it got quite busy, and everyone worked hard. They got the business up to level 6!

Faith Goodie and Julien Cooke having a romantic dinner together? Interesting…


Back home Elijah decided to earn some Charisma skill points. He’s quite an angry speech giver! Later on he maxed the skill, but I missed the thingymajig above his head.


The girls played chess together, and Rachel, whose first day at school was still to come, asked Caroline a million questions about it.


Jake went to work and got home with a promotion to Restauranteur!


Christy enjoyed some time with Hannah. This was her last baby (I decided four is enough) and she was about to grow up, so Christy wanted to cherish this last moment of having a baby in the house.


She was also excited to see her little girl grow up, though.


Hannah looks cute! But she does need another hair cut.


That’s better! She is such a cutie! She’s the only one of the four children to have her mother’s black hair. Diversity, yay! Her personality is 10/8/9/6/1. She’s a meanie!


Christy immediately gave Hannah some Smart Milk, and taught the little girl to walk as well. When she looked out of the window, she saw that the leaves were already turning red. Fall had started…

And that was it for the Walker family for this season! I hope you enjoyed this update, Happy Simming! Oh, and a Happy New Year as well! I hope your 2014 will be wonderful :-)

Households: 3
Playable Sims: 14
CAS-Sims Available: 4 of 6
Community Lots: 6
* Owned: 6
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 8
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 112
Fires 1
Burglars: 3
Uni funds: $39,400

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  1. Wow! Club venues and meditation for the win! I never thought of that, but I definitely will use it in the future for my own.

    Those kids are such cuties!

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