Blueberry Island – Summer 2 – Robinson

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last update. I had midterms, which took more time than I thought and then I just didn’t feel like updating/playing (although I have played TS3) for a little while. Which might have had something to do with the fact that I started a new blog, which I’ve been really busy with it. If you’re interested in books, baking or both, I’d love for you to check it out:

Anyway, back to Blueberry Island! Last time we finished Spring 2 with the Burke family, so it’s time to visit the Robinson family again, which consists of Julia and Ben and their three sons; Adam, Eric and Owen. Last time Julia’s Fruits and Veggies reached level 10, Ben found a job in Business and got to level 10 in the same rotation. Let’s see what they’re up to in Summer 2!


Adam and Owen started off the season by getting to know each other a bit better. They hardly have a relationship at all, which makes me a bit sad. They seem to get along, though.


The first thing Ben did was paying the taxes, so another $6300 goes to the uni fund.


Julia harvested the first plants of the summer. The garden is still going strong! I’m still in doubt about whether or not I should let her sell the fresh produce at the store, but they need to have something to eat themselves, too, so I think I’ll let them just keep all of it for themselves for now.


Ben had a day off from work and headed over to Bigfoot Fashion. Now that the island finally had a clothing store, he could finally get out of those hideous shorts!


He didn’t want to lose his look though, so he only bought a new pair of jeans to go with his sweater. I like it! This way, he’s still Ben.


Since Ben became a Business Tycoon last season, Blueberry Island only needed one more business to unlock the first Business District, so Ben bought a community lot.


This is The Blueberry Bar! Not only does this bar unlock the first BD, it also unlocks the Music career, so yay! Progress!

They only had about $2600 left after building it, though, because of those expensive music instruments. Time to earn some money!


Ben was in charge of the bar, which was quite popular among the customers.


In the mean time, Julia dazzled the customers into buying a ticket to get inside.


Together they got The Blueberry Bar to level 2, and they earned $5000. That’s somewhat disappointing, but I don’t care, because this bar means the SM goes up by 6 points! (+1 for 5 businesses in total, +5 for the BD)


Back home Julia and Ben went back to studying until the boys got home from school. They both still have a lot of skill points to go, and I want them to reach their LTW before they become elders (they both want to max all skills).


Owen takes being a tub pirate very seriously, apparently.


That afternoon the boys could do whatever they wanted, since it was a Friday. Adam and Eric both decided to skill. That’s my boys!


That evening it was time for Eric to grow up to a teenager!


“Haha, nice clothes, bro!”


Luckily for Eric, he could change out of them immediately, because Ben had picked up some clothes for him when he went jeans-shopping.

He’s a handsome devil, this one! He’s now a Romance/Popularity Sim with the LTW to own 5 top level businesses… Not another one! I guess it’s appropriate for a BaCC, but that LTW always pisses me off bit. Anyway, Eric’s turn ons are unemployed and charismatic Sims, and he doesn’t like Sims who wear make up.

I’m thinking about making Eric the heir, since he’ll need a lot of money to be able to get those 5 businesses to level 10, and Julia and Ben could help him out.


The next morning Adam got up early to do his homework, so he didnt have to worry about that for the rest of the weekend.

Once he was done he invited over his friend Sophie, who you might remember from last season. They have 2 bolts, but nothing has happened between them so far.


This time, however, the first thing Sophie does is flirting with Adam! She also developed a crush because of that (I think) but Adam seemed quite oblivious of Sophie’s feelings.


Because right after that they went back to just being friendly and playing around.


Look at that forced smile. She’s all “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME?!” (+1 for the person who gets that reference).


Sophie left a while later. I think she’s disappointed. Poor her. I do think they’d make a great couple though, so I might help things along a bit next season. Adam loves her, he just doesn’t know it yet!


Eric and Owen are really great friends, but I think Owen is a bit sad that he’s still little while Eric is all big now. He keeps going up to him to play or chat when Eric is doing other things.


“Thaaat’s great, guys. Just leave me with all the plates.”


Owen is such a cutie!


I let Ben go to the bar again, but I deleted the actual bar, and just let him meditate while the customers entertained themselves.


“Hey Ben!”

“Shhh, I’m trying to find inner peace.” (or whatever meditating is about)


The poker table was really popular, and apparently there were large sums of money going around.


In the mean time, there was an all girl pool party going on.

Hehe, get it? Pool party. I’m so funny.


By the time Ben closed up the bar had reached level 5 and Ben had taken all the cash rewards. They’re rich again!

I know the meditation strategy is somewhat dubious but in my opinion it’s just one of the strategies to get your venue type business levelled up. There’s no rule against it, and no cheat are used. :-)


Back home Ben became best friends with his co-worker Christy Inada over the phone.


That evening they all had a nice dinner together. I’m not sure why Ben and Adam are having grilled cheese and the others are having a salad, but who cares!


After dinner Julia transmitted $10,000 to Owen’s bank account. He was the only one who didn’t have any money waiting for him yet.


Julia and Ben had enough money to provide their children with more money on their bank accounts, but Julia would think about that later. There was still plenty of time before Adam became an adult.

Note: The inhabitants of Blueberry Island don’t pay taxes over their bank account money, and, yes, they do earn interest over it. I’ve decided to just let that be an advantage of having a bank account on Blueberry Island. And the only bank accounts that are allowed are trust funds for children.


When everyone had gone to bed, Ben did some midnight gardening. He wasn’t tired yet since he had meditated all day at the bar.



The next day it was Skilling Sunday, apparently. Is that going to be a thing? I’m not sure, maybe.


Ben maxed out Mechanical!


Julia decided to go out in the greenhouse and plant some new plants.


That evening Adam sold a masterpiece! :-)


He’s also got quite some acne! It’s been a while since I’ve seen that in my game, for some reason. It always bugs me a bit, since those pimples are unproportionally large.


Julia and Ben enjoyed some late night salad before going to bed.


The next day was a Monday, so it was time to go to school again. Adam, the Fortune Sim that he is, thought about money. He wanted to earn lots of it some day.


This was actually Ben’s very first day as a Business Tycoon, so it was also the first time he got picked up in a helicopter! It’s always fun the first time, after that it just gets annoying.


With everyone gone to school or work, Julia was left home alone, which she didn’t mind one bit. She did some cleaning…


…harvested some delicious looking apples and lemons…


…and devoted the rest of the afternoon to doing yoga in the quiet living room.


When Adam and Eric came home at 1 o’clock, they decided to not disturb their mother, but instead head upstairs to play some Red Hands and then do their homework.


After he was done with his homework, Adam immediately took a beeline for the exercise bike. He really loves that thing too much…


Owen brought home Elijah Walker from school. They’re best friends; their relationships is 100/100. :-) The boys decided to play some chess together.


Elijah stayed for some grilled cheese dinner and then headed back home.


That night, Adam maxed out his Logic skill! He can now get a job in Science when he’s an adult, if he wants to. He wants to work in Architecture (which he will most likely be able to do) but you never know what turns up on the computer!


That same night Eric maxed out his Creativity skill. That’s not crucial for anything specific, but it’s nice nonetheless.


just missed it, but Adam tucked in Owen before heading to bed! Cutest thing ever!


Later that night, when everyone had gone to bed, this happened. A burglar! I was actually cheering because this is the third burglary on Blueberry Island, which means a spot in Law Enforcement is now unlocked. And, which is really awesome as well, we can now finally install burglar and fire alarms.


Ha, he took the exercise bike! I wanted to get rid of that anyway!


Unfortunately, he also took both couches, and then went into Adam’s room for a chair.

Poor Adam seems to be haunted by burglars


He took it pretty hard… :-(


Luckily, he was feeling a lot better by the time the school bus came to pick the boys up!


Julia was home alone again, and spent the day skiling. She’ll become an elder in 6 days and still has quite a few skill points to go! Maybe I’ll give her another sip of the elixir, but I’m not sure yet. I’m not ready for her becoming an elder already, though.


That evening it was time for the youngest of the Robinson brothers to become a teen!


“Hahaha, your outfit is even worse!”


Although Owen’s outfit is pretty bad indeed (especially for such a sweet boy) he looks pretty cute nonetheless. He’s a Family/Pleasure Sim with the LTW to become a Captain Hero (top Law Enforcement). His turn ons are Logic and Formal Wear, and his turn off is Plantsims.


After he had some cake, Owen immediately went to Bigfoot Fashion, because he didn’t want to walk around in those clothes any longer than was strictly necessary.


He got a nice pair of jeans with a sweater and felt a lot more comfortable right away.


When he looked out of the window before stepping into bed, he saw the first leaves beginning to change — Fall was on its way.

That’s it for the Robinsons this season! They made quite a bit of progress. I hope you enjoyed this update, and Happy Simming!

Households: 3
Playable Sims: 13
CAS-Sims Available: 3 of 5
Community Lots: 5
* Owned: 5
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 8
Business Districts: 1
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 8
Population: 104
Fires 0
Burglars: 3
Uni funds: $34,100

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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Summer 2 – Robinson

  1. Iya says:

    Great update! I can’t wait till I unlock my first BD. And you just gave me a good idea at how to do so. LOL.

  2. Hey, maybe you can create a skilling business, where your sims can work toward their LTRs, while getting money from the venue.

    Also, I really like your idea of meditating at the venue. You can keep it going for a good long time that way.

    • annek2 says:

      Perhaps I could, but then I’d need to download a mod/hack that makes it possible for Sims to skill on community lots, which isn’t possible in the game itself. Thanks for the input, though! :D
      I found in on the boolprop forums, and it comes in so handy if you want to get a business to level 10!

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