An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 11: Progress, People!

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another update for the McHeroes! There’s not much that can top last chapter’s triumph, but I’ll try to make this one fun, too. A quick recap of last chapter: Fiona grew up to an adult and married Demi Long. Jane and Mitch moved out of the house and went to live with Joel. Fiona got a job in Oceanography. Pepper, the dog, lifted Pet Showbiz, and at the end of the update Demi lifted Medical, enabling Sims to shower!


Therefore, we start this update with a picture of Flora taking a bath. She’d never known the joy of one before, and is really loving it. :-)


Fiona’s skilling is still going like crazy, and here she maxed Body. I’m so glad I let Jane go into Education, because that bookshelf is awesome.


Mandy enjoyed being able to spend time with her friend Demi again after the long time they hadn’t seen each other, and they had a lot of fun together.


Flora still isn’t rolling fulfillable wants. Seriously, what’s up with this kid? She was deep in the red, at this point.


Something to look forward to: I’m going to build this family an epic mansion, once it’s allowed!

Just a random thought while playing, that’s all.


Fiona got promoted to Sea Lice Research Assistant!


She knew Flora wasn’t feeling well, so after she came home she headed upstairs to spend some time with her.

Oh, and that outerwear she’s wearing? That’s actually her everyday outfit…


So, since Medical is lifted and these two are now married and stuff I thought it was time to start working on the fourth generation! I intended for Fiona to be the one to get pregnant since she’s the heir (I timed this well, so it would work out with her work), but I didn’t think things all the way through…


Because after I heard the lullaby I thought “Hey, how do I actually know who’s pregnant? How’s that decided?”. Of course by then it was too late. Demi initiated the woohoo, so she was the one who got pregnant. And to keep things fair she’s going to carry all the pregnancies of this generation.

Oh well. What matters is that the fourth generation is on its way!


The happy couple did some post Woohoo studying after that.


Like I said earlier, Flora is not happy. :-(


Yay, first bump!


I still can’t get over how cute these two are together. I might like them even better as a couple then Mandy and Cris.


I was paying attention to Demi, and I missed Fiona maxing all of her skills… But she did it!


New problem: she hasn’t got anything to do now (when she’s not at work), so I let her write a novel. That’ll work well with those mittens…


I let Flora greet a (frozen) Meadow Thayer in the hope that she might roll a fulfillable want, such as become friends with Meadow.


But she did not, and they didn’t get along at all, so Flora sent Meadow home again.


That evening it was time for her to grow up to an adult. Which is bound to go horribly wrong, of course.


Well, at least she has a nice dress, I guess.


Yep, there it is…


After the shrink visited she felt a little bit better, but she was still deep in the red.


She has the want to get a job in Gamer, which I’d really like for her to find because that would be a great next lift. There was nothing in the paper that evening, though, but let’s hope she’ll hold onto that wish.


Poor Flora, her life really sucks. :-(


Fiona was being really sweet though, because she went to give her sister a hug immediately after Flora stopped crying.

I really don’t get how she only has 1 nice point.


Second bump! Just one more day to go!


Flora did the same as Fiona did when she grew up to an adult: she woke up in the middle of the night and played chess with Mandy. Unfortunately she also lost the want to get a job in the Gamer career, though…


Demi maxed Body! Look how happy she is. :-)


Yes! Flora found a job in Gamer, as a Noob! I actually, unintentionally, did a fist pump when that happened. It might take her a while to top the career, but that’s okay, she’s still young.

Progress, people!


Labour time! It’s difficult to take pictures in this room, since it’s the basement. Who cares, though, we want babiez!


It’s a baby boy!


Nope, Demi didn’t put the baby on the ground because she was going to have another one…


…she just really needed to make the bed right then.


Anyway, meet little David! He has brown hair (which he got from this grandmother Jane) and grey eyes (which he got from Demi). He also has the fair skin colour every child in this Apocalypse up until now has gotten. But who cares, generation 4 is here!


Mandy was very excited to have a baby in the house again, although it did feel a little weird to hold her great-grandson in her arms.


Oh my God, Flora has rolled fulfillable wants while she was asleep! Skill wants! Please, please, let her keep them when she wakes up.


Damn her. Of course they’ve rolled away. I’m starting to resent Flora a bit. I thought she was supposed to be a Knowledge Sim?!


Anyway, that morning she goes of to her first day in the Gamer career.


Later that day all three women came home at the same time. Fiona got promoted to Dive Master!


Demi earned $10,000, and Flora also got her first promotion, to Button Master! Didn’t really see that last one coming, since she’s not exactly in the platinum.


Alia the dog walked by and Flora started playing with her autonomously, which was cute.


In the mean time Fiona played with little David. :-)


Oh, the love!


Mandy is studying Parenting, which seemed sort of useful. And look how happy she is to do something other than playing chess!


O dear Plumbbob, would you look at that! Flora rolled a want I could fulfill! Two even, talking about hobby and playing chess.

Also, I know how confusing it is to keep Fiona and Flora apart. I’m sorry about that!


Fiona and David became best friends when he was still a baby. That doesn’t happen to me all that often, most of the time it happens when the kid is a toddler, or a child.


That night Demi and Fiona tried for another baby. I think I’ll go for three kids this generation, since things have become a little easier now Medical is lifted.


Also a huge help: Fiona became permaplat because her lifetime aspiration meter is completely full! Yay! This’ll make it a lot easier for her to top her career, because she was starting to roll unfufillable wants as well.


Yesss, more babiez!


I’m letting Demi go to work one more time and the she’ll be quitting so she can take care of the children. Too bad she can’t ride the limousine one more time but has to go to work in Flora’s crappy carpool.


N’aww. <3 I usually don’t really wash the babies in the sink, but when Fiona checked on David the thought bubble said he was low on hygiene, so there you go.


Flora got promoted to Trash Talker!


I then let her walk to work again straight away, because her new job has different times and she could get a few hours in.


Later that night she came home with her second promotion of the day! She’s now a Gold Farmer. Good job, Flora!


One thing I really don’t like about the Apocalypse is that you can’t use the birthday cake to let babies grow up and it’s a real pain in the behind to eventually get them to toddler. David, here, refused to grow up.


Demi cancelled out a lot of her actions all the time (like sleeping while she was super tired because of the pregnacny, also; yay first bump) to help him grow up, but he would just not do it.


Eventually, though, he did and everything was all right again because look at that adorable face! I cannot believe the cuteness. The nose! The freckles! I adore him already.

Anyway, his personality is 4/9/9/4/5.


David got the very last bottle of Smart Milk Mandy brought home from college… Fiona will probably unlock Smart Milk with Oceanography, so it’ll be back soon, but I don’t think it’ll be in time for the new baby to get a bottle of it…


David got potty trained on the first go. :-)


The next morning Demi quit her job. Now that David was a toddler, she wanted to be there for him and any other baby she might have. While she made the call she wondered about the new baby. Would it be another boy? Or a girl? Or maybe even twins…?

I guess you’ll have to wait for the next update to find out ;-)

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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3 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 11: Progress, People!

  1. Hooray! Generation 4, and Flora out of the red, Fiona in permaplat! Showers and baths and babies, oh, my!

    Actually, I heard that if you wake up your sims before 3 hours have passes since they got into the bed, that they keep the wants they had before they lay down, so I often have my sims “nap,” instead of sleep through the night, if they roll fulfillable wants. Those unfulfillable wants are a pain in the patooty. Hope that helps.

    Oh! And walking to work for a second promotion is a great idea! You unlocked military early, didn’t you? I’ll have to go back an see. Oh! Can this generation go to college, then? Are you going to build a cool secret society, or hold off until you can build a secret society mansion? Like the mansion you want to build for your home sims? I can’t wait to see what you design. I like the houses you have in Blueberry Island. They look very nice and comfortable.

    Also, I totally agree with the thing about babies not growing up. I had one that refused to grow into a toddler until 8 the next morning! And that was with three adults wandering around, with their actions canceled time and again, to allow them to help with a birthday, but as soon as they held the baby, nothing happened. They just stand there like idiots, holding the baby. Gaaaah. WANT that birthday cake!

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been checking back just about every day, looking for a new one. I hope to see that third household in Blueberry Island soon, too.

    • annek2 says:

      Yep yep, things are going well! :-D

      I didn’t know that! Thank you very much for the tip, that might useful in the future. Although, if things go the way I want them to, Fiona will make sure Sims can lock their wants when she unlocks Oceanography!

      Yes, Cris (gen 1 spouse) unlocked Military, and although I wasn’t sure at first if that was a smart move, I’m really glad I got it out of the way when I did. Yep, David and his sibling(s) will most probably go to college! I will build them a house like the main house, but a bit smaller, I suppose. Thanks! The houses in Blueberry Island are built mainy to be useful, but I intend to go all out for the Apoc Mansion. :-)

      It was SO annoying! But I got a comment on Boolprop yesterday after posting the chapter that said something along the lines of “I hope you unlock Culinary soon so you can use the cake”. And I was like “Wait a minute… I HAVE unlocked Culinary!” So I went to check the rules, and turns out I was able to use the birthday cake ever since Mitch joined the household… *facedesk* I was under the impression it was also locked by Entertainment. Oops!

      Oh, that’s very sweet of you! I hope to post the update for the third household soon, but I’m not sure yet when that’ll be. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh, man! I hate it when I unlock something, and forget that it’s unlocked! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that though. Doh!

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