Blueberry Island – Spring 2 – Walker

Hi all!

I am back with the second update for Spring! We’ll be visiting the Walker household, in which a lot happened last season. Jake and Christy had their first child, a boy named Elijah, and at the end of the season they also had a girl, Caroline. Together with Andrew Bigfoot they got their restaurant (Walker’s) up to level 5, unlocking a position in the Culinary career, which Jake will take once it shows up on the computer.


Elijah woke up early on this Spring morning, and played with happily with his bunny head, waiting for the rest of his family to get up. He’s still so cute!


The first thing Andrew did was paying the Walkers’ taxes for this season, which was amount of $5100.


Once the computer was free, Jake got on it straight away to, once again, look for a job in Culinary. He didn’t have much luck in his search for a job last season, but he forgot all about that when he found an opening as a Host! Finally!


Patiently waiting had paid off for Elijah, because now his mother was up and about she was happy to play with him, and they became best friends.


Jake could start his job right away, and headed off excitedly when the carpool arrived.


Andrew was also very excited, because he bought his first community lot! He wants to have 5 top level businesses eventually, so this was a good start.


He decided to start off with a clothing store, called Bigfoot Fashion. The name is quite dubious, since I don’t know if I would trust a Bigfoot’s fashion sense, but I also like the strangeness of it :-)

Also, now the Sims of Blueberry Island don’t have to walk around in their transition outfits. Or their townie outfits *cough* Ben *cough*. Although I do have to say I’ve become quite fond of those hideous shorts of Ben.


Back to business (literally). Andrew invited over Christy so she could manage the cash register.

In my notes it says that she earned her gold cashier badge here, but I’m not sure, because that would mean she already had a silver badge when she moved in with Jake, which is possible of course. But still, I’ll have to check the game to be sure.


Andrew managed the sales, and together they got the store up to level 4 in one go.


Jake got home with a promotion to Waiter on his first day! He also brought over La Shawn Cameron.


She was happy to celebrate Elijah’s birthday with the family.


N’aww, he’s cute! He looks very excited about growing up as well.


This is Elijah without the excited face. He seems to take after his father, mainly, but somehow he looks like his mother, too. I can’t really put my finger on it.


After Elijah grew up, Jake and Christy both rolled the want for another baby. Who am I to not oblige that wish?


This is Elijah’s new bedroom. He has moved from the nursery with his little sister Caroline, to his own bedroom upstairs.


Andrew is glad he has someone new to give Bigfoot hugs to. Andrew and Elijah are great friends. :-)


Morning sickness! We’ve got another baby on the way, ladies and gentlemen :-)


Little Caroline hasn’t been featured in this update at all yet, so here’s a picture of Andrew cuddling her.


Christy was really happy about having another baby, but less about her aching back, so she took a relaxing bubble bath.


Elijah brought Owen Robinson home from school! I was really excited about that, because now the neighbourhood kids (which, I admit, are only Elijah and the Robinson boys) can finally get to know each other.

Also, they have the same shirt. Maybe that’s what they bonded over at school?


The two boys had a lot of fun together and quickly became friends (yay!) but then Owen had to leave because it was getting late.


Jake got promoted again! He is now a Prep Cook.


And that night it was time for another birthday! This time it’s Caroline growing up to become a toddler.


She’s so cute! She got quite the personality, though o_O It’s 10/1/10/3/10/.

I love her already.


Jake gave Caroline some Smart Milk right after she grew up.


And because of that she immediately became potty trained!


First pop!


And then this happened. I already started cursing (because even though a burglar is a good thing for a BaCC, I still don’t like them), but then…


Andrew got out of bed, walked down the stairs and straight out of the door… and scared the living daylights out of the burglar!

I had no idea Bigfoots did this, but it’s really awesome!


The burglar peed himself and then ran away. Muahaha. Andrew, you rock.

This also means we’ve now had two burglaries on Blueberry Island. One more, and there will be a spot open in Law Enforcement, which will be for Christy, I think, because it’s her LTW to top that career.

Now I’m actually excited for that last burglary.


And now for something completely different… I adore Caroline. She’s the first girl born in the ‘hood after four boys, so she’s a little special to me. Also, I can’t wait for her to show that awesome personality of hers.


Jake really loved his family. He enjoyed playing with Caroline, and now he also got to help Elijah with his homework. Yes, moving to Blueberry Island had been a great decision.


That afternoon he stepped into the carpool with a big smile, because it was the first time he actually got to wear a chef’s jacket.


In the mean time, Christy taught Caroline to walk. She hoped she would one day get a job in Law Enforcement, but she also loved staying home with her kids.


Andrew and Elijah had always been close, but now they had become best friends!


Later that day Andrew and Jake went to Bigfoot Fashion again. But things didn’t go as well as last time…


The stupid sign caught on fire, so people started panicking. After that happened for a second time I deleted the thing.


That wasn’t our worst problem, though. I don’t know what it was, but nobody wanted to be dazzled. The success ratio was like 1 in 3 or 4. The store dropped to rank 3… Eventually Andrew and Jake got it up to rank 4 again, but I think in the end they actually lost stars compared to the start of the session…


However; second pop! I was really excited to meet the third Walker baby.


Christy taught Caroline how to talk. And I’m still in love with that nursery.


Julia came over to catch up with everyone, which I thought was nice :-)


Marie (old family friend) came over as well, and she played chess with Elijah for a while.


In the mean time Jake came home with another promotion! He is now a Sous Chef. He’s doing well!


Marie went to play with Caroline autonomously, which is just the cutest thing ever.


Elijah maxed Logic. :-) That means he can get a job in Science when he grows up, if he wants to.


I had Jake prepare Blackened Catfish, because I didn’t think I knew what that looks like. It looks pretty good!


On to more interesting stuff, though. Labour time!


It’s another girl! Which is not very surprising, since the game will probably want to make up for all the boys.

Her name is Rachel and she has her father’s skin colour and her mother’s eyes. I think she has her mother’s hair colour as well, but I can’t make it out completely. Her eyebrows might just as well be brown. We’ll have to wait until her toddler birthday to be sure.



Jake’s pretty excited. He’s so excited that he rolled the want to have 10 childeren, as did Christy. Not gonna happen, though, guys. They’ll have more children, at least one, but 7 more? No way.


“Baby? I wantz attention too!”

Don’t worry, Caroline. You’ll still get lots of attention!


See? Your big brother loves you!


And you just became best friends with your daddy :-)


The next morning Andrew, Jake and Christy went back to Bigfoot Fashion for the last time this season. I thought maybe a make over chair would help to get some more stars, but it didn’t. No one was interested in it and I deleted it again after this session.

Furthermore, the dazzling was still a no go. What’s up with this store?!


Eventually, after a lot of frustration, the store got up to rank 5, and they left soon after that. Pfft.


There was enough to cheer everyone up at home, though. Elijah got an A+ at school, which made Christy very proud.


After the mini celebration of his A+ Elijah became best friends with Owen on the phone, which made me really happy!


He then played with his little sister for a bit. He was very excited because soon he would be able to play with her a lot better.


Since that night, it was Caroline’s birthday!


“Yay, look at my hands! Their so big! Awesome!”


She’s still really cute and she looks a lot like Elijah, I think.


That football outfit had to go, though, and since there is now a clothes store in town, she was able to get a new dress that suited her much better.


When Jake came home from work she bolted outside to greet him and show him how big she’d gotten :-)


Then she went to sleep in her absolutely adorable new bedroom as Spring changed into Summer for the Walker household.

And that was it for the Walker family for now! I hope you enjoyed the update, don’t be shy to leave a comment. Happy Simming!

Households: 2
Playable Sims: 11
CAS-Sims Available: 2
Community Lots: 3
* Owned: 3
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 5
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 22
Fires 0
Burglars: 2
Uni funds: $27,800

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Spring 2 – Walker

  1. Ah! I did not know Bigfeet (Bigfoots?) could do that. AWESOME! I want a Bigfoot of my very own.

    And Caroline is adorable. She does nothing by halves, does she? What a charmer.

    I am liking this more and more.

    • annek2 says:

      I had no idea either! I was really excited when I saw Andrew do that. Also, I have absolutely no clue what the plural of Bigfoot should be, now you mention it :-P

      She is, isn’t she? I think she’s kind of my favourite :-)

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it, and I really appreciate all of your comments!

  2. Now that my founders in my “No rules” neighborhood are graduating college, I think I must get at least one of them a Bigfoot. Possibly the one who’s adopting all the babies. She’ll need help.

    Although, they also have a download, so you can set your Servo as a security bot. But I don’t know, Bigfeet are just so much more warm and cuddly than Servos. Plus, Bigfeet are free.

    I might do one in one house, and one in another. But I think I do prefer the Bigfeet.

    Is it hard to stop and swap households at the end of each season? Don’t you want to keep playing juuuuust a bit longer, to see what happens next, or “get to a good stopping point”? As if there ever is a good stopping point.

    That’s the thing about blogging challenges like AC or BACC. You have the set points to switch. New generation = New chapter, or new chapter headings, at least. New season = new chapter. With a no-rules neighborhood, I don’t know when to stop. My pages are soo long.

    I have been playing my AC, and am now in generation 3, and I still haven’t posted a page on that, because I’m never sure where to put the breaks. But, you’ve inspired me to focus more on posting.

    Good luck with your school work. Is it mid-terms for you, soon?

    • annek2 says:

      Bigfeet are really awesome indeed :-) Although I want to get a Servo somewhere in my neighbourhood as well. I’m thinking about letting Andrew making one to help at his businesses.

      It is hard to stop playing sometimes, but often I’m also excited to move to the next family, so that makes up for it.

      I don’t really have set points to stop an update with my AC, though. I don’t do the new generation = new chapter/heading, so it’s kind of difficult to find a good stopping point for my AC as well.

      Wow, generation 3 already! I hope you post it soon, so I can read it :-)

      Thanks! I’m in the middle of my three midterm weeks right now, but I only have ond midterm at the end of it, so I’m mostly playing Sims right now :-P

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