Blueberry Island – Spring 2 – Robinson

Hello all!

Here I am with another update for Blueberry Island! Last time we visited the Walker family for their winter season, and that concluded the very first year! I thought the start of the second year would be a nice moment to show you a picture of the neighbourhood up until now…


Not that there’s that much to see, of course, I just like to look at neighbourhood pictures, myself, so I thought you might like it, too. And, hey, what’s that? A third house? That’s right, this season I’ll introduce a new household to you!

But first, the Robinson family!


Despite of it being Sunday, Eric (left) and his older brother Adam get up before the sun has risen.

I’ve always wondered about that. Why do Sims get up at 6 o’clock? That’s really early. For me that’s kind of still the middle of the night.


But, anyway, that’s what Sims do, including Julia, who manages to get Owen potty trained!


After that she pays the family’s taxes for the season; another $6100 towards the uni fund.


The family enjoys a nice Sunday breakfast together :-)


After Julia had showered and dressed, she headed out to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies. As you might remember from last season, it’s now a level 9 business. Julia (read: I) was determined to get it up to level 10 in one visit.


She invited Ben over to help her with that, but first things first; they went on a date to get their aspiration high into the platinum.


Then, it was show time! As always, Julia handled the sales…


…while Ben managed the cash register.


I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but it was Dora Ottomas who eventually gave them the very last star. We’ve got our first level 10 business! That means the first position in Business is unlocked.


Julia and Ben gave each other a “we-made-it hug” before energising one more time and going home.


Back home Ben headed straight to the computer to look for a job in Business, and he found one! I was pretty flabbergasted that he found one on the first try, that doesn’t happen very often. Lucky me!

Anyway, Ben is now a Senior Manager, which is level 6. I’m going to try to get him to level 10 as fast as possible.


In the mean time, Eric and Owen were playing together at the activity table (man, I can never get over how cute that is).


But then Owen got snatched away by Julia so he could learn how to walk.


Eric decided to take nap. I love the activity table, but I hate how it wears kids out and they get tired so soon. Why is that?


Ben maxed Creativity! As you might remember both Ben and Julia have the LTW to max all 7 skills.


Little Owen learned how to walk :-)


And then Adam maxed Creativity as well, fulfilling a wish he had.


Then he rolled the wish to make a friend, so he went to play with Eric, with whom he wasn’t friends yet apparently.


They had fun playing catch in the dark. That’s a whole new level of playing catch.


The next morning Ben headed to his very first day in the Business career. This is a memorable moment, ladies and gentlemen, since this is also the first time any Sim on Blueberry Island heads out to work!


Adam and Eric said goodbye to their Mum and then went to school.


Since Owen was still sleeping, this left Julia pretty much alone in the house. It had been a long time since the house was so quiet, and she was not sure she liked it, so she went into the greenhouse to tend to the plants.


After that, Owen woke up and Julia taught him how to talk. Maybe then it would not be so quiet anymore.


A little bit later, while Julia was skilling, this lovely lady called Angie Burke walked by. She’s the new resident and the owner of the house you saw in the first picture! Julia greeted her and welcomed her to the neighbourhood.


Then I got distracted, though, because Ben came home with a promotion to Vice President!


He also brought home a coworker, Christy Inada, and she told Ben he’d get another promotion the next time he’d go into work. I love networking!


Then this happened. They all gossiped about the time Adam was a toddler and witnessed a burglary. That’s just mean…


I bet the poor kid still has nightmares about it. I would have.


While Angie amused herself with playing chess, Julia taught Eric how to do his homework.


And then it was time for Adam to grow up to a teenager! Yay! This is always the most exciting birthday (in a BaCC, at least, in an Apocalypse not so much).


I bet he’s wishing for parents who don’t gossip about him behind his back.


This is Adam all grown up! He looked cuter as a child – his face looks a bit out of proportion right now, but he’s still cute. He definitely has his father’s chin.

Adam is a Fortune/Grilled Cheese Sim, and he wants to become a City Planner. That’s probably doable.


When the birthday party was over Julia said goodbye to Angie. Julia really liked her new neighbour, and they had become friends.


Heh, after one day of work Ben has the wants to go on both an island vacation and a Far East vacation. Burned out, already, Ben?


Just a cute moment :-) Adam is a real sweetheart, helping out taking care of his little brother.


Soon, though, the school bus arrived and he and Eric headed off to school. Ben also soon after to his new job, and Julia was left with just Owen once again. She decided to do some skilling and work towards completing her LTW.


Little Owen lay sleeping in the nursery in his cute suit.


Just like the day before, a neighbour walked by, but this time it was Andrew Bigfoot. Julia greeted him and befriended him.

I’d like the entire neighbourhood to know each other. They don’t all have to be friends, but it seems logical that they’d at least know each other, since it’s such a small town, and will remain quite small for quite a while.


Looks like we’ve got our first exercise bike addict in this family… When Adam came home from school he headed straight to it, and when he finished his homework the same thing happened. I know what that evil thing can do, so I might have to keep an eye on this!


A+! :-)


And Ben came home with another promotion, as was expected. He’s now a President!


Aww, the whole family in one room together.


Ben finally finished the novel he started working on last season, and it became a best seller! Adam is standing there because he picked up the phone with the news.


Time for another birthday! The last toddler of the family will grow up *sniff*.


Julia loved to have toddler in the house, but she was also glad she might have a little more time to work on her LTW now Owen would grow up as well.


Wow, he’s a cutie! He certainly grew into his looks – he turned out a lot cuter than I thought he would.


Now Owen is no longer a toddler (and thus will no longer stay in the nursery) it was time for a renovation. I expanded both the ground floor and the first floor.

Upstairs, I changed around the rooms a little bit, and Adam now has his own bedroom. Eric and Owen share the room that was Eric and Adam’s before.


Downstairs, a seperate kitchen was added, which I think turned out nice.


That also means there’s a lot more room in the living room, so I added a love seat and a chair to the seating area. I also changed the wall papers, and gave the room this more fancy look. :-)


Julia maxed Logic!


Adam still hasn’t brought anyone home from school, so he just does what he always does; doing his homework right away, but this time in his new room.


Since I want him to meet at least one teen before he grows up I let him greet Sophie Miguel, who walked by the house.


However, the first thing she did was annoy him… They do have 2 bolts, though, which I liked, so Adam gave her another chance and they chatted to get to know each other.


Owen is a cutie! Apparently he’s very happy with his new room.


His Fun bar was a bit drained after his first day of school, though, so he played some Red Hands with Eric.


And then his Mum taught him to do his homework.


Yet another promotion for Ben! He’s now a CEO, which means he only needs one more promotion to reach the top and become a Business Tycoon!


Everyone enjoyed the lovely Spring afternoon outside (you can see Ben and Owen playing catch in the greenhouse).

Nothing romantic had happened yet between Adam and Sophie, but they did enjoy each other’s company and became friends.


And then; autonomous back rub! …In front of his Mum.


They parted as friends, though. Maybe it’ll become more than that later on? We’ll have to wait and see.


That evening they had their first family dinner in the new kitchen! Maybe even the first family dinner ever, since Owen has only just become a child.


Eric and Owen continued their habit to play at the activity table together.


Julia harvested the first lemons! They look yummy.


She had the want to earn Body skill points, so I let her use the evil exercise bike.


Woooo! Ben came home with yet another promotion, which means he’s now a Business Tycoon, which means Business is unlocked!

It also means that once we reach a total of 5 player owned businesses (we’re now at 2) the first Business District will be unlocked, which will boost the population.

Progress, people! :-)


Gallagher Newson kept walking by the house, so Eric greeted him.


He was more interested in playing chess with Adam, though, so he did that until it was time for him to go home.


That evening Ben and Julia fell asleep in each other’s arms, very satisfied with what Spring had brought their family.

And that’s it for the Robinsons! I hope you enjoyed the update, Happy Simming!

Note about the stats: I won’t add Angie Burke’s household and stuff to the stats until I’ve played her.

Households: 2
Playable Sims: 10
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 2
* Owned: 2
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 4
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 20
Fires 0
Burglars: 1
Uni funds: $22,700

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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4 Responses to Blueberry Island – Spring 2 – Robinson

  1. “I bet he’s wishing for parents who don’t gossip about him behind his back.” This made me laugh so loud! I like your wit.

    Are you using Monique’s computer for the Uni funds? Do they earn interest, or are you just doing it manually, and have to earn every cent?

    • annek2 says:

      Haha, thank you :-) I just thought it was really mean!

      Yep, I do. but I just let the Sims donate the amount of money they should pay in taxes, and I just keep track of the total uni funds on paper, if that makes sense.

      • I think that means the sims are donating to charity, rather than transmitting to some other bank account.

        If I ever do it, I will set up some sim, and make him know everyone, but not actually play him, just so that the sims can transmit the money to his bank account. Less manual math for me, that way. I wonder, if you don’t play him, but you’re playing the people who transmit the money, is interest accrued?

        Yours is probably more “honest,” though, in case of interest.

        • annek2 says:

          Yes, it does, but as long as I keep track of all the taxes manually, it kind of boils down to the same thing. It’s just less, messy, I think. And I have no idea about the interest – I’m not that much of an expert on Monique’s Computer (yet) ;-)

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