Blueberry Island – Winter 1 – Walker

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little while, but here I am with a new update! This time we visit the Walker family, which consists of Jake, his pregnant wife Christy and Andrew, who’s a Bigfoot. Last season Jake opened up a restaurant called Walker’s, since he wants to top the Culinary career.

Let’s see what this household will get up to in Winter!


First order of the season was paying the taxes, which consisted of $1700. I’m wondering how long it will take Blueberry Island to get a University. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess!


Even though Jake has maxed out Cooking (and wants to be a chef) he burned the omelets that morning. They ate them anyway, since they can’t really afford to throw away food.


Towards the end of her pregnancy, Christy started to feel the urge to do a lot of cleaning.


Andrew wrote a bestseller last season, and decided to write another novel. They are a good source of income, even though they take quite a while to write (or maybe I’m just impatient).


Despite the burned omelets Jake still enjoyed cooking a lot, and he hoped he could go back to Walker’s soon, so he could earn himself that position in Culinary.


The rest of the household enjoyed his cooking quite a lot as well. I like those dinner pictures with everyone at the table, eating and chatting :-)


That night, Christy went into labour!


Jake and Andrew both seem quite shocked about this, even though Christy has been walking around with a very round belly for a while now.


It’s a baby boy! I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible to get a girl in this town. This is the fourth boy in a row!

Anyway, his name is Elijah, and he has his father’s fair skin and brown hair and his mother’s brown eyes.


After the initial shock wore off, both Jake and Andrew are delighted by the arrival of Elijah.

This arrival also meant that a renovation of the house was in order, since the little boy needs a place to sleep.

11 12

I added a small second floor to the house. Elijah got the former master bedroom, and Andrew, Jake and Christy moved upstairs.


Also, I’m pretty much in love with that cute wall paper :-)

Christy doesn’t notice it, though, she only has eyes for her beautiful baby boy.


The next morning Jake, Andrew and Christy went to Walker’s for the first time this season. This time around Jake gets to be the chef, since he has now maxed Cooking.


That means that Andrew is now the host.

For now Walker’s is still a small family diner, but I hope to it will become a beautiful restaurant when they get more money.


Things are going all right with the restaurant, but Christy started to have hard time doing all the serving on her own once the business got up to level 3.


When they came home I decided I didn’t like the grey carpet anymore, and I updated their floor to a nice woody thing.


I also bought the cute bouncy chair for Elijah, so he doesn’t have to be on his own in his bedroom all the time.


Jake and Christy went on a date to get their aspiration up so they could go back to the diner soon.


…and then they did it in front of the baby. It was ACR, not me, I swear!


After that Jake went back to the restaurant, hired a waitress and called up Christy to come over and be hostess.

The idea for the diner is to get it up to level 5 as fast as possible and improve the interior after that’s done.


Christy had fun being the hostess – she liked it a lot better than being a waitress.


It also helped her to earn her golden sales badge!

The diner got up to level 4 soon, and they hired another waiter called Elmer to help out the girl (I forgot her name).


Unforunately, Elmer is not really that good a waiter…


Nevertheless, (even though I missed the actual final star) the store reached rank 5! Quite frankly, this was a lot easier than I thought it would be in advance.


That moment of triumph was quickly followed by this facepalming moment, though. I wanted Jake to fix the sink, but he couldn’t get there because Christy and Elmer kept trying to mop up the never ending puddle…

Anyway, let’s show you the renovation of the restaurant! It looks a lot less shabby now (I hope):

27 28

I wanted it look cosy and inviting, a place you can go with your friends, your family or your date and feel comfortable :-)


Back home, Jake immediately searched for a job in Culinary, but no dice…

He also had the wish to buy another community lot, but I think I’m going to install the rule that a Sim cannot start another business if they haven’t brought their previous one up to level 10 yet. And that’s not going to happen in a while, since I’ll probably wait until Jake and Christy have teens to help out at the restaurant.

Besides, if anyone in this household is going to purchase a community lot, it’s Andrew, since he wants to own 5 top level businesses.


The living room got a little furniture upgrade, since they earned quite some money at the business (mainly because of the money perks).


That evening Jake and Christy talked about trying for another baby. And then they did. I might or might not have heard a lullaby.


Andrew and Jake became best friends!


Christy wanted to study Parenting. Is that a sign that she’s pregnant? Not really.


This is, though!


In the evening it was time for Elijah to grow up!


N’aww, look at him! He’s cute! His personality is 10/10/9/3/1. Wow, we’ve got a mean one over here…


He seems to take after his daddy mostly, except for his eye colour. Look at that cute nose! :-)


Yep, definitely pregnant.


The next morning Christy made Elijah some Smart Milk. Because Smart Milk is awesome.


Elijah seems to like the shiny milk. :-)


Jake got to teaching Elijah how to talk right away.


And he learned it in no time!


Next up was potty training, which was done before they knew it as well.

Man, I love Smart Milk.


“Babies” is a popular topic of conversation in the Walker home.


While paying the taxes Christy saw this cute dog walk by, and I thought: let’s adopt him, he looks cool!


So I let Andrew greet the dog, who’s called Webster, since Bigfoots build up a relationship with dogs quickly, but the bloody dog walked off…

Just wanted to express my annoyance about that.


Never mind that, though, because cuteness!


Jake wanted to teach Elijah to walk, so they started working on that later that same day.


And bam! Done as well.


Andrew maxed out his hobby enthusiasm for Film and Literature, and got the hobby reward, which he proudly hung above his bed.


Second pop!


Andrew and Elijah are adorable together. Andrew constantly wants to take care of him, but I mainly let him work on his novels.


Jake had searched for a job in Culinary every day after the restaurant reached level 5, but there still wasn’t an opening…


Plan for the future: a big seperate kitchen. Jake and Christy will probably have a lot of kids (since they’re both Family Sims), so they a big family kitchen is obviously necessary :-)


I love the bathing toddler interaction. It just always seems so loving to me for some reason.


They were running out of groceries, so Jake headed out to Julia’s Fruits and Veggies. He introduced himself to Julia, whom he hadn’t met yet.


They chatted for a while before Jake picked out his groceries.


Julia seemed like a very nice woman, and he was glad he’d finally met her – he was best friends with her husband, after all.


Back home Jake prepared some grilled cheese for the family.


They tasted so good that Jake didn’t even notice his wife passing out right in her own plate of food. Or he just didn’t care.


Andrew wrote another bestseller, this time a mystery novel :-)


That night Christy went into labour!


It’s a girl! The first girl on Blueberry Island after four boys!


Her name is Caroline, and she has her mother’s skin and eyes and her father’s hair colour.


Jake was delighted to have a baby girl. He wanted to have a big family, and they were well on their way! With a big smile he put Caroline in her crib, while Winter faded into Spring.

That’s it! I hope you liked it, Happy Simming!

Households: 2
Playable Sims: 10
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 2
* Owned: 2
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 4
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 20
Fires 0
Burglars: 1
Uni funds: $16,600

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2 Responses to Blueberry Island – Winter 1 – Walker

  1. Wow! One girl, and three boys in the other family. I have a feeling she is going to be popular.

    This is fun! Thanks for the updates.

    • annek2 says:

      Well, she’s a bit too young for most of the boys, but she’s really awesome, so she’ll be popular anyway. :-P

      Thank you for commenting! I really appreciate it :-)

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