An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 10: This Is The Moment

Hi all!

I’m back already with an Apocalypse update! In the last update Flora grew up to a teenager, making her look almost exactly the same as her older sister Fiona. Mandy managed to adopt a little dog named Pepper, who got a job in Pet Showbiz. Mitch grew up to an elder, and Fiona met Demi Long, the woman who will become her spouse. And that was it!


Pepper got promoted to Understudy in the last update, so she needed to learn another command. Mandy happily taught it to her, glad she had something else to do than just playing chess. Plus, she really liked her. As do I. I really liked Balin (the big black dog that lifted Pet Service) but I think I like Pepper even better. We’ll give her to Joel once she’s lifted the restriction.


Flora maxed out Logic! That’s the first skill any of my Sims seem to top, since they basically do nothing but playing chess.


Fiona keeps congratulating everyone, and I don’t understand why. She’s only got 1 nice points so it’s not because she’s just such a nice Sim…


Pepper’s on a roll! She’s got another promotion and is now a Stunt Double. One more promotion to go! This going really really well :-)


I feel a bit bad for the poor dog, though. She’s always tired and of course her hygiene is completely in the red.


I really love Fiona. I think she’ll make a great heir. For some reason I also think she’s more responsible than her sister is. Maybe because she’s the older sister.


Joel frequently calls to chat, which I think is cute. He misses his family! That’s not that weird either, he’s all alone now after living with his family for his entire life.


Play Dead is always the most amusing command to teach a dog :-)


Joel seemed tired of just chatting on the phone, so he came over. He didn’t greet anyone, though, he just walked in and complained about not being able to access the computer…


He went over and chatted with Mitch after that, though.


Jane earned $100,000! That’s quite an accomplishment, I think. I try to remember if she got a large bonus at some point in her career, but I don’t think so.


Saturdays in the McHero household: playing chess.


Joel came to visit again, and – yep, that’s right – more chess!


Some mother-children bonding time, by – you guessed it – playing chess ;-)

I thought this was really sweet, though.


And then it was finally time for Fiona to grow up to an adult! The updates might not have reflected it (or maybe they did) but her teenage years seemed like an eternity to me.


But now she’s all grown up!


“Wow, that was awesome! I feel so great!”


“Oh, wait – no, I don’t.”


She of course went into complete aspiration failure because of not having been able to go to college (she’s a Knowledge Sim after all), so the shrink came down from wherever he lives and helped her out of the deep red a little bit.


Poor Mandy’s really worried about her granddaughter.

Also; she’s still so beautiful :-)


Fiona was doing a lot better after the visit of the shrink though, and she immediately went to look for a job in the paper. There wasn’t anything useful, however, so she stays unemployed for now.

I’m not really sure what restriction I want her to lift. It all depends on what shows up in the paper, I guess. I want to make a good choice, though, but it’s difficult.


Poor Fiona. And we’ll have to go through this again with Flora in a couple of days…


Huh, her face looks slightly strange; her face is very narrow all of a sudden. And she was such a pretty teenager! She’s still pretty, but it does look a bit weird when you see her up close.


She’s finally able to skill from books now she’s an adult, so she skills a bit, and I was once again surprised at how fast the skilling goes with the Education bookcase!

Is it possible there’s still a bit of the Smart Milk glitch effect left? I thought that wore off once Sims became adults, but I might be wrong.


After gaining a whole bunch of skill points in very little time Fiona went to bed. Once Tuesday rolls around she can call up Demi, fall in love and move her in! Jane and Mitch will also move out then, and move in with Joel.


Apparently Fiona can’t sleep, though, because she joins Mandy at the chess table in the middle of the night. Mandy is surprised, but enjoys the company.


The next day Fiona searched for a job again, but there’s nothing suitable to be found yet, so she puts the paper away and starts skilling again. Soon she’s got her aspiration meter in the gold again, because she had skilling wants. I love the Knowledge aspiration!


That afternoon Pepper came home with her final promotion to a Star! She’s topped Pet Showbiz and lifted the restriction! Pepper, I love you! Getting her to the top went really smoothly.


Flora rewarded Pepper with a dog treat.


And then we celebrated this lift by Flora learning to do homework with Mitch’s help, which is now finally allowed.


Fiona maxed Creativity in one day! So much love for that bookcase.


All of a sudden Mitch rolled romantic wants for Jane. He’s never done that before, and now his aspiration meter is in the gold, for the first time ever, maybe.


Flora, however, is in the red, and her aspiration keeps on dropping. She has no fulfillable wants whatsoever. She doesn’t even roll the “Talk About Hobby” want. I thought maybe she’d roll some skill wants when I let her skill, but no dice.


This looked rather intimidating, but they’re just playing, fortunately :-)


Bam! Fiona maxed Cooking as well.


And since it was Tuesday, Fiona was finally able to invite over Demi. She had to wait til after dark since Demi worked all day, but she agreed to come over straight away, so all’s good.


They greeted each other politely with a few kissed on the cheek.


And then Fiona immediately started heart farting over Demi! That got me excited, and I was right to be because these two have two bolts! Two bolts, ladies and gentlemen!


They chatted for a bit and soon became best friends.


And then the fun started…


It took only a few flirts before these two were completely in love with each other. I have high hopes for this couple!


First kisses are always so cute.

43 44

Right after the first kiss Fiona proposed and Demi accepted!


They got married right then and there on the lawn. Look at those happy faces!

With the marriage Demi joined the household, and this point I could not believe my luck and did a little happy dance. Demi’s LTW is to Become Chief of Staff! Once she’s lifted the Medical restriction (from which she’s only one promotion away) I won’t ever have to worry about her aspiration!


Cris looked on during the “ceremony”. It was kind of cute, but I quickly ushered the newlyweds inside after the marriage anyway. I don’t like ghosts scaring my Sims!


Since Fiona was now all grown up and married, it seemed like a good time for Jane and Mitch to move out. Fiona said goodbye to her mother with a big hug.


It feels very weird sending them off, but I don’t want my household to become to crowded, and I don’t want any more ghosts either, so this seems like the best solution. Like I said before, they moved in with Joel across the street.


Demi needs three more skill points for that final promotion to Chief of Staff, so after some dinner she immediately started studying. She didn’t manage to get all the points she needed, but that’s okay. I’ll allow her one extra day ;-)


The next morning Demi gets officially initiated in Apocalypse life by playing Red Hands with Fiona.


Flora’s still around as well, of course, and she’s still not happy. She’s sinking deeper in the red every day, and I get so annoyed by it… What kind of Knowledge Sim are you, Flora?!


Even though she might not want to, I still let her skill, though, now she finally can after Pepper lifted Pet Showbiz.


That evening Demi earned her last skill point (for Cleaning) for her final promotion!


The next morning she had some last few handwashes before work. At this point I was really really excited. I’ve gotten so used to all the marathon hand washing that I can’t imagine this household without it.


While Demi was getting up her hygiene Fiona was looking for a job again, as she did every morning, and she took one in Oceanography. She’s now a Fish Monger, which is level 1. Why does she only get offered level 1 jobs? She’s got tons of skill points.


Anyway, she immediately headed off for a few hours of work. Once she tops Oceanography I can lock wants and fears and I can unlock one type of aspiration award. I’m doubting between Smart Milk and the Elixir of Life. Don’t have to worry about yet, though, since she first has to get 9 promotions…


Demi left for work and I was practically bouncing on my chair.


Ha, Fiona got a promotion for those 2 or 3 hours she worked.

Oh, Pepper’s still there as well. He couldn’t move out with Jane and Mitch, for some reason.


But when Fiona came home from work Joel was hanging out in the house, so she took the opportunity to give Pepper to Joel. I feel a bit sad about Pepper leaving the household, but it’s just not practical to keep her there. Especially not because we’ll need another pet in the future to lift Pet Security.


Flora had some fun in the snow. Not that she had the want for it – because Plumbbob forbid she rolls a fulfillable want – but I just thought it might cheer her up.


Fiona maxed Cleaning. :-)


Hehe, now their clothes match. Oh, and I just realised I’ve never seen Fiona wear her adult everyday clothes



People, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for for so long. Medical is unlocked! They can have showers!

Oh, and Demi fulfilled her LTW. That’s actually the first LTW that’s been fulfilled in this challenge (apart from Mandy’s, but that was before the Apocalypse hit).


And we end this update with Fiona taking a shower for the first time in her life.


Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Simming :-)

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4 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 10: This Is The Moment

  1. Huzzzzahhhhhh! Showers! Baths for toddlers and dogs! With your food and hygiene covered, the rest will be easy going. Why, you might even get bored with it, once the major challenges are over.

    Don’t you just love it when the married-in sims fit so perfectly?

    Now, how are those two going to have a baby together? Or is sim biology different than human biology? I think the rules state that you can only choose one sex to give birth, but they didn’t mention coupling, per se.

    Anyway, I am enjoying this, very much.

    • annek2 says:

      Yesss! I was so unbelievably happy and euphoric when Demi lifted Medical! I’ve played a bit again yesterday, and things are so much easier with showers :-)

      Yes, I really do! Jane and Mitch weren’t such a good couple, but Fiona and Demi are just adorable together.

      I have a hack that allows same sex couples to get pregnant. I think the rules state that you just have to make sure that it’s the same Sim who gets pregnant every pregnancy. So if I choose Fiona to carry their first baby, she will have to be the one to carry any other baby they will have after the first one.

      I’m glad you like it! I’m having lots of fun with it, too :-)

  2. I have posted a link to your blog, as an example of Sim story-telling and apocalypse challenge. Keep it up. I like reading yours.

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