Blueberry Island – Summer 1 – Robinson

Hi everyone and welcome back to Blueberry Island!


This is how the island looks after one season. It’s still pretty empty, eh? Hopefully that will change soon, and it will fill up as we get further into the challenge! Now let’s see how the Robinson family is doing.


Julia was very content with her life. She had just married Benjamin Long, and she succesfully opened her own grocery store called “Julia’s Fruits and Veggies” – the very first business on the island.


It was certainly more fun to tend to the plants together, and Ben seemed to enjoy it even more than she did (his predestined hobby is Nature). The plants were growing well, and they had high hopes for the produce they would give.

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The good review they got last season brought many new customers to the store. Ben and Julia were thrilled, even though it meant a lot of hard work. They didn’t mind, they enjoyed working the business a lot.


Not only did they do excellent business that day, someone gave Julia this tv as a networking gift! I love it when that happens! Kaching!


After closing time Julia and Ben went on a date to get their aspiration up. They also do this during their time at the business, so their aspiration meter stays in the gold and they can succesfully use the energiser.


Back home there was even more work to do for Ben, since the shower had broken down. But, he thought, even this tedious task brought him closer to his LTW, so he shouldn’t complain.


Now that the business was doing so well both Julia and Ben had started thinking about starting their family. They discussed it one night over dinner and they agreed it would be amazing to have a little baby soon.


So, they started working towards their new goal that same evening…


The next morning Julia didn’t feel so well, so she and Ben decided to stay home from the store that day and just take a day off for skilling.


When Julia got outside to check on the plants, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the tomatoes were full grown and ready to be harvested. That would surely spice up their meals!


Ben decided to use that day for playing chess and thus acquiring Logic skill points. He eventually needs all skill points for his LTW, of course, but I’m also planning for Ben to take the first position in Business when that’s unlocked, so I make him work for those required skills first.


Julia was really glad they stayed home, because after she harvested the tomatoes she had to make a run for the toilet. She wondered if she had just eaten something bad or if this was the sign of her being pregnant…


Now that the crops were harvested, Julia decided to start writing a novel – she would be skilling while at the same time making money. That’s the best combination, right?


Ben thought it was best if Julia rested a bit so he took it upon himself to fertilise the ground for the next round of crops.


He was really worried when he found Julia asleep in her bowl of Mac and Cheese that evening. He hoped everything was all right…


And it was! Of course it was ;-) Julia was thrilled when she felt the first pop. She was pregnant!


Ben was very excited, too, when he found out the next morning.


Even though Ben thought it was best for her to not wear herself out, Julia planted the new crops that afternoon, and she was happy she did so, because she earned her silver gardening badge!


Ben thought it would be nice to have some fresh fish to accompany their fresh fruits and veggies, so he headed out to the pond to catch some.


That evening they made their first meal with the tomatoes, and Ben had to admit that it tasted a lot better than before.

Yay for sparkly food! Although I have to really watch their hunger bars because they get fat so quickly when there’s sparkly food around!


Julia was getting bigger and bigger. She couldn’t wait to meet her little baby.


And she didn’t have to, because that same night she went into labour!

“What do I do? Oh my God! What do I do?”



A bit later Julia held a little baby boy in her arms!


Meet little Adam! He’s got his mother’s eyes and hair colour, but his father’s skin colour.


“Come meet your son, Ben!”

“In a minute, I really need to write about this in my diary right now.”


With the new addition to the family it was time to expand their house. The house got a lot bigger, and there is room left to expand if necessary. Here’s the ground floor.


And here’s the first floor! Also, they still had $28,000 left in the bank after this renovation! Yeah, I usually go for the cash perks when running businesses ;-)


Julia was exhausted after the birth, but happily spent a little time with Adam before putting him to bed in his new room (yes, I did the renovation immediately after the birth).


Before going back to bed Ben quickly checked on the new plants. He was way to excited to go to sleep again right away! And he managed to get his bronze badge!


The next morning Ben took care of little Adam for the first time. He loved the little boy already, with all his heart.


Afterwards, Julia and Ben went to work at the store for a bit. The result: the store is now rank 5, Julia got a gold sales badge (yay, dazzling!) and Ben earned his silver cashier badge! Oh, and someone gave them another tv again, which they sold immediately.


After closing time the couple went on another date :-)


Julia finished her novel! It wasn’t a bestseller, but it sold somewhat well, so that’s something.


Time went by so fast, so Julia decided to take some elixir of life. Mainly, I think the regular amount of days of adulthood are not enough for a founder of a BaCC.


Julia ended the busy season with a nice and relaxing bubble bath, wondering what Fall would bring her little family.

That was it for this season, thanks for reading! The next update won’t be here as quickly as this one, because I’m going to London on holiday next week! :-)

Households: 1
Playable Sims: 3
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 1
* Owned: 1
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 6
Fires 0
Uni funds: 0 (don’t remember, didn’t write it down for this season. Did for later seasons, though!)

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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3 Responses to Blueberry Island – Summer 1 – Robinson

  1. I think the Max 7 skills lifetime wish is the best, ever, especially for a founder. Send them to college, and they can do it before they graduate. For a teen, if you use the thinking caps, or the Bookcase of Education, they can do it before they even GO to college. Having your whole adult life in the platinum is just so sweet.

    This is getting more interesting. I didn’t know you could turn sim bin people into townies. Do the Travellers stay a family?

    • annek2 says:

      Yes, it’s quite an easy one to accomplish. It will probably take Julia a little while, though, since she started when she was an adult and has a family to take care off. If a teen grows up with this LTW, however, it’s really easy indeed. :-)

      Nope, they don’t stay a family, you have to disband the family connection before turning them into townies. I think I used the boolprop cheat, but I can’t remember how I did it exactly.

  2. Cool! So, I could marry-in the father, and leave the mother alone, and adopt the girl in some other family. Fun!

    I’ll have to look that up online. There are so many cheats, I think only 1/4 of them are listed in the “help” listing.

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