An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 6: Hygiene Hysteria

Hi everyone and welcome back to A Heroic Apocalypse!

It’s been a while since the last update, but I haven’t been playing a lot of Sims lately, since I’ve been experiencing pain in my hands for a while now (most likely RSI) and I try to spend less time at my computer, which sucks… I’ve also got exams coming up, which will take up a lot of my time as well, I’m afraid.

So, to refresh your memories: in the last update Chris died and also made his first appearance as a ghost, scaring the bejesus out of Jane right before she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Fiona. The McHero family also adopted a dog, named Balin, who is to top the Service career. After being fired on his first day in the Entertainment career Joel finally found a job in Journalism, and that is where we left off!


We start this update with a newly pregnant Jane! Hopefully this time it will be a boy. I’m also glad I don’t have to worry about Jane a lot anymore since she’s already permaplat and has topped her career, thereby lifting Education (forgot to mention that in the recap).


Go Balin! Seems like yesterday he joined the family and now he has already lifted Service Pet! Now, when Jane grows up to elder, I can actually control her and not have to watch her stomping bugs and getting ill all the time. Thanks, Balin! It also means Balin will probably leave the family soon, and we’ll start looking for a new pet (although maybe not right away).


Time for a birthday! This is little Fiona. She’s got an interesting face, let’s see what she’ll look like as a child, shall we?


Okay, so you can’t see her facial features propery here, but she’s actually quite cute :-)


Wow, sidewalk birth, haven’t seen one of those in a long time! Her coworker seems awfully happy. Creep.


Meet Flora! Another girl, unfortunately, but I’m sure she’ll be awesome as well.


On Tuesday Mandy invited over a friend with the sole purpose of asking him to take Balin from them. He agreed and Balin left the family again, even though he’s hardly been around. He was very helpful, though, and I’ll remember him!

I also decided to wait a little before adopting a new pet, at least until Joel unlocks Journalism.


Man, Apocalypses are stressful. I was really afraid Fiona might be taken away by the social worker (that would mean Flora gets taken as well, right?) since she wouldn’t do her homework because of low hygiene and fun.

So I decided the best thing to do was to let Fiona skip school for one day to get her hygiene up and catch up on her homework. I forgot to take a picture of the actual doing of the homework (which she did!) so here’s a picture of her getting her fun up with Joel after a tough day.

Boy, do I want to lift Medical…


Flora gets on my nerves. She cried almost the entire day while nothing was wrong with her, and the moment she fell asleep her diaper turned dirty… *sigh*


And then she grew up without me noticing! That actually never happens to me, so that proves how hectic it’s been around the house.

I also very much wondered why on earth Mitch is completely nekkid here… That does not seem very appropriate.  o_O


Flora is really cute though, and she also has The Freckles, like her sister. But her facial features are different from Fiona’s, which pleases me. Diversity, yay! Although she does have the same hair as Fiona, and her mother…

Fiona will probably be heir, btw, since she’s older and Medical can be lifted sooner that way (yes, I am desperate for Medical to be lifted, how did you guess?).


I love Fiona, but the bloody girl will be the death of me… Can’t you roll a want I can fulfil for once, PLEASE? At this moment she had the following wants: Get an A+, be friends with some kid she met at school, be swung around by Joel, tell inside joke to Joel. *facepalm*


I really loved Cris. It’s a shame I really hate ghosts (you know, because of them scaring the living daylights out of my Sims and nearly killing them)…


Just a cute, carefree picture of little Flora and her Mum. I’m so happy Jane’s permaplat! She can just take care of the kids, the house and her hygiene, and go to work once in a while.


She also makes a shitload of money. The household funds at this point was $232,016 and the bills only cost them about $500 a week. They will be so incredibly filthy rich at the end of this challenge…


Mitch also makes way too much money. Look at him, and his fancy sports car. He’s not permaplat like Jane though. But if I’m completely honest… I don’t really care about him. He’s a bit weird, with his inexplicable love for Mandy and his nudity.


Keeping the kid happy! It’s not as if toddler skills are important, but Flora had the want and I want her to grow up happy :-)


Turns out keeping Fiona home from school for a day was a good call: her grade is now up to a C+ again! Although the game says she still has “horrible grades”. A C+ is not horrible! Right?


And now it’s time to let the poor kid have a little fun. It’s Thursday, so her grade can’t slip that far. Plus, I’ll still try to let her make her homework.

Aww, she looks so happy :-)


Joel brought home a promotion! He is now a Horoscope Writer. Four more promotions to go… *sigh* I love Joel, but this isn’t going very fast… Luckily I can control elders now, so it won’t really be a problem if he doesn’t reach the top before his birthday (he has maxed Body as well).

That reminds me, I read through the rules again (as I often do) and when Journalism is lifted, my teens still can’t go to college (even though Military and Education and Journalism are lifted) because teens can only be sent to college if they have 10 Body points and they can’t acquire body points since they can only gain skill points while also raising fun (as per the Showbiz Pet restriction). So, next goal: lifting Showbiz Pet!


Wow, Fiona actually has fulfillable wants for a change! Play with a relative, talk to relative, build snowman…


…make a snow angel! :-)


And look at that, she’s actually doing her homework!


The next day she had her last day of school as a kid. Phew. When she’s a teen I at least won’t have to worry about the social worker anymore … until Flora grows up, that is, which is around the same time Fiona will become a teen. *sigh*


Everyone is extremely good friends with each other, which I think is nice. Also not surprising, since they spend so much time with each other in such a confined place.


Fiona will grow up with a B+ and Joel got another promotion. All is well!

You’d think Joel would have gotten used to that smell by now, though.


Jane grew up! Alone… in the bathroom… Yeah, I kind of didn’t notice it was 6 pm. Oops.

And with that I will leave you for now! I hope I’ll be able to update soon again, but I can’t promise anything.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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2 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 6: Hygiene Hysteria

  1. Awww, your kids are so cute! Too bad about the lack of baths, but you’ll get medical lifted soon, I’m sure.

    You have that lovely Bookcase of Education, but you can’t get your kids to read from it. That is a real pity. I think ShowBiz Pet might be my first lift, if it’s at all possible. Well, after the initial Hopelessness and first career, or course. My founder is going to befriend pets as much as he can, to get Service and ShowBiz done early.

    I’ve learned so much from reading this. It’s great to help strategize.

    • annek2 says:

      I’m determined to get Medical as the next spouse’s lift. I just really need those showers! That’ll make things so much easier…

      I know, it’s really frustrating… I hope to get the two Pet restrictions I’ve got left lifted soon, but for some reason those stupid dogs and cats just don’t want to be adopted! They keep walking off the lot…

      Again, glad to be of help! :-) I’m loving the strategising part of this challenge!

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