An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 3: Transitions

Hello all!

I’m here with another update for you. Wow, 3 updates in 3 days!

When we last left off Cris had just managed to max his body skill after I found out he was actually allowed to do yoga.


We start off this update with this wonderful picture of Mandy and Cris being disgusted in synch. What a perfect match, those two! Or they just spent too much time in each other’s company.


And now for something completely different! It’s Joel growing up :-) It turns out this is the only picture of him as a toddler, which is a shame, because he’s so cute! He has freckles! I always go a little bit crazy when my Sims have freckles.

Anyway, as you probably remember, Joel is the second child of Mandy and Cris. His personality is, unfortunately, very similar to his sister’s: 9/10/10/3/3. Just like Jane he has 9 neat points, so no sponge bathing for him when he grows up…


Speaking of Jane, she’s not doing very well. Hygiene really is a (excuse my French) bitch to get up when you don’t have showers, which in turn leads to Jane not wanting to do her homework.


She actually skipped school one day. Notice the homework behind her and her mum. Yeah… Good times, people.

I let her play a lot of Red Hands, though, because that’s an easy way to get her fun up, as well as her social.


On the (very) bright side though: Cris finally reached the top of his career, meaning Military is unlocked! Yay! Thanks, Cris, I love you. Took you a while though…

Seeing this picture made me remember something. In the last update I talked about not being sure when Mandy quit her job, but now I know. She had to quit when her pregnancy started showing because she wasn’t allowed to walk to work until Military was lifted. Mystery solved! Not that you were wondering or something. I was just excited to remember it ;-)


As I mentioned in the first update my plan was to turn Mandy into a vampire right before elderhood so she would be around to take care of family friends and spouses for future generations (plus, at this point I pretty much adored her). So, when her last Tuesday as an adult rolled around she invited over this guy to turn her.

However… He would not do it! Even though their relationship was extremely good.


“What now?”

I have no idea, sweetie. In fact, at this point I started to panic. If this wouldn’t work, the whole challenge would be ruined (in my eyes).


She took the very last sip of the elixir of life (she drank the rest already as well, I believe), giving her just enough days to make it to the next Tuesday. And if the Count wouldn’t do it then… Well, I don’t know what I’d do.


Now, let’s lighten the mood with a nice picture of Mr General, shall we? Doesn’t he look handsome? :-)


Before I knew it it was time for another birthday – a double birthday even! First to grow up was Jane here, which I was very excited about since her hygiene would stop going down like crazy now. Plus, no more fearing the social worker.

I like her dress, although it seems a little bit too summer-y for eternal winter, if you ask me. I rolled for her Primary and Secondary Aspirations, as per Education rules, and she became a Popularity/Knowledge Sim. No clue what her LTW is.

Aaand, another broken sink in the background. That’s pretty much always happening.


Next up was Joel, who seems to be very happy to grow up. I wouldn’t be too happy to become a child in an Apocalypse. I think that’s pretty much the most awful life stage to be in in an AC (before Medical is lifted anyway).

And the fear of the social worker is back…


Apocalypse mayhem…

Joel is still excited though, bless him.


Being a teenager in an Apocalypse without many lifted restricitions is incredibly boring. Since she cannot go to school anymore, Jane is at home literally all the time, having nothing to do but playing  chess, reading books and fixing things. In order to get her some Cooking points I let her make the food everyday. She isn’t very succesful yet, though.


Luckily she’s not the only one who’s at home constantly. Mandy wishes her daughter would have the opportunity to go to school, but she also doesn’t really mind the company. Jane is just glad she isn’t left home alone every day.


I wanted to say: “And this for a Sim who has 9 freakin’ neat points” but then I remembered I was actually trying to make her more sloppy by making Mandy encourage her to be so.

I think I forgot about it after that, because it seems like a pretty smart thing to do, but I only did it this one time…


“Hey mum, congrats on woohooing Dad!”

Oookay then. o_O


Apparently Cris got demoted to Astronaut again. Huh. But that was not why I wanted to show this picture. It was because of the cuteness of Joel running out to hug his father (although I usually find that extremely annoying). He looks so proud of him :-)

“My daddy is an astronaut. Beat that, suckers!”


Wow, Joel is doing his homework! And Jane is keeping him company by doing her old homework. Partly because she didn’t have anything else to do, partly because it annoyed me to have old homework lying around the house.

She’s probably reminiscing about the time she could still go to school… She is part Knowledge Sim after all. Poor Jane.


As if being in an Apocalypse isn’t bad enough, we also have another break in (this is the second one). This oh-so-lovely gentleman stole a chair, the chess table, the bookcase and the crib. I immediately replaced all of them of course, since money isn’t exactly an issue with these guys.


Jane maxed out her Logic skill, so now she officially has no useful things to do, except if something breaks around the house.  She just sits around reading the novels her mother wrote before she was born. Apparently this one’s very shocking.

I always think of Harry Potter when I see the cover of that book. Do you think that’s what they intended?


This isn’t really an important picture or signifying a special moment or anything. I just think the snow is pretty. :-)


“Really? You’re making me eat spoiled food now?”

Hey, you were the one being hungry!


I’m wondering how on earth he managed to get an A+. Seriously, how did that happen? o_O

And then, it was Tuesday again. Time to invite Count Vampire (don’t know his name) back over and hope for the best.


Well, that must be a disturbing sight for the poor kid.



But my plan worked, so I don’t really care! Mandy is a vampire now, hurrah!

Happy times in the McHero household! (oh, how I love alliteration – sorry, English major)


The happy times don’t last long, though, since this is the last kiss Mandy and Cris will share before Cris turns into an elder and thus becomes senile (aka uncontrollable). How heartbreaking…


Yep, there it is… Judging from the look on his face he knows what’s coming.

Also, why is Jane doing homework over there? Has she still not finished it?


Oh, now she has.

Anyway, Cris is now an elder. The first elder in this Apocalypse. I really loved him, but I’m pretty sure he’ll only be getting on my nerves from now on.


Yep. Stomping roaches in the snow. Brilliant. He actually got the flu right here. I’m guessing he won’t live very long if he keeps this up.

I was still doubting between Culinary and Medical for the second generation spouse, but I’m inclined to go for Culinary now. That way they can get a pet who can in turn lift Pet Service, which will stop elders from being uncontrollable.


Before we worry about that we’ve got another birthday to attend, though. Don’t they look excited?


That’s more like it! Joel became a Pleasure/Knowledge Sim. Even though you didn’t see much of him in this update, I really like him. Maybe even more than I like Jane.


I’m starting to like Cris a little less, though. He now has the flu AND a cold. Good times.

Will Cris survive his illness? Who will be the heir? I guess you’ll find out in the next update!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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I'm Anne, a Dutch girl in her twenties who loves to play Sims 2 and 4!
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4 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 3: Transitions

  1. Jenn says:

    Aww the kids turned out nicely! Poor Cris. Glad to see that Mandy finally got the Count to do her bidding.

    • annek2 says:

      I was so nervous when the Count didn’t turn Mandy the first time! My whole plan would have failed miserably, so I’m glad it worked out in the end. :-)

  2. Yay! A vampire! I think that’s a great idea. You get the founder to make all these friends and lovers, so you can invite people over, and then once they become elders, or even die, you can’t do it, any more. Fantastic.

    And having an uncontrollable elder – yuck! I want to have pets as soon as possible, even if I have to feed them spoiled burgers. You can do that, can’t you? I sure hope you can do that.

    I love reading other people’s stories, so I can learn from them. Plus, it’s so fun.

    Annek2, I love alliteration, too.

    • annek2 says:

      I have to admit I was really proud of myself when I came up with the vampire thing :P Mandy is also the first vampire I’ve ever had in game!

      It was horrible :-( Poor Cris, he’s really had a rough time in this Apocalypse.

      I think you can feed them spoiled burgers, yeah, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s not restricted, I think.

      Same here! You can come up with some great ideas while reading other people’s stories.

      Alliteration is awesome ;-)

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