An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 2: A Burglar and Some Babies

Hi all! I’m back already with the second update. Like I told you, lots of pics waiting to be posted.

At the end of the first update Mandy had just lifted Hopelessness and Adventure and married her true love Cristopher Philippine.


So, meet Cris! You already saw him last chapter, but I didn’t mention his stats. He’s a Fortune Sim with a 4/7/8/3/3 personality (yay, sponge baths!). I have no idea what his LTW is, but that doesn’t matter anyway since this is an Apocalypse. You don’t get to fulfill your LTW and be happy, don’t be silly!

Anyway, he is rank 7 in Military, so that’s the career he will be lifting. He still has a lot of skilling to do, though, and that can be quite the pain in the ass. Especially since he needs body points…


So, right after Cris moved in this happened. How I cursed that burglar! In the end he stole three chairs, the bookcase and the chess table. I of course replaced them all and it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it’s really no fun to sit and watch helplessly as a burglar raids your Sims house.


This was funny, though. He stood on the roof for ages cackling about the expensive networking gifts over there. However, he couldn’t take it because of the fence. Muahaha! I win this one, Mr Burglar!


Then Mandy got the flu because of the roaches she constantly tries to trample.


And then Cris got it, too, of course…


That didn’t really come in handy, seeing as Cris still needs those body points. And, man, are those annoying to get without a shower! It’s really very slow progress, and pissing me off big time.

Yes, Mandy, those roaches make me want to cry, too. :-(


“I’m worried. What if we die?”

I don’t know, dear. Well, I do know, this whole challenge would be over. I have to say, though, at this point I was quite worried as well.


They got better, though, and Cris continues advancing slowly in the Military career.


Also, Mandy got pregnant! Generation two is on its way, people!


Because of the constant handwashing and sponge bathing the sinks break A LOT, and get dirty real quick as well. In other words: lots to do for Mandy since Cris is skilling all the time. I think Mandy also quit her job in Adventure around this time to be a stay at home Apocalypse mum, but I’m not sure. She quit a some point though.


Pregnancy Proof!

Mandy tries to stay in touch with the friends she made in college, but it’s difficult since she can only call them on Tuesdays after 12 pm. While she’s feeling really good about trying to help Apocalypse Valley, the hardships that come with it can sometimes make her feel a little hopeless.


Cris got demoted because of a bad chance card. This is when I starting feeling quite hopeless myself, and almost started to regret my decision of going for Cris as the first spouse instead of a Sim with a better job.


But behold! There’s a little light in the darkness! The birth of the first child of the second generation and also the end of a straining pregnancy.


Cris didn’t seem particularly interested in witnessing the birth of his first child, though…


But here she is, a little girl named Jane :-)


And next thing we know, she’s cute little toddler! She’s pretty face one-ish, which is a little boring (but to be expected) but she’s still adorable.


See? Awww…

What’s a little less adorable is that she only has one nice point (yikes!) and (much worse) nine (!) neat points, which means she won’t be able to take sponge baths. *grumble* Where on earth did she get all those neat points anyway?

Her full personality is 9/7/9/3/1.


One of the three items Mandy brought back from college was smart milk (the other two being elixir of life and her diploma), of which Jane makes good use.


In the mean time all the skilling is wearing Cris out. Really, it was a complete disaster.


But thank Plumbbob for good chance cards! You can’t see it on this photo, but Cris got promoted to Astronaut because of one. Only one more promotion to go before Military is lifted!


Also, Mandy is pregnant again! At this point it was still quite easy to manage the one plate of food rule, even though Mandy was hungry all the time. I started to get a bit worried about the future, though, so I decided that the heir’s spouse would either lift Culinary, or Medicine (I want showers, man).


Time for little Jane to grow up already! Time flies when you’re having fun! Well, when I’m having fun, I don’t think these guys were having much fun. Although Jane seems pretty happy on this picture :-)


She won’t be happy for long, however. The handwashing has begun…


And the poor kid has to sleep on the top floor all by herself. There’s nothing there besides the bed (and a little bathroom). I feel so sorry for her.


I actually got a picture of the second pop!


Getting kids to make their homework is quite difficult in an Apocalypse because they won’t do it when their hygiene is low – which is pretty much always. The trick is to keep them in the platinum, but that’s not always doable either. So this sight of Jane doing her homework is one to be pretty ecstatic about, actually.


Labour time!


This time it’s a little boy, and I named him Joel. I decided to let every generation have it’s own letter (so gen 2 is the J). It’s quite random, though.


And this right here is the moment I felt like a complete and utter dumbass. I thought Sims weren’t allowed to do yoga, so I let Cris work out to the radio the entire time up until now, when I decided to check the rules again. Turns out it was only meditating that’s forbidden.



“Haha, look at daddy! He fell on his face doing yoga!”


Actually, he got quite good at it, and FINALLY maxes his body skill. This was a true hallelujah moment.

And at that happy note I’ll leave you for now! I hope you enjoyed! A comment would be much appreciated :-)

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4 Responses to An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 2: A Burglar and Some Babies

  1. Jenn says:

    Omg, this is hysterical, yet so sad. Cris’ face in that one pic begging to be anywhere but here, was so funny and yet so sad.

  2. Oh, poor Jane. Level 9 neatness, with no baths or showers! Poor kid!

    I’m really enjoying this. So glad you finally remembered about yoga. Also, I love your house design. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use something similar, or if I will have a house on stilts, so I can have a driveway and restorable car.

    • annek2 says:

      I know right! I’m yearning for the day I unlock Medical :P

      I felt so stupid when I realised he was able to do yoga… If I’d found out about that sooner it would’ve saved me a lot of misery! I love that house design as well, and it worked out for me because Military was one of my first lifts, which makes it possible for Sims to Walk to Work (or Lot, or whatever). The restorable car is very useful when you don’t have Military as one of the first lifts, though.

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