An Heroic Apocalypse – Chapter 1: College and Getting Started

Hi all, and welcome to the first update of my Apocalypse. This is basically the first Apocalypse I have ever played (attempted one before, but got bored after Hopelessness was lifted). It will be plotless, seeing as I’ve got enough to pay attention to as it is with this challenge (don’t know what an Apocalypse challenge is? Check this out: Be warned: it’s a very long read). I’m playing with the entire rule set (so up until Mansion and Garden), and no additional handicaps or rules. Just a good ol’ Apocalypse.

You’ll have to bear with me for (at least) the first couple of updates; I only just decided to document this challenge (I’m already on the third generation) so I haven’t got a ton of pictures for the first bit.

Anyways, let’s get this show on the road!



This is our founder: Mandy McHero (hence the name “A Heroic Apocalypse”). She is a Pleasure Sim (or I must say, became one in the search for a fulfillable LTW) with the LTW of having 50 Dream Dates. Her personality is 2/5/6/2/10. I made her a slob on purpose, so she can take sponge baths when the apocalypse hits.

Oh, look at her, all happy and bubbly. She has no idea what’s going to happen to her, poor thing.

I do though. Muahaha.

I must say I have exceptionally few photos of her college days. The larger part consists of close ups of downtownies for my Potential Spouses Database.


It didn’t take Mandy long to find the love of her life. And this is also the point at which I found out I’m the hugest softie and a sucker for true love.

This handsome fellow here (famous Legacy spouse material, I know) is called Cristopher Philippine. When Mandy met him they had 3 bolts and (of course) instantly hit it off. I changed Mandy’s aspiration after that and they dropped to 2 bolts, but at that point the damage was done: they were inseparable in my eyes.

What’s the problem, you ask me? Not a huge problem, it’s just that Cris is in Military, rank 7 at this point, and Mandy could do a lot better regarding the second lift for the Apoc. But I couldn’t do it, so he stayed! Consequently, he was also the victim for Mandy’s LTW.


Besides dating, Mandy did a whole lot of digging for treasure. I don’t remember exactly how much money she earned doing this, but I believe it was over $60,000. Enough to build her a “nice” home, because I decided not to go for a Secret Society safe house.


Mandy also maxed all of her skills in college, so she didn’t have to worry about that later on. Preparation is everything!



Then there was of course the friend-making part (synchronised sniffing included). I love the BFF feature; your Sim will never lose a family friend, even if the relationship drops below 50. At this point I h decided on a game plan: Mandy will become a vampire somewhere during adulthood so she will be around forever and the heirs don’t have to worry about making friends for promotions. Or finding good spouses, for that matter.

Also, I love Mandy and the faces she pulls.


Like this one :-)


After a seemingly endless amount of dates, Mandy achieved her LTW. Thanks, Cris!


Aww, she looks so worried; as if that witch just told her the world’s going to end. Which is kind of true, obviously.


I have a theory Mrs. Crumplebottom is behind all of this. Yes, she’s the mastermind of an evil corporation that sells Apocalypses to Sims who want to see the world burn. They come in inconspicuous handbags. In fact, I bet you Mrs. Crumplebottom is meeting a buyer right now! It’s probably the witch.

Ah, conspiracies…


I just think this photo is hilarious. Curse you, man in pink swimming trunks who hasn’t done anything wrong! Never mind the two young ones who are sucking face right behind him…

Speaking of those young ones…




They’re engaged! I just love those cute proposal pictures <3


And after that, the fun is over! Mandy graduates Summa Cum Laude after four years of making friends, going on dates, digging for treasure and some studying in between. She grew up in this not too horrible H&M outfit. I was actually really relieved she didn’t grow up into that awful leopard print base game dress or something like that.

Now, it’s time to get back to Apocalypse Valley (original name, huh). Let the games begin!


The very first picture I have of Mandy in her new home is this one of her sponge bathing. Classy! And very typical.


Mandy found a job in Adventure. I’m really not sure how many days that took her, and I also seem to recall it wasn’t really my first choice as a first lift, but it was among the options, since I would very much like to be able to use career rewards. Plus, the Jumbok statue motive boost is nice bonus as well.


Mandy was very glad when Tuesday rolled around; living on her own in a crappy house in the middle nowhere was a rough change from living in a busy dorm and seeing her friends every day. She missed them, and Cris in particular, so it was nice to be able to catch up.


This is Mandy’s humble abode, by the way. I don’t have pictures from the inside, but I also should say that this is not my own design. I wanted my Apocalypse ‘mansion’ to be as practical as possible, so I copied the house the awesome Raebeth built for her Apocalypse “Doom by the Numbers”, which turned out to be a good idea: the house works great. Thanks Raebeth!

(The link to Raebeth’s blog: She’s currently working on a BaCC that I really love. You should go check it out!)


In her free time Mandy writes novels. Not that she particularly needs the extra cash, but she has all her skills maxed out and enough friends, so it’s basically this or playing chess all the time. Writing novels seemed the better option to me, because this way her descendants will have books to read as well :-)

Also, this is what you get without showers or wardrobes: Sims walking around with weird, vision-impairing things on their heads half of the time.


Of course, there’s a little time for romance as well. But only on Tuesdays after work. Poor them.


It’s hard to imagine now that I’ve got 6 Sims living in the house in the game at the moment, but when Mandy started out her social bar was in the yellow or orange all the time.

Solution: hailing walk-bys  possessed by demons. o_O


Then, finally, our heroine reached the top of her career! Hopelessness and Adventure are lifted now, yay!



This also means Mandy gets the Jumbok statue, and one aspiration reward of my choosing. I chose the Thinking Cap, since I thought it might be useful for Cris to reach the top of his career.


With Hopelessness lifted Mandy runs into new problems: roaches. They are so extremely annoying. As per the Science restriction Mandy isn’t allowed to use the bug spray. However, she of course doesn’t know that so I have to cancel that action in her queue all the time. Stamping on them isn’t of much use either, so for now they just remain an Apocalypse Annoyance.


Tuesday rolled around, meaning Mandy could finally invite Cris over again, and more importantly, ask him to move in! She seems very excited about it.


After he moved in they immediately got married on the sidewalk, as Sims do.

And that is where I’ll leave you for now, since this post took me ages (WordPress newbie, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, and I’m easily distracted by shiny things.), and I’m tired now.

I’ve got a few more updates lined up, so I think they’ll be appearing quite soon. After that, I can’t really promise anything. I love playing my Apocalypse, but I tend to switch between Sims 2 and Sims 3 a lot. Plus, I’m doing this for fun, so if I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like it ;-)

I’ll make an index page here in a minute, including the restrictions that have been lifted (wow, that’s gonna be a long list…).

I like comments, so please feel free to comment or ask questions or whatever! You can do that here, or over at the Boolprop thread I’ll also be making in a few minutes.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m loving this! I’m doing an apocalypse challenge, too.

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